Time passed slowly.

Rin mused in his slumbering consciousness, wondering if it was morning.

He was half-asleep.

He knew that school was out for the day.

Then, he thought if it would be okay to enjoy this leisurely time a little longer.

He felt the touch on his cheek.
He gently touched it , and then slowly went down to his neck.


Rin awoke his other half from the slumber by the touch of reality.

“Ah, I woke you up.
Good morning.” Saya-san said,

“….Good morning”

Saya-san was lying right next to him, her left hand wrapped around Rin’s neck.

Perhaps it had been a little while since she woke up, but Saya-san’s eyes were bright.

With no makeup on, Saya’s true beauty was visible, unlike when a bit of charm was added with makeup.

Long, slanted, large eyes.
Her eyebrows were slender and well-groomed.

White, moist and vibrant looking skin.

Her moderately plump lips were pink with a slight blush.

Her jawline was clear and her beautiful collarbone was visible under her slender neck.

 “Hey! Where have you been looking all morning?”


When Rin answered, Saya-san stared blankly and…


She started laughing.

“I thought your eyes were glued to my oppai.
…… Fufu~.
Shall I show you some more of my collarbone …?”

Saya-san pulled the collar of her loungewear down at an angle, exposing her collarbone.

Rin felt the three-dimensional beauty of her white skin with her collarbone standing out.

It lasted less than five seconds.

It was hidden by the loungewear quickly.

“I’m sorry … It’s a little embarrassing if you stare at me too much.

Saya-san quickly got up and exited the bed as if she was trying to escape.

When Rin checked the time, it was already around nine o’clock.

The sun was peeking through the wooden blinds, and the brightness suggested that it was a little late.

The two of them had a late breakfast and spent some time together watching TV on the sofa.

What was different was that they were spending time together.

They were not doing anything in particular, but just the fact that Saya-san was next to him made it feel different.

If I were to spend time with my lover, would I feel this way? Rin wondered.

Since the breakfast was a little late, lunch was also late accordingly.

Saya-san was checking the refrigerator and pondering.

“Rin-kun, can we have cappellini for lunch?”

“Are you going to cook lunch, too? I’ll help you.”

“Then can you cook rice for the evening?”

It appeared that Saya-san was not only thinking about lunch, but also about the evening menu.

Rin didn’t know what it was, but it definitely seemed to be something that would be served with rice.

While Rin was washing rice, Saya-san was boiling two pots of water.

One would be for tomatoes, since she mentioned cappellini.

Saya inserted the tip of a knife into the head of a tomato and removed the calyx.

When the water was hot, she added the pasta and the tomatoes with the calyx removed.
(T/N: Calyx= that little flower on top of tomatoes)

“The omelet rice was delicious, you really are an excellent cook, huh?”

“I don’t hate it,  I think I can make most things if I have the recipe and what I need.”

While talking with Rin, Saya-san peeled the tomatoes in hot water and cut them into appropriate sizes.

She then combined them with seasonings and other ingredients in a bowl and put them in the freezer.

They would be eaten right away, so she probably decided to refrigerate them in the freezer.

“Rin-kun, do you know much about cooking?”

“Hmm, I don’t know.
… I probably know more than the average high school student.
See, I serve in a French restaurant, in case you were wondering.”

“Ah, I see.
That is true.”

Rin knew a little bit about cooking, if only in knowledge.

For example, cappellini was a long, thin pasta, and with this pasta, anything can be cappellini.

However, most people generally think of cold pasta with tomatoes.

These little bits of knowledge were learned out of necessity in his current part-time job.

That said, cappellini was pasta, and fell into the category of Italian cuisine.

After lunch, the pork was prepared for the evening.

He put the pork together with cucumbers and hot water, seasoned it with chili oil and salt, and put it in the refrigerator.

He had actually thought about adding garlic, but decided not to this time.

As the sun began to set, Rin began to realize that the day was coming to an end.

It was evening, and in a few more hours it would be night.

If that happens, would Saya-san go home?

It was a granted thing that she would return at some point, but Rin was beginning to think about that.

And Rin did not know.

What Saya-san would do after this.

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