When Rin woke up, Saya-san was staring at her.

“Rin, good morning.”

“Saya-san, good morning.”

“… Did you forget?”

Rin was still in a daze, his consciousness had not fully awakened.

“It’s Saya, right? Did you forget? Then, let me remind you――”

Saya placed her hands on both of Rin’s cheeks and put her lips on top of his.

The soft sensation of her lips …… and the scent of Saya stimulated Rin’s consciousness.


“I’m awake.”

“Did you remember?

“I remembered.., S-Saya…”

When her name was called, Saya kissed Rin again.

Rin no longer knew how many times she had kissed him since last night.

Yesterday alone, they had been doing it for hours, and the next thing he knew, Saya had fallen asleep with her lips on top of his.

Rin was also in a state of unconsciousness several times and could only remember to the point where he confirmed that Saya had fallen asleep.

At the very least, they had been making out and kissing for two or three hours.

With that in mind, it would be useless to think about how many times they’ve kissed.


“Did you change your clothes?”

Saya was now wearing loungewear with a gentle feel like a fuzzy fabric.

It was no longer the baby doll of yesterday.

“Yeah … that one was a bit embarrassing …….”

Even Rin could understand Saya’s embarrassment.

The fabric was thin and transparent in many places, and it showed a lot of skin.

In a dark room at night it may not be visible, but in the morning it was a different story.

If it were now, the skin would have been definitely exposed.

“Hmmm? Could it be that you can’t forget my naughty figure?”

“No, I’m fine.”

Rin recalled yesterday’s sensual outfit and hurriedly replied.

“What do you mean you’re fine?”


“Maybe you’ll get a chance to see it again?”


“Didn’t we talk about this yesterday? From now on, we can sleep together every night, okay?”

During the long time their lips met yesterday, Rin had agreed to Saya’s proposal.

It was a proposal that almost meant living together.

Not that Saya’s house would disappear, but it was practically like cohabitation.

Under normal circumstances, this would not be possible.
Rin knew that.

However, Rin could not see Saya as a bad person, and wanted to spend a little more time with her.

Saya wrapped her arms around Rin’s neck and pulled him close to her.

They kissed as they embraced each other.

They ended up making out in bed that morning, and it was after 10:00 when they finally woke up.

As they ate a late breakfast together, Saya talked about what they were going to do later today.

“Do you want to go shopping with me after this?”

Indeed, the refrigerator was running low and food supplies needed to be purchased.

As they finished eating and prepared to leave, Saya slid the partition between the living room and the bedroom.

The partition that was usually left open was now closed.

“Even if we’ve kissed each other, you can’t peek in, okay?”

Since Saya came to Rin’s house, this partition has been used frequently.

But this partition, made of tempered frosted glass, was vaguely transparent.

Although Saya didn’t change her clothes close to the glass, the curves of her body could still be seen through the partition.

For Rin, this was something that stirred up his imagination even more.

“Hm? What’s wrong?”


Saya came up to Rin’s side with a look on her face as if she had found something interesting again.

“If you really can’t take it anymore, I’ll let you see a little bit, okay?”

She slightly pulled her chest with her forefinger and showed it to Rin.

The slender neck, the line of her collarbone, the two fruits visible beyond.

“Do you like light blue?”


“If you don’t know, you can look, okay?”

Looking at Saya’s eyes, there was no doubt that she was enjoying Rin’s reaction.

Knowing this, Rin deliberately turned his face away to counter.

As Rin turned his head to the side, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Saya fidgeting.

“Hey, Rin?”

Saaya called Rin’s name in an anxious voice.

The tone of her voice sounded as if to say, “Have I offended you?”

Rin had no such intentions, so he turned to Saya.

Saya was looking up at him, and her eyes were anxious, unlike before.

“Rin, the front hook of my bra came off.”

Rin met Saya’s eyes, and he saw her b***s bulging as the hook came undone.

Half of her chest was visible, barely concealed by a loose bra around the tip.

“Areh? Are you blushing?”

When Rin looked back at her, the anxious look in her eyes was gone, and there were the eyes of a convinced criminal who had successfully pulled off a prank.

The reason she was fidgeting earlier was because her front hook came undone.

“Please … stop these naught pranks.
I’m a man, too, and I am troubled when you do these things to me.”

“Fufufu, I’m sorry, okay? But why? I can only do this kind of thing with Rin.”

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