During my last class of the afternoon, I was thinking about Rin.

I can’t wait to see him.

Now all I have to do is finish this class and I can go to Rin’s place.

Am I too infatuated with Rin to want to be with him at home and at school? I think so, too.

But right now, I really want to be with Rin.

Certainly what I did at lunchtime was an act of showing off to those boys.

Looking back, I don’t think it was a good thing.

But I think those boys were wrong, too!

It was terrible of them to stop us from being together.

Rin did nothing wrong.

But Rin was thinking about those boys and apologizing to them.

What was that mature response?

Was that something he learned at the restaurant?

Isn’t it amazing that apologizing looks so cool?

It’s too cool.

Besides, Rin ….
said he didn’t mind being attached to me.

He said it with some embarrassment

That sudden difference right after a mature response was not fair!

My heart was so excited that I couldn’t think straight.

If someone saw something like that, even if it wasn’t me, they’d be excited, wouldn’t they?

Hmm? Perhaps, this a crisis?

Other girls will notice how good looking Rin is and start approaching him, won’t they?

No! No! That’s a no-no!

What if a girl of Rin’s type approaches him? ……

I’m Rin’s type, right?

Yeah, I know.
He said I was his type during that naughty book!

Check your arms, legs, waist, and chest.

My figure isn’t bad, and my chest is reasonable.

There are some people in the world with bigger b***s, but ….

I wonder what size b***s Rin likes?

Maybe girls with bigger b***s are more of his type?

D-Don’t worry!

Even if that’s the case, there’s still a chance I could get bigger.

It’s still in a stage where it’s a little hard, so it shouldn’t have stopped growing.

I can’t wait for the class to end.

At times like these, why do I have two days of shooting tomorrow?

I hate it.

I was thinking about it, and before I knew it, time had passed and it was after school.

“Saya? You’re going to start filming tomorrow, right? What are you going to do after this today? Again with your junior-kun with whom you are obsessed with?”

“Rin was really cool earlier.
I was so excited, I couldn’t help but hug him.”

“Hey, you know what? Let’s all have tea together next time with that younger guy, okay? I’m also interested in the younger guy with whom Saya has become so maidenly.”

“Hmm, I’ll think about it.
Later then”

With that said, I headed to Rin’s class.

As I made my way down the third year hallway, I was greeted by girls from other classes.

The boys just looked at me, but rarely approached me.

I noticed this in the boys’ gazes.

I was running a bit because I wanted to see Rin as soon as possible.

It was good that I have b***s, but they swayed when I ran a bit.

Slowing down to about a brisk walk, I descended the stairs and reached the sophomore floor.

I didn’t have any friends in the second year, so I hardly ever get to talk to them.

But it seemed that many people knew that I was a model, so I got quite a few stares.

Looking through the door of Rin’s class, I saw Rin getting ready to leave.

Thump! …

Maybe because of what happened earlier.

I got excited just by looking at him.

Looking around me, I noticed that there were quite a few girls glancing at Rin.

Is it because I’ve become infatuated with Rin that I seem to be conscious of them?

I didn’t know myself if I was looking at it correctly and objectively.

I couldn’t help what I didn’t understand, so I stopped thinking and went to Rin.


“Ah, Saya.”

Rin noticed me and looked at me.

Ah, his eyes fell on my chest for a moment just now.
But Rin is a boy too, right?

But even though Rin touched my chest yesterday, his eyes still landed on them.

But I think he was cute like that.

“Rin, let’s go home together.”

Shall we?”

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