After Rin got out of the bath and brushed his teeth in the bathroom, Saya-san also came over.
With slightly sleepy eyes, Saya-san also started brushing her teeth next to Rin.

The two of them brushing their teeth side by side in loungewear meant that Saya-san would be staying over today as well.

When he finished brushing his teeth, two toothbrushes were lined up in front of the mirror.

“Let’s go to bed, shall we?”

Saya-san pulled Rin’s hem with a calm expression.

The lights were turned off on the way, and Rin went to bed as Saya-san pulled him along.

Saya-san laid down first, and Rin laid down in front of her.

Moso-moso, they moved and settled into one futon.

Saya-san looked sleepy when she was brushing her teeth earlier, but now she was staring at Rin with her eyes wide open.

Rin and Saya-san’s faces were only about 30 centimeters apart.

It was such a close distance that they could have easily kissed unexpectedly.

Staring at each other at such close distance with a girl was something Rin had never done before.

“Tomorrow is your day off, right?”

“Yes, it is.
I can get a good night’s sleep.” Rin said,

“Uh huh.
I slept better here than when I slept at home.”

“Saya-san, do you sleep less in your own home?”

“I don’t think so.
I think I am very careful about my sleep.
But today, when I woke up this morning, I felt really refreshed.
I wonder why?”

“――I don’t think I’m going to understand.”

Saya-san moved over and hugged Rin.

Her right hand, which was down, was gripping Rin’s shirt, while her left hand was around Rin’s back.

“――Rin-kun’s smell――”

Saya-san, who had buried her face in Rin’s chest, was staring at him from below.

“Something’s strange……”

“What is?”

“Because I’ve only known Rin-kun for two days, and now we’re sleeping together, right?  When did I become such an aggressive girl …” 

Rin was nodding his head in agreement on this.

Generally speaking, it was not a common situation where people would sleep together on the same bed within two days of getting to know each other.

Especially in the case of Rin, a high school student.

It would be much more appropriate if it was a one-night stand or something like that.

And yet, they were sleeping together.

And for two days in a row.

This was largely due to Saya-san’s enthusiasm.

Like yesterday, Rin had assumed that Saya-san would not be there today.

But Saya-san was reversing that assumption.

“Why didn’t you go home today?”

Rin asked Saaya-san a frank question.

“Rin-kun, do you want me to go home?”

A slightly anxious look appeared in Saaya-san’s eyes.

Rin could see that her eyes were shaking slightly.

It was just an honest question, but Rin felt as if he had done something a little wrong.

“… it’s not like that, but I’m kind of curious.”

“Then were you happy I came earlier?”

Saya-san asked, and Rin thought back.

On the way from his part time job, he remembered how he had walked with Saya-san on his way to school in the morning.

At that time, he was thinking that when he got home, Saya-san would no longer be there as she was yesterday.

After opening the front door of the house, what he felt in the living room.

Whether that was a feeling of loneliness or loss, Rin wasn’t sure.

After all, it had only been two days since they started talking to each other properly.

It was probably inevitable.

There was only one thing that even Rin could understand.

“I-I think I was happy.”

Hearing Rin’s words, Saya-san looked happy and buried her face in Rin’s chest.

“I … I was kind of happy to see you at home again, too.”

Rin stopped asking any more questions.

The relationship was the same for Saya-san as it was for Rin, and it had only been two days since they started talking properly.

A little while later, he heard Saya-san breathing in her sleep.

Rin checked the time, and it was almost 1:30.

This meant that they had been talking for a little over an hour since they got into bed.

The time they spent talking flew by, and although he wanted to talk some more, Rin was also overcome by sleepiness and fell asleep.

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