The hallway in front of the second year classroom was noisy, centered around Nakazato-san.
Rin was somewhat hesitant to step forward because of what happened yesterday.

This commotion, which was different from usual, meant that there was something unusual going on.

It was obvious that something was the presence of Nakazato-san.
However, standing in the corridor for so long seemed foolish, so Rin decided to go ahead.

It was true that Rin and Nakazato-san made contact yesterday.

But whether that was connected to this current situation or not was another matter.

It was also possible that there was no connection at all.

As Rin stepped into the classroom, weaving between the people around him who were watching Nakazato-san from a little distance, his eyes met Nakazato-san’s.
Since they were not complete strangers, Rin only greeted her briefly.

“Nakazato-san, Good morning.”

As he was about to pass by her after just greeting her, Nakazato-san suddenly hugged Rin’s arm.

Rin, who had not expected such a thing in the slightest, was startled and tried to distance herself from Nakazato-san.

However, Nakazato-san took the arm opposite to the one holding his bag and locked it firmly with both of her arms.

“Good morning, Rin-kun.” She said, smiling

Nakazato-san’s smile caused a commotion among the people who had been watching her.

The mixture of voices and swear words made it difficult to understand what they were saying.

However, Rin understood that this situation in the hallway was caused by the presence of Nakazato-san.

“It’s kind of scary around here, anyway, please let me go.”

Nakazato-san scowled at Rin’s words, but Rin didn’t miss the corner of her mouth rising a few seconds later.

“Most people in this school know about me, but you really don’t, do you Rin-kun?”

“Looking at the situation here, It does seem like that.”

There was only one celebrity in Rin’s school.

The celebrity was a third-year female student who was well known for being a model for a magazine.

Considering the current situation and what happened yesterday, It was easy to guess that Nakazato-san was that model.

Rin knew there existed a celebrity, he just didn’t know who it was.

“You figured it out? That’s a shame.”

“More importantly, can you let go of me?”

“I’ll let you go when we get to your seat.”

Rin silently walked along, wondering why she won’t let him go now, but the classroom was just a stone’s throw away.

As they entered the classroom, the eyes of those who had been chatting in their respective groups turned to Rin.

“What the heck, that….”

“What? Why is Saya-san in our class?”

The classmates who had not come out to the hallw

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