At lunchtime, Tanaka was the first to approach Rin.

“Kurashiki, let’s have lunch together.
I want to hear about Nakazato-san.”

Tanaka invited him to lunch, but Rin had plans with Saya.

In addition, he and Saya were living together semi-cohabitating, something that was supposed to be a secret between them.

Because you never know what direction a rumor would take and how hard it would be to correct it.

Since they didn’t want to have to deal with such troublesome matters, they decided to keep it a secret.

Therefore, Rin would prefer not to be asked about this or that.

However, Rin was not sure how it would affect him later if he did not talk at all, and there was also the matter of the bento, so he decided to have lunch together with Tanaka.

One was about bento.

Bento was not necessarily just for today.
In fact, it was more likely that there would be more in the future.

Running away from the issue just for today would only postpone the problem, so he decided to get rid of this issue before the end of the day.

The other was Tanaka’s question.

This was in the hope that if Saya was with him, he would be able to prevent him from asking him anything and everything without hesitation.


Saya called out Rin and entered the classroom.

The class was again buzzing with excitement after Saya’s appearance today.

A series of events over the past week have led Rin to suspect that this may not be a one-time event.

“Eh! Kurashiki? Are you with Nakazato-san again today?”

Saya, can I be with Tanaka today?”


“A friend? It’s fine.”

“Hey, hey, Kurashiki? Do you always call Nakazato-san by her name?”

Tanaka’s eyes were serious, giving off the air of not being able to help but confirm.

While Rin and Tanaka were having such an exchange, Saya attached an empty desk with Rin’s desk.

“Saya asked me to …… call her that now.”

Rin answered in a slightly lowered voice, perhaps due to embarrassment.

It was Saya who took the chance,

“What is it? Are you embarrassed saying my name? You always call me Saya with that voice, don’t you?”

She moved closer to Rin, her gesture and voice sounding intentional.

Rin could tell that Saya was enjoying this situation, but Tanaka was not.

While Rin and Saya started to eat their lunch, Tanaka didn’t open his lunch box at all.

“W-Was it always like that? Besides, that lunchbox ….
They’re matching, and the contents are the same! Kurashiki? You always just go to a convenience store or bring onigiri , right? What’s with that bento?”

“I made it for him.
Doesn’t it look delicious?”

Saya said to Tanaka with a smile, but Rin could only see that she was having fun with Tanaka.

Tanaka also started to eat his lunch later than Rin and Saya, but he kept glancing at Rin and Saya the whole time.


“Hmm? What?”

“Last week it was different, but are you dating Ku…… Kurashiki?

We’re not dating right now.
Right now I’m in the process of capturing Rin.
But I might turn into an adult woman sooner or later.

Saya hugged her own body with both hands and looked at Rin.

With this gesture and statement by Saya, the stares from those around her became stronger.

The girls were screaming, and the boys were quietly watching to see if she was eating her bento.

People around her had a variety of reactions, as if they were imagining what Saya had just said.

After school, Rin headed to the station building where he worked part-time.

Without Saya coming to class after school, he was able to head straight to his part-time job.

As usual, he changed his clothes and greeted everyone.

After that, He checked the reservations.

Being Monday, the number of reservations was a little low.

At six o’clock, the restaurant doors opened.

However, few people made reservations at 6:00 p.m., and the most crowded times were 7:00 p.m.
and 8:00 p.m.

But today, unusually, there was a reservation at 6:30.

“Please give me the name of the person who made the reservation.” A staff member asked,

“My name is Harumi Ai.”

Harumi Ai was a popular celebrity who was currently working as an actress mainly in commercials and TV dramas.

The hall staff was surprised that a celebrity came to the restaurant.

As one would expect, at the reservation stage, there was no way to tell whether or not they were celebrities.

They had to change seats to a private room reserved for celebrities.

“What’s the rush?” Rin said,

“Maybe we got a client who wasn’t on the reservation list?” 

The staff member, an employee, made a possible guess at Rin’s question, but it soon became clear that the guess was wrong.

“Kurashiki! I’ll put you in charge of the private rooms, so bring the drink menu.”

“Private room?”

“The actress Harumi Ai is here!”


As expected, Rin was surprised by the sudden visit of a celebrity to the restaurant, but a more immediate question arose.

“Am I going to be the one to handle the private room?”

“They said they are an acquaintance of yours, So I nominated you.”

“No, … I don’t know Harumi Ai-san.”

“Anyway, you’ve been assigned to them, and you are in charge of the private room, so don’t ask.”

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