They kissed for about 30 seconds.

Even so, it was not a short time considering that they were inside the restaurant while he was working.

“Rin is at work, so I’ll leave it at that.”

“Saya, have you had some wine?”

“Hmm? I don’t think so.”

Saya looked up at him, shrugged her shoulders a little, and put her index finger to her lips.

Perhaps it was because her clothes were formal, but it felt so s**y to Rin that his heart was thumping.

Somehow he thought he smelled wine, but Rin was a minor and has never had wine.

So he stopped thinking about it because he didn’t know what the wine tasted like and it wasn’t a big question.

Rin was not that uptight to begin with.

Rin has also had a sip of alcohol at a celebration.

Maybe that’s what it’s all about.

After that, fish dishes, meat dishes were brought, desserts were brought, and Rin prepared the drinks.

There was a choice between coffee or tea, and Harumi-san and Saya chose tea.

“This is rose jam.
You can enjoy the scent of roses, if you like.”

Today Rin’s work was more elegant than ever.

This restaurant usually had about two groups in charge, and he worked with a person who passed food through the kitchen, called a deshap.

But today Rin was only in charge of the private room because of the distance from the other tables.

Moreover, the customers were Harumi Ai-san and Saya, two beautiful women.

Rin felt as if he was personally serving them rather than working for them.

“Harumi-san, may I bring you a piece of colored paper?’

“Ah! Yes, you may.
I was careless.”

Rin thought it would be a good time to bring the color paper because she would be in a hurry if it was right before leaving and it would be in the way if it was in the middle of a meal.

Rin thought that the best time to do it was when she was relaxing while eating a dessert.

After handing the colored paper and pen to Harumi-san, Saya approached Rin.

“Rin? Are you sure you don’t want my autograph? That’s not as well known as Harumi-san, but ……”

Saya’s lips, pink and glossy, were pouting a little.

She wasn’t angry, but she didn’t look amused.

“Our restaurant caters for ages around mid-20s, so there are model magazines aimed at such people.
There are a lot of old men here, so when it comes to celebrities, many of them only get their information from TV.
I hope you won’t be offended.”

“Saya? You wanted to see Kurashiki-san working, didn’t you? Don’t you feel sorry for him if you bully him?”

With Harumi-san’s help, Rin was able to get through Saya’s strange toying without incident.

And maybe it was the private room, or maybe the wine was too much, but Harum-san’s way of speaking was more natural than at the beginning.

Rin felt that this was probably an acceptable level of service.

In fact, Rin had a good time himself and thought he had done a good service.

The bill system at Restaurant was a table bill, and Harumi-san and Saya left the private room after paying the bill.

The interior was basically the same, but the halls were still different from the private rooms.

There were other customers.
The number of staff and, above all, the size of the space were incomparable.

Harumi-san and Saya were watching the atmosphere in the hall from the door of the restaurant.

“Next time I come, I’d like to dine over there when I’m free next time.”

“Yes, that’s right.
Ai-san, please join us again.”

“Well then, Kurashiki-san, I’ll see you soon.”

Rin’s eyes widened for a moment at Harumi-san words, but he responded with a smile and sent her off.

“Thank you very much.”

After seeing them off, the chef came up to him as he was tidying up the private room and taking the dishes to be washed.

“Kurashiki, did Ai Harumi go home?”

“She left just now.”

“I see.
Thanks for the autograph! I sent a picture to my wife and she wrote back saying how happy our daughter was.”

“I see.
That’s good to hear.”

I’ll decide on the summer menu next time, and I’ll let you taste it, too.”

“What? I’m an amateur, is that all right?”

The customers are also amateurs, but they come here because they want to eat good food, so it will be helpful for me to know how amateurs feel.”

“Then I’ll look forward to it.”

By the time Saya and the others left, it was already quite late, and Rin worked until the end of the day, assisting the others.

When he left the store a little earlier than the others, he saw Saya and Harumi-san right away.

“Rin, are you done with your work?”

“Yes, I’m finished.”

“Good work.”

“Good work.”

Rin was a bit moved by being told “otsukare-sama”.

Like Saya, He had never expected that Ai Harumi, who was now an active actress, would say that to him.

It was definitely the most unrealistic otsukaresama he has ever heard in my life.

“Hey, Rin? I told you not to get distracted by Ai-san.”

“What is it? Kurashiki-san, have you become my fan?”

Somehow Rin managed to dodge this and the three of them decided to take a cab home afterwards.

Harumi-san was going home by cab, so she agreed to give them a ride home.

They were dropped off in front of Rin’s house and parted ways with her.

Although today was a day of unexpected events, Rin thought this would allow him to relax when he got home.

But today was to last a little longer.

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