thing, while the bangs remain hidden.

“So, why don’t you try that dance you just did?”

“Y- yes, I’ll try!”

She started dancing again.
“Nyan♪, nyan♪, nyan♪, nyan♪.
Well, it wasn’t that she was purring, but I could naturally hear such voices in my ears.
Her cat dance was so flippant and cute, and there was “something” about it that made the viewer feel relaxed and entertained.

Was she a cat in her previous life.

 A unit of a pig and a cat.
I think it would be quite popular, wouldn’t it? Of course, the pig is the more attractive one.

“Nyan nyan ♪ ama-nyan ♪ ama-nyan ♪ nyaan ♪”

  Ama-nyan Ama-nyan♪

 I couldn’t help but to sing along.

“Haa haa ……♪”

 After the dance, she looked radiant.
Like she had finally found her weapon.
Apparently, she had a response.

“Maybe you should ask your costume maker to make you some cat ears and a tail.”


 Minase’s smile burst out, but her shoulders immediately slumped.

“……,But it’s no good.
This is not usable in the group.”

“Eh? Why not?”

“The reason is that it doesn’t harmonize with Rua’s voice.
She is by far the best voice actress.
I have to be a complement to Rua.”

“Oh, I see.”

 I now understand why they chose her, who is shy and has long bangs.
The office is not stupid.
They have calculated that.

“Besides, singing and dancing aren’t my real job.
I’m a voice actor.
I want to voice a character in an anime!”

“You seem very lively.”

“I love anime! I would like Suzuki to watch me practice my acting, not this singing and dancing.”

 What a little bit of aggressiveness.

 She also makes this kind of face.

 From the bottom of her heart, she loves anime.
She must love her job as a voice actor.

 ……She’s a good girl, really.

 She’s not an idol, she’s a great actor.

I wonder why this girl is unknown and that pig is famous.
Is that how the voice acting industry works?

“By the way, Suzuki, there’s something that’s been bothering me.”


 She fidgeted, as if she had difficulty saying it.
When she did it that way, it emphasized the flabby thing that made her gym clothes look so puffed up, and it was a bit of a sight for sore eyes.

“I heard that Rua and Suzuki had a fight the other day.
Could it be my fault?”

“Heh? No, it had nothing to do with you.”

“I heard that you and Rua have known each other since childhood.
Are you sure I’m not putting you on the wrong side of the board?”

“Not at all.”

 In the first place, that pig is no longer a childhood friend.
Just a classmate.
No, class pig?

“I don’t have anything to do with that thing anymore.
I don’t think anything of it.”

“She’s such a beautiful girl.”


Ah, come to think of it, I’ve heard that pigs like to be clean.

“I don’t know if she’s beautiful or not, but I don’t really care.”

 Then she patted her chest in relief.

“U-uhm, Suzu…… Kazu-kun!”


 She suddenly brought her face closer.

 The big eyes glimpsed through the bangs are wandering around.
Sometimes it’s very destructive to see her eyes because I can’t see them all the time.

“I-If you don’t mind, I-I-I-I’d like to …….”

 As if gathering her courage, she was about to say something.


 The door to the basement stacks is kicked in.

 A small figure appeared with a halo behind it.

 Her long blonde hair shimmers in the dust.

 Her well-shaped lips are pursed.

 Standing with folded arms was a pig.

“The scene of the affair, Hackeso!” [TL: the eight early Japanese Buddhist sects.
I’m not sure]

 …………Ancient times

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