“I love you, Kazunii!”

 I held her soft body against my chest as she jumped into my arms.
She is a beautiful boy on stage, but when I touch her smooth skin like this, she is unmistakably a girl.

“Oi, oi, Ii-chan.
Where are you going to get dressed?”

 I was called into the waiting room to help her get out of her costume.

 Ii-chan’s cheeks turned pink and she kept her long eyelashes down.

“……because I wanted to be alone with Kazunii ……”


 I don’t feel bad about being told by such a cute girl, though.

 As usual, my thoughts are heavy.

“The other day, I got a message from Rua.
The message said, “Let’s break up!”.
Thanks to Kazunii!”

“I see.
That’s good.”

 As expected of that pig.

 It seems that she quickly disposed of her “fake boyfriend” who was no longer of any use to her.

“So, I’m free now.
Will you take me as your wife right now?”

“Hey! That’s enough”

 I lightly poked her chestnut-colored head.

 Ii-chan stuck out her tongue and replied cutely, “Yes.”

“Then help me get dressed.
I want you to unzip my back.”

“Is that okay?”

“It’s hard for me to do it by myself.
I’ll show you how to do it …….”

 Ii-chan turns around.

 As I was told, I slowly pull down the zipper on the costume.

 The dazzling white backside and the sarashi wrapped tightly around it jumped out.
I was reminded of the “pappan” I had seen through the frosted glass yesterday.
It was impossible to hold it down without wrapping it around her like this.

“I’ve got it down.
Can you do the rest by yourself?”

“No, I can’t.
Take off the sash, too.”

“You idiot.
Can’t you do that much?”

 He, or rather she, looked forward and scratched her head.

“Summer vacation, let’s go to the pool together.”


“Mou, I’m not the same person I was back then.
I want you to see how I’ve grown up as a girl,…….”


Like Amane and President Kocho.

 There seem to be a lot of aggressive girls around me.

If I wanted to be popular, I should have been a more normal boy.

 They are too cute.

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[I’m sorry, I started with a big stupid sigh.]

“This is Rua, aka Princess Rua.]

[Well, lately, things haven’t been going the way I want them to.]

I’m talking about that “girl friend” I told you about the other day.]

[We’re both very much in love, but there’s just too much in the way.]

[There is that annoying bangs’ girl, and there is that silver-haired President.]

[And the little chestnut-colored guy I took advantage of is useless.]

[Even Grandpa said, “We’ll just have to wait and see.”]

“Meanwhile, it’s already summer vacation.]

[And since I don’t have school, I won’t be able to see her!]

[……No, she’s not going to miss me right?]

[She’s going to be so lonely, she’s going to cry.]

[Well, I, Rua, will do something about it!]

[The love …… friendships we’ve had since childhood are to be cherished.]

[……I’m not going to let it go on like this ……]

[……Any woman who approaches Kazu should be slaughtered.

[So, that’s my complaint delivery for today.]

[I’m sorry.]

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Princess Rua’s Knight – 1 minute ago

Princess …… cheer up ……

Rua-sama’s servant #3 – 1 minute ago

Friendship between women is difficult, isn’t it?

Starbuckos – 1 minute ago

Rua-chan, you’re so sweet! I’m sure your girl friend will get the message!

Apostle of Truth – 1 minute ago

I thought I heard you say Kazu…who is she?

shanghai dawg – 1 minute ago

The last part is too disturbing.

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