Saya-san shifted her arms again, and her face, which until now was at Rin’s neck level, was now in front of Rin’s eyes

Perhaps the word “kiss” made him conscious, but Rin couldn’t help but look at Saya-san’s lips.

Her moderately plump lips were strangely seductive, perhaps due to the glossy lipstick she was wearing.

“I’ve never kissed anyone.
If I ever decide to become an actress, I’m sure that will happen.
So, will you teach me how to kiss?”

Their lips drew closer little by little.

And then their lips touched just a little.

Saya-san’s moist eyes stared at Rin.

“What a strange feeling ….”

“Saya-san … this is a bad idea.”

Saya-san inserted her hand in between the buttons of his shirt and placed her hand on Rin’s chest.

She could feel Rin’s heart pounding furiously.

“Rin-kun, your heart is pounding so hard, isn’t it?”

“That’s true.”

“Are you falling for my charms?”


A soft sensation on the lips.

Unlike the kiss earlier, their lips touch each other again and again.

Each time, a soft part of Saya-san’s body touched Rin.

A pleasant sensation.

The part of her body that touched Rin’s changed its shape.

“Saya-san, I knew it――”

Rin was about to say something, but Saya-san blocked it with her lips.

“I know, I know.
So, Rin-kun, don’t attack your Onee-san, okay? If you attacked me, I wouldn’t be able to resist.”

Saya-san then overlapped her own lips with Rin’s .

It was a situation where it could be said that she was attacking Rin, even though she was telling him not to.

“――Kissing is amazing.
I, too, am very excited ….
This, I feel like we could kiss for hours.

Saya-san fell into Rin’s arms and wrapped her arms around him.

Countless kisses as they embraced each other.

Rin, pitifully, could not resist what Saya-san was doing to him.

By logic, he was reluctant to do so.
They still didn’t know much about each other.

They didn’t have a relationship to do this kind of thing.

He knew that.

But every time Saya-san’s lips touched, every time they left, He wanted to taste them again.

They ended up falling asleep as a result, but it was only after the date changed that they slept.

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