The lights in the room were dimmed and Saya went to bed first.

Rin was a little nervous and a little hopeful.

Saya has been a lot clingy with Rin.

This was understandable based on the comparison of how other girls have been in Rin’s life up to now.

However, in fact, Saya’s skinship was restrained at school and other places.

What he had learned in the past few days.

Saya was much more intimate when she woke up from sleep and before she went to bed.

When Rin lay down on the bed, Saya attached to him naturally.

Saaya, dressed in loungewear made of soft fabric, took Rin’s arm.

A flowery fragrance reached Rin, stimulating his sense of smell and touch.

“Rin, you’re a boy right? …

“Yes, I am?”

“Yes,…, are you happy when I do this to you?”

What boy wouldn’t be happy to be hugged by a pretty girl?

It was the same for Rin, who was still happy even though Saya had already done it many times.

“There isn’t a boy who wouldn’t be …… happy to be hugged by Saya-san.”

“That’s right.
… I seem to be Rin’s type, right?”


Her words made Rin feel uncomfortable.

Over the past few days, Rin and Saya have come to know each other quite well.

But that was in comparison to when they had no contact at all before.

No matter how much time they spent together in private, it was unlikely that they could understand each other in such a short period of time.

Saya, however, mentioned Rin’s preferred type.

Rin had not talked about that in the past few days.

From his point of view, he sensed that Saya had a certain amount of confidence in her own appearance.

But now the words were not of that sort.

They were lying facing each other, but Saya pushed Rin down and covered him up.

With a slightly downcast look, Saya looked at Rin.

“I just did some unpacking earlier, didn’t I?”


“When I was organizing my stuff, you know?”


“I saw the pile of books at the foot of your desk.”


Saaya smiled mischievously at Rin as if convinced of her absolute superiority.

“Little devil, naughty Onee-san.”

Saaya said the title of a slightly naughty book.

Rin lived alone, so there was no need to hide those kinds of things.

It was not strange for him to have such a book, considering that he was a boy.

However, since Saya was here, it was certainly something that needed to be considered where it was placed.

Rin had become so accustomed to living alone that he had forgotten that the book existed.

He had originally bought the manga not as a pornographic book, but because he liked the manga artist’s drawings, so he was certainly not conscious of this.

The age designation was R15, but the title and the picture on the cover might not have been enough to distinguish it.

“Rin, you mean girls like that are your type, right?”

There was no denying it.
He bought the book because he liked the picture.

However, Rin removed his gaze from Saya, wondering if this was indeed an embarrassing part of his life.


Saaya looked happy and lowered the zipper of her loungewear.

Her bare white skin was gradually exposed, and her beautiful bulge could be seen settled in her pink-beige bra.

Since Saya was bending forward, her oppai supported by her bra, emphasized even more.

“What do you think? Am I as good as that manga?”

“I think….
you’re beautiful”

“Thank you.
Hey? I am older than you, am I your type?”


“Hey? Tell me?”

“Y-You are my type……”

I like that honesty.
I’ll give a reward to the… Honest Rin.”

Saya’s body touched Rin’s and their lips overlapped.

Saya invaded and Rin was left to do whatever he wanted.

(T/N: The amount of times they have kissed exceeds even a s**t novel)

Rin was trying his best to follow Saya’s movements.

The soft sensation he felt through her loungewear was repeatedly pressed against him every time she moved in for a kiss.

It was as if they were both feeling the other.

“You can’t stop kissing me, huh?” She asked,

“Yes.” He replied,

“Why does kissing feel so good? I feel like I can keep doing it all the time.
… When we hold each other like this, it makes me want to kiss you.” She added,

They parted their lips and looked at each other, and then their lips met again.

“Rin is the one who taught me how to kiss, right? Take responsibility and kiss me a lot, okay?”

They spent the night kissing each other again and again.

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