Chapter 4: Giving up on a childhood friend

Lunch break–.

When I went to the classroom to check on the students, I found that my desk and chair had been restored to their original state.
I wondered if the teacher had put them back.
I guess the teacher couldn’t leave them as they were.

“Hey, Kazu, where have you been!!”

 Boohee! The sound of a pig squealing, and that thing approaching with a high-pitched hoofbeats.

“Skipping class, what are you trying to do? The bald guy was super mad at you, you know?”


“What are you ignoring me for? You’re blocking my messages too.
There is no one in this world who can ignore this Princess Rua, right? Or do you think that if you look at my too beautiful face, you’ll be blinded? Are you embarrassed? Huh?”

 That’s right.
Even now, my eardrums are crushed, or rather, they feel like they’re going to rot.
Ignore, ignore.

“…..Kazu, are you still holding a grudge about what happened yesterday? That was just a game, okay? It’s just a prank? What are you getting so serious about? What are you, a kid?”

 And there it is! This is just a prank!

 ’That wasn’t bullying’.

The classic excuse, time to dig in! Continue ignoring her.

“Hey, you spoiled brat!”

 The one who came up to me slowly was Yuuya Asano, the freshman ace of the baseball team.

“What are you doing ignoring Rua? You’re being rude to Rua-chan, you know?”

A smirk and a frivolous smile was pasted on that handsome guy’s face as he poked me on the shoulder.

“Ora, say something.
Or are you too scared to speak up?”

No, I’m too dumbfounded to speak.

 The fresh high school ball player, the school’s expected special ace, is being bullied, or is it bullying? Well, it doesn’t matter which one it is – I can’t believe he’s so busy that he would do such a thing.
Don’t they train during lunch break? Don’t they take baseball more seriously? Is that how you’re going to make it to the championships? Even if you make it to the pros, will you make it big? Have someone give you a good talking-to on Sundays.

As if he could sense my contempt, Asano’s handsome face twisted into an ugly expression.

“Oi, what are you trying to act all cushy, you little —-“

“Stop it!”

 The one who intervened was the pig.

The pig was so pissed off that she shouted in a screeching voice.

“I’m the only one who can tease Kazu!”

 The air in the classroom, which had been watching the proceedings with amusement, instantly froze.

“Listen? Kazu is my childhood friend.
I’m the only one who can really tease him! You guys only tease him when I order you to! Otherwise, don’t touch him! Don’t interfere! Do you understand? You know your place!”

 The classmates all pout and stare at the face of the popular voice actor.

 The pig was gasping for air.

 I slowly walked up to such a pig.

“Hey, Rua!”

“…..W-what’s up? Kazu?”

 I swung my verbal hammer down on the pig, who for some reason looked happy for a moment.

“Do you think that’s cool?”


 The pig’s face froze with an “Eh?” expression.

“You’re playing the role of a rival character like in battle manga, “I’m the one who will defeat him.” Since when did you become a vegetable prince?”

 The pig shivered all over like she had been struck by lightning.

“Okay, listen up.”

“…W-what….what are you doing…”

I told the pig, who backed away with tears in her eyes, in no uncertain terms.

“No one is allowed to bully me, no one is allowed to pick on me.
Not you, not anyone.”


“Leave me alone.
You hear me?”

 I put my bag on the desk, took out my lunch and walked away.

 Minase-san was waiting for me in the basement stacks.

 As I was about to leave the classroom–.

“S-So cool.…….”


 I thought I heard a pig’s squeal just now,…….

 Well, it was just my imagination.

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