ay seemed to be transfixed by what was happening in front of them.

The gazes of the classmates who had been chatting and laughing in the classroom were focused on Nakazato-san and Rin.

Rin put his bag on the desk and pulled out his chair, and Nakazato-san released his arm, as she had said earlier.

Rin was relieved because the mere presence of Nakazato-san in this classroom was attracting attention, and he was uncomfortable with her arms wrapped around him…


Rin sat down on a chair and Nakazato-san sat on Rin’s lap.


Rin was perplexed why she hugged his arms, but this was even more than that.

Although she was not using her arms, from the side it looked like she was hugging him.

It was more intimate than hugging his arm.

Nakazato-san’s face was right in front of Rin’s eyes.

Two large, clear eyes.
Slightly cat-like eyes with long, beautifully lengthened eyelashes.

She had a smooth nose and soft lips with a thin layer of gloss on them, which looked tempting.

Her long black hair made the gloss on her lips look even vibrant.

“Rin-kun, you smell so good.
I think I am starting to like your smell.”

(T/N: Bro this is 2nd chapter SHEESH)

When Rin glanced around only to see that the girls were holding each other’s hands or covering their mouths with their hands and making non-verbal noises.

The boys seemed to have a different reaction vector than the girls.

Then one of the boys approached Rin’s seat.

His appearance was like that of a Hero who used courage as a weapon, attracting the gaze of those around him.

“Um, Nakazato-senpai.”

“Hm? What is it?”

Rin wanted her to get off for now, but irrespective of Rin’s feelings, the Hero and Nakazato-san exchanged words.

“Is Nakazato-senpai dating Kurashiki?”

“Does it look that way to you?”

“It sure does look like you and Kurashiki are dating.”

“Hey? Rin-kun? It looks like we’re dating?”

“It’s because of this situation.
We are not dating and please get off me.”

“What? You’re not after all?”

The Hero asked back with a tone indicating that he had found a ray of hope in Rin’s words.

But it was not Rin who answered, but Nakazato-san.

“We don’t have that kind of relationship yet, but I am in the middle of attacking, so don’t get in my way.”

Nakazato-san’s words about being on the attack, in other words, was the same as her declaring publicly that she was aiming for Rin.

The word was a shock not only to those around her, but to Rin as well.

“I’ve got to get back to class now.
See you later, Rin-kun.”

Nakazato-san looked back at Rin once, gave him a small wave, and left the classroom.

A crowd soon gathered around Rin, who was left behind.

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