a childhood friend of Rua’s, right? Isn’t that amazing?”

“Ex childhood.

“How on earth did you two meet?”

“When I was a kid, I invited Rua to play ball with me when she was alone in the park.
That’s all.”

“…… Eh? Is that all?”

“That’s all.”

“Then, Rua must have really liked you.”

“It’s a nuisance.”

 I said it once and for all.
I don’t feel any hesitation in saying so.

“…… Is it safe to make an enemy of Rua-san like that?”

Again, Amane looks nervous.

 This was clearly evident in their exchange yesterday in the basement stacks.

[Hey, you didn’t show your bangs to Kazu, right?]

[Well, I’ll have to wrap your hair with duct tape while I’m at it.]

 That’s how she hit the stakes.

Always has been.

Watching to make sure that the weak never rise up and threaten their own position.

Even in school.
In the entertainment world.

 This world is like that.

I left Amane and went home, did some errands, and then went to watch piggy’s youtube.
I had unsubscribed from the channel when I isolated myself, so I had to search for it every time.
What a hassle.

I went to the trouble of watching it to gather information on the “plan” — and right after I played the latest video, I regretted it immensely.

[Posted almost every day] Princess Rua Cut’s it down! ~Be aware~

1.1 million subscribers

[Ka*u Suzuki!]

[Kazu Suz*ki!]

[Kazu Suzuk*!]

[K*zu Suzuki!]

[Kazu Suzuki*]




[You don’t even notice my c—-ha——rm—–s——-!!]

[…… So, with that said.
Hello~ Youtube!]

[I’m Rua, aka Princess Rua!]

[Well, that thing at the beginning is just a cry from my heart.
Don’t worry about it.]

[It’s just that I was a little pissed off yesterday.
I was just trying to express it.]

[It’s an acting exercise in expressing emotions! Be sure to follow me here♪]

[Comment 2142]

Rua-sama’s socks – 1 minute ago

I don’t understand the meaning of the beginning.

sugar kelp – 1 minute ago

I’m not sure who this Kazu Suzuki is…

Dombra Lake – 1 minute ago

I don’t know, but she’s trash.

Cow bun – 1 minute ago

that sounds disgusting…

Sindoey’s List – 1 minute ago

I don’t know who she is, but she’s whatever







 I’m not surprised now.

I know she’s a pig, so no surprise there.

I didn’t think something like this would stir up my fighting spirit even more.

“All right, pig.”

Well then, let’s beat the meat.

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