“Rin? Something’s been weird since a while ago, hasn’t it?”

On the way to school, Saya asked, concerned about Rin’s condition.

“Is that so? Is there something wrong?”

“It’s like, are you trying to avoid looking at me? You look at me when we talk, but there’s just something different about you.”

What Saya was feeling was something Rin was consciously doing.

(T/N: I mean I don’t blame him even I can’t stay sane after that)

The sight of Saaya in the morning, the feeling of actually touching her chest.

These things remained in Rin’s mind and made him conscious of Saya.

But that was understandable.

Rin was in his second year of high school, in puberty or just finishing puberty.

For Rin, yesterday’s events and Saya’s appearance in the morning were stimulating.

It was more difficult not to be conscious of it.

As they got off the train and walked from the station to the school, Saya linked her arms with him.

This was already becoming the norm.

“Rin? Are you perhaps nervous?”

“Eh? Why would I be?”

“Because it was like the first time we linked arms, you know?”

Saya looked at Rin curiously, but Rin, who had not even noticed such a thing until he was told, had no way to answer.

He didn’t think she was doing it on purpose.

As Saya asked, she squeezed Rin’s arm.

Then she made a surprised face.

“Perhaps you are becoming conscious of me?”


The answer was obvious just by looking at Rin’s face.

The reaction, which until now had been mostly one of embarrassment and shyness, had changed.

“Have you finally fallen for my charms?”


Rin couldn’t deny that there was a part of him that was like that.

Normally, Saya would have pursued this further, but she did not.

She didn’t say anything, just happily took Rin’s arm and walked to the school.

“Then I’ll see you at lunchtime.”

As they parted on the school stairs, Saya winked at him and walked up stairs.

Her slender shoulders and her fluttering checked skirt.

Her long legs stretching out from her skirt, she was wearing black knee-high socks today.

This emphasized her thighs, which were slightly visible between her skirt and socks.

At noon, Saya arrived as she had said in the morning.

As she did yesterday, she borrowed an empty seat and sat down next to Rin.

Then she snatched the omelet that was in Rin’s bento with a flick.

“Eh? Saya, that’s my …….”

Saya, smiling happily, picked an omelet in her own lunch box with her chopsticks.

“I ate Rin’s omelet, so I’ll feed you mine.”

Pulling her body a little closer, Saya held out the omelet.

It was not only the omelet that was coming towards Rin, but also the eyes of the whole class.

Are you going to eat that omelet? Such interested gazes, Do you really intend to let a girl go this far and then refuse to eat? Such Pressured looks.

Rin had no choice but to eat the omelet.

And when Rin ate it, Saya looked happy.

One of the boys, watching, made a suicide attempt with his own lunch box.

“N-Nakazato-senpai! Please give me an “ahhh” too!”


The words caught Rin, Saya, and the rest of the classmates by surprise, and silence fell over them.

However, the boy’s face was serious.

The look on his face told them that he was not joking.

However, ….

“There is only one person I would do that too.
It’s only Rin.”

At these words of Saya, the tension among the girls in the class reached climax.

At once, shrill voices and eroi words spread throughout the class.

After such an unexpected lunch time, another group of boys approached Rin and Saya.

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