Chapter 7: My childhood friend is talking (?) about me on video.

After school the next day.

 I met up with Amane at a fast food restaurant a short distance from the school.
I was going to make sure that I wouldn’t run into my classmate, that pig, even if by some chance I did.

“Here you go.”

 What I took out of my bag from a certain mass-market store was a cat’s ears and tail.

“What are you going to do with these?”

 Amane tilted her head cutely.

“Do you have your own video channel?”

“Yes, I do.
I don’t have many subscribers, but I’m trying.”

“Then, let’s upload your dance videos there.
Yesterday, you practiced “Ama-nyan♪”.
Put on the cat ears and tail.
I’m sure it will be a hit.”

 Ama-nyan looked at the nekomimi with the price tag still attached.
[TL: A fictional character who has cat ears on an otherwise human body, and possibly other feline characteristics such as a tail.]

“My channel doesn’t have many subscribers, so I don’t think it will get any attention.

“Leave it to me.
I’ll do something about it.”

In the meantime, I have a plan in mind.

“If that video gets a lot of attention, that thing will probably put on a nekomimi as well.
No, I think she’ll be forced to wear it.”

“Rua-san is going to put on a nekomimi to match mine? No way!”

 ”It’s certainly not possible, given the character of that pig.
She would probably say something like, “Why do I have to go along with such a lousy voice actor?”

 But that is the point.

“…..I understand.
I believe you, Kazu-kun.”

I could only say vague things, but Amane nodded her head.
She is a good girl.

“When you upload that video, can you open your bangs?”


“You’re really cute, Amane-chan.
It’s such a waste.”

 She is so cute that even that pig is scared of her.
The power of the video is well documented.

Amane-chan looked apologetically downcast.

“I’m sorry …….
I’m afraid of the way people look at me.
I can’t even talk calmly unless I’m wearing my bangs like this.”

“Ah,……, you mean you have gaze phobia?”

She nodded her head.

 I see, that’s a problem.

“Don’t they ask you to lift your bangs’ from the office?”

“Not particularly.
At least, I don’t think they will until this project is dissolved.
It’s more suitable for a supporting role.”

“That’s it again, …….
If that’s the case, why don’t they just let you make your debut as a solo artist?”

“Yes, it should have been decided by now.
This project is just a stepping stone, or rather just to create a attention, and we will split up after one CD.”

The showbiz world is a dirty place.

“The president of the office is very close to Rua’s grandfather.
I heard that he promised to push us as hard as he could.”


The grandfather, Taizo Takayashiki, is a prominent local figure.
He is a bourgeois man who owns the entire top floor of a huge tower block in front of the station and has his granddaughter living there.

“But Kazu-kun is a childhood friend of Rua’s, right? Isn’t that amazing?”

“Ex childhood.

“How on earth did you two meet?”

“When I was a kid, I invited Rua to play ball with me when she was alone in the park.
That’s all.”

“…… Eh? Is that all?”

“That’s all.”

“Then, Rua must have really liked you.”

“It’s a nuisance.”

 I said it once and for all.
I don’t feel any hesitation in saying so.

“…… Is it safe to make an enemy of Rua-san like that?”

Again, Amane looks nervous.

 This was clearly evident in their exchange yesterday in the basement stacks.

[Hey, you didn’t show your bangs to Kazu, right?]

[Well, I’ll have to wrap your hair with duct tape while I’m at it.]

 That’s how she hit the stakes.

Always has been.

Watching to make sure that the weak never rise up and threaten their own position.

Even in school.
In the entertainment world.

 This world is like that.

I left Amane and went home, did some errands, and then went to watch piggy’s youtube.
I had unsubscribed from the channel when I isolated myself, so I had to search for it every time.
What a hassle.

I went to the trouble of watching it to gather information on the “plan” — and right after I played the latest video, I regretted it immensely.

[Posted almost every day] Princess Rua Cut’s it down! ~Be aware~

1.1 million subscribers

[Ka*u Suzuki!]

[Kazu Suz*ki!]

[Kazu Suzuk*!]

[K*zu Suzuki!]

[Kazu Suzuki*]




[You don’t even notice my c—-ha——rm—–s——-!!]

[…… So, with that said.
Hello~ Youtube!]

[I’m Rua, aka Princess Rua!]

[Well, that thing at the beginning is just a cry from my heart.
Don’t worry about it.]

[It’s just that I was a little pissed off yesterday.
I was just trying to express it.]

[It’s an acting exercise in expressing emotions! Be sure to follow me here♪]

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Rua-sama’s socks – 1 minute ago

I don’t understand the meaning of the beginning.

sugar kelp – 1 minute ago

I’m not sure who this Kazu Suzuki is…

Dombra Lake – 1 minute ago

I don’t know, but she’s trash.

Cow bun – 1 minute ago

that sounds disgusting…

Sindoey’s List – 1 minute ago

I don’t know who she is, but she’s whatever







 I’m not surprised now.

I know she’s a pig, so no surprise there.

I didn’t think something like this would stir up my fighting spirit even more.

“All right, pig.”

Well then, let’s beat the meat.

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