Chapter 8: A childhood friend who got too carried away and a girl who has been trying her best for a long time.

[Voice Actress Amane Channel] Original Cat Dance Performance

41 subscribers to the channel

[H-Hello, everyone.]

[My name is Amane Minase, a voice actress]

[Today, uhm… well, I’m going to make a video …… of me dancing!]

[The song and choreography are both original, and I hope you’ll watch it to the end.]

[W-Well, then, ……]




[D-did you like it?]

[I hope this dance brings a smile to your face for a moment.]

[This is Amane Minase, a voice actress.]

[….Ah! Please subscribe to my channel, I’d love to hear from you……my battery is about to die!]

Comment section 5

Dan Kibote – 8 hours ago

I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to work with Rua.

Rua-chan like, like, like man, 8 hours ago

Don’t bother Princess Rua! Nameless!

Princess Rua’s friend and family – 8 hours ago

Strongly, lol

Angel Rua-sama’s socks – 8 hours ago

Withdraw from the group!

Danbata – 1 minute ago

I’ve never seen her before, but her voice is cute.
Her bangs are regrettable.

It has been a day since Amane’s “Ama-nyan” video was uploaded.

The number of views was only about 50.

That pig’s video, however, would have gotten tens of thousands of views as soon as it was uploaded.

But, well, that can’t be helped.
There is such a thing as name recognition.

But I think the cuteness of that cat dance is “real”.
As long as people see it, it will spread.

Therefore, spread it, go spread it.

It goes without saying, but I, Kazu Suzuki, am a shy person.

I don’t have many friends.

However, this is not the case on the Internet.

I belong to a large and famous clan in a smartphone game I’ve been playing since junior high school.
I’m not a cheerful person…… on the Internet as I am in real life, but I have a good network of friends.

When I pasted the URL of this video in the clan’s internal chat —- I got quite a response.

19:40 Erotic Samurai: Who is this? Cute!

19:52 Kent Barricat: Is it Kazu-dono’s guess, that it is?

19:55 Beautiful Suzuki: You’ve got good taste, deputy leader!

20:08 Michelle Okuzawa: Kazu is always helping me out, and I’ll help spread the word.

I posted it on other social networking sites and asked my mutual followers to spread the word.

Of course, if the original video is not appealing, that’s where it ends.
It would end up just being consumed by my friends —– but that’s where “voice actress” Amane Minase comes in.
It was real after all.

07:40 Takuya: Seriously cute! Ama-nyan is so cute!

08:05 Shintaro: I’m infected with Ama-nyan!

08:05 Byte Leader: I subscribed to the channel as soon as I could!

09:55 Duct Cleaning: I watched it during break time at school and it got popular in class.

09:59 Gunma, King of Livestock: I recommended it to my friends.

After 3 days like that, before I knew it, it had 500,000 views.

Other videos on the same channel had double-digit views at most, so this was a deal breaker.
It’s safe to say that I got a lot of attention.

A few days later.

Amane-chan and I had an impromptu meeting in the corridor of the freshman wing.

“U-uhm I can’t believe it.”

Amane-chan said, her voice faltering.

“I can’t believe that my video has gotten that many views …….
The highest I’ve ever gotten was 70 or so, and suddenly I got 500,000 views.”

“Really? I don’t think it’s surprising.”

In terms of her true cuteness, even 500,000 is not much.
It has to be 100 times more than that pig.

“Recently, I’ve been approached by people at school.
Some of them even said, ‘I’ll be there to see the event.'”

“That’s great.”

It seems that Amane’s cuteness is spreading throughout the school.

“Anyway, everything is going according to plan.
At this rate, I’m sure she’ll get caught in the near future.”


“Catching a pig.”


Just then —- there was a figure approaching.

Is that you, Kazu Suzuki?”

His voice was thick, befitting his large physique, both horizontally and vertically.

“Yes, I am.”

“I’m Yosuke Minamida from class 5.
I’m a member of the soccer team.”

His tanned, fearless face and the aura of “Cheerful” that permeated his entire body.
He is apparently a member of the “hot group”.
Amane-chan quickly hides behind my back.

I cover for her and step forward.

“What can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to say thank you…….”

“Thank you?”

Minamida smiled, showing his white teeth.

“I heard that you dealt with Asano, the idiot, the other day,”

“Asano, the baseball player?”

“Yes, yes.
He’s been on a kick lately.
I’m so relieved.”

Ah, I see.

It is said that the baseball team and the soccer team are “dog and monkey”.
They are rivals with similar tournament records.
I have heard that they have been fighting over who is the “dominant club” in the school ever since its establishment.

“I haven’t done anything.”

“Don’t be modest.
You’re the one who made Rua-chan hate him.
He was so depressed.
It’s so funny.”

Heh, I didn’t know that.

I’m in the same classroom, but I didn’t notice it because I’ve been completely ignoring it.

The “hot group” is not a monolithic group.
They are divided into several factions.

“If Rua-chan, the granddaughter of the director, doesn’t like him, he won’t be able to survive in this school.
It will be difficult for him to do his job.”

How can you say that in front of me, the one who is hated the most by that thing?


I think I can use this to my advantage.

“Minamida, is it? I have a proposal.”

What is it?”

“You know that Rua Takayashiki’s event is coming up?”

“I heard something about this.
Another voice actress from this school is going to be in the show, right? Mizuse, right?”

It’s Minasa.

I mean, she’s right in front of you.

I’m sure he hasn’t seen the video yet.

“If you take the soccer team to cheer, I’m sure Rua will be very happy.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea!”

“Asano will have a hard time showing his face, so this is a good chance to get close to Rua.”

“That’s right! I could not talk much because we are in different classes, but I might be able to get close to Rua.

This guy seems to be the type of guy who just says what’s on his mind.

“Suzuki! You’re a surprisingly good guy, aren’t you?”

“Thank you very much.”

After clapping me on the shoulder with his big hand, Minamida left.

Finally, Amane-chan came out from behind my back.

“Why did you invite that guy?”

“He seems to be a special sports student.
I’m sure he’s influential.”

To spread the word about Amane’s charms, there is no way I would choose any means.

“That’s as far as it goes for me……”

Biting her lip, Amane-chan looked up at me.

“Not enough.
This isn’t enough.”


Now all that’s left is to see if she takes the bait—-

After school.

While I was practicing in the basement stacks, as usual, the door was kicked in again with a “bang!”

“I’m here again for you today, Kazu!”

I told you not to come back, but “I’m here for you,” is a piggy quality.

On her golden head —- just as I had hoped – she was wearing a nekomimi.

Yes, I caught it.

“Eh? Eeh? Eeh? W-Why?”

The pig pointed a finger at Amane-chan, who was surprised and confused.

“I saw that video!!”

The same arrogant attitude as usual, but with a faint twitch at the edges of her lips.
I, as a former childhood friend, could tell that this was a look of frustration on her face.

“I was feeling good about myself for putting on the nekomimi, but if I put it on, the conditions would be the same! Under the same conditions, there is no way that I, a super elite beautiful girl, would be beaten by an ugly girl with bangs like you, right?”

She uttered the same words as a certain vegetable prince when he woke up to the supernatural.

Her thought process is the same as that bald guy with the M-shaped hair.
I knew she would say that.

Have you fallen in love with me again? Kazu?”

“No, I haven’t.”

I wasn’t in love with her to begin with.


Now the pig is on the bait.

All that was left to do was to roast the real thing.

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