on you.”

 Amane-chan smiled wryly.

“Thank you very much …….
I will make it work.”

 I stopped her from putting it on her head.

“No, no.
It’s supposed to go on like this.”

“Eh? –Kyaaa”

A catsuit-style nekomimi will be used to put her bangs up.

 Her large, wide-open eyes and deep-colored pupils are revealed.

Her eyes are as round as a kitten’s, and just looking at them makes you swoon.

“As I thought, you look prettier this way”

 I gave an honest impression.

“Ka-Ka-Ka-Kazu-kun, w-what are you doing…… “

 She turned bright red and her mouth was flapping.

“I once tried changing my hair style.
My mom gave me some money to go to the hairdresser’s and I got up the courage to go there.
I was scared of the scary hairdresser, but I got a haircut.
I felt refreshed.
I felt like a new person.”


“In the novels, there are miracles like becoming attractive and changing the way people look at you, but such a miracle did not happen to me.
They just pointed at me and laughed at me.
I was just reminded that I was ‘lower’ than everyone else.”



“But not for Amane Minase , right?”


“You can shine.
You can definitely shine.
You have worked so hard, you are cute, and most importantly, you have a big dream of becoming an anime voice actress.”

I don’t have any dreams.

None at all.

 I’m just a loser.

And yet

Even though I’m such a loser…

 I can at least give a push to those who have a dream.

 Footsteps echoed down the hallway and the event staff arrived.
“It’s my turn,” she said, and left.
Amane’s shoulders trembled.

“Come on, go!”

 I pushed her back as hard as I could.

Make all those pig-eyed spectators into your fans! Take them away!

 Amane looked at me with eyes that looked like they were about to cry.

 And then…


 She nodded vigorously.

“I’m off!”

 With her bangs up, Amane-chan started walking.

 Her steps were unreliable and unsteady.
Her shoulders were shaking slightly.
She was scared.

 But she didn’t stop walking.

 She walked forward on her way to the shining stage.

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