Rin returned from school and was home alone.

After school, when classes were over, Saya came to pick Rin up from class and they went home together, but then the situation changed.

A call arrived on Saaya’s phone.


It was a phone call from Saya’s mother, who was visiting from Shizuoka, where her parents lived.

Saya had a two-day shoot starting tomorrow, and it seemed that her mother came to greet the people involved in the work and to see how things were going.

As expected, Rin had to spend some time alone for the first time in a while, as Saya could not leave when her mother was at home.

Since Saya had been cooking for him recently, it had been a while since he had prepared a meal by himself.

Rin opened the refrigerator and found a reasonable assortment of ingredients inside.

In the past, going out to buy groceries was a hassle and there were often times when there were no ingredients, but thanks to Saya, that had recently stopped happening.

It was not surprising since he was not alone, but it meant that Rin’s life had changed to a certain extent since Saya’s arrival.

Dinner that night was pasta with ready-made sauce.

At first, Rin was wondering if he should cook rice, but that meant he needed a side dish.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have time, but Rin was too lazy to make pasta.

Since Saya’s arrival, the time of taking a bath had also become earlier.

As a result, the time to go to bed has also become earlier.

But he couldn’t sleep.

His eyes were strangely bright.

After a little while of tossing and turning in bed, his phone rang.

The light of the phone was dazzling in the dark room.

[I can’t sleep because Rin isn’t here!]

It seemed like Saaya couldn’t sleep either, just like Rin.

[I’m lying in bed too, Same as you (LOL).]

[Hmm? Do you miss me too?]

Somehow Rin had a strong desire to deny it, but in the end he didn’t.

[It’s like I already take it for granted that Saya is here.]

[I don’t feel at ease.] He added,

[I’ll be back the day after tomorrow, so please wait for me.]

The two exchanged messages for about an hour and went to sleep.

The next day, Rin bought lunch from a convenience store for the first time in a while.

And when lunchtime came, Saya did not come to class.

Seeing the state Rin was in before he met Saya, the girls mainly asked Rin a lot of questions.

“Kurashiki-kun, where’s your lunch?”

“Did something happen with Saya-senpai?”

“Did you get into a fight?”

When he told the girls about Saya’s shooting, they were satisfied and Rin was released.

When the girls withdrew, the next group to surround him was the boys.

Taking advantage of Saya’s absence, they questioned Rin about Saya.

Unlike the girls, the boys’ questions were a bit more vulgar.

(T/N: Don’t I hate boys in romcoms)

They asked how far he had gone and about Saya’s proportions.

And finally, a plea to set up a blind date with an acquaintance of Saya’s.

Rin had a part-time job that evening, so he went straight to work at the restaurant after school.

He worked until the usual time and headed home.

But when he got home, Saya was not there.

When he opened the front door, a dark room awaited him.

Rin felt that the room was somewhat lonely.

It was not that he had lost anything, and it was Rin who was lonely, but for some reason he felt that the room was lonely.

Rin ate a rice ball he had bought at a convenience store on the way home, and while preparing for his bath, he thought he heard a noise.

Somewhat curious, he went out into the hallway to check, and his eyes met Saya’s.


Without saying a word, Saya hugged Rin and kissed him.

(T/N: Man need someone like her)

“What’s wrong? Where’s your mother?”

“I wanted to see you, so I told her I was going to the convenience store.”

“It’s only been a day, you know?” 

(T/N: No need to act tough admit it lmao)

Saya covered Rin’s mouth as if to save time.

Rin also responded to Saya, but suddenly Saya left.

“I’m sorry.
I should get back soon.


Saya’s slender fingers were entwined with Rin’s as if reluctant to part.

“A-ano, can you accompany me on the way?”

At Saya’s request, Rin left the house thinking he could still be with her.

The temperature was already warm at night.
Some days were hotter than others.

But that didn’t seem to matter, and Saya hugged Rin’s arm.

As Saya had mentioned before, the apartment where she lived was about a 10-minute walk away.

Saya kissed him one last time and released Rin’s arms.

“I’m coming back to your place tomorrow.
…We’ll continue this tomorrow.”

Saya said, perhaps a little embarrassed, and went into her apartment.

When Rin returned home, he just took a shower and went to bed.

Unlike when he came home from his part-time job, he somehow didn’t feel that the room was lonely.

Even though Saya’s absence was the same.

The second day alone in bed.

But Rin was only lying on the half of the bed where Saya usually slept.

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