Chapter 25: To be clear to my childhood friend’s pompous old man.

The next day at lunchtime.

I was walking down the hallway behind the staff room to the director’s office.

 This area is the school, but it is not the school.

 Straddling the fence and ropes that forbid students to enter, I stepped on the red carpet and walked slowly.
The hustle and bustle of the lunch break does not reach here.
The tranquil air in the air is somewhat like that of a temple.

 If so, it is definitely an “evil god” that is enshrined here.

 As I was thinking this, a large man dressed in black stood in my way.

“This place is off-limits to the public.
Turn around.”

“I’m Kazu Suzuki, senior high school freshman class 1.
I have an appointment with him.”

“Hmm? No clue.”

 The big man looked down at me with his chin squared.

“I’ve been told by Gozen-sama that any kid who comes near this place can be punished without question.”

“Corporal punishment is a crime.”

“I am not a teacher.
And this Teikai is ‘extraterritorial’.
You cheeky little brat.
I’m going to show you how scary adults can be.”

The big man attacked me.

 I lightly parried his right arm as he came for my collar and dove into his pocket.
I grabbed his right sleeve and pulled him in.

 This is what is called an ippon-yoi.

 In a judo match, this would be the end of the match, but it was not over yet.


 The big man screamed in agony.

 My foot had stepped through his solar plexus.

 I thought I was going to go easy on him so that he only fainted, but I am still inexperienced.
The other party is rolling around on the floor, spraying vomit and struggling.
Yare yare.
I didn’t have to go this far, but the movement is ingrained in my body.

 And then…

“That’s enough.”

 The voice was low and commanding.

A voice came from behind the door of the room.

“The door is unlocked.
Come in.”

 It seemed that permission had been granted.

 I took care of the big man, who was still in agony, wiped his mouth with a handkerchief, and opened the door.

“It’s been a while.

 A stern old man’s voice greeted me.

 He had a white mustache and a full head of white hair.
Sharp eyes like a hawk.
He was hunched over an ebony desk and a large black chair, his sharp eyes shining on me.

 This man is Taizo Takayashiki, the don of the Teikai Group.

 He is the grandfather of the pig.

“It’s been a while.
Gozen.” [TL: presence (of a god, nobleman, etc.)]

 I stopped myself from kneeling down, as I had done in the past, and turned my chest away from him.

“Rua told me about you.
I heard that a man who is a licensed master of the ancient palace style was defeated in a fight.
I’m sorry, but I had to give it a try.
It seems your skill has not weakened.”

“Perhaps it was because the opponent was too weak.”

“That bodyguard is a champion in actual karate.”

Eh, him?

“As usual, you’re a bad influence.”

“You are the shield that protects my granddaughter.
It is natural that I should be concerned about this.”

 It seemed that the old man had nothing but his beloved granddaughter on his mind.

“I know what’s going on.
I hear you and Rua are at war with each other.”

“We are not at war with each other.

 I had just stated the truth, but Gozen’s eyes widened.

“Insulation? Why? What’s wrong with such a beautiful girl?”

“No matter how good she looks, she’s still a piece of s**t on the inside.
She has been subjected to repeated moral harassment and power harassment.
I was told to stay in the shadows and not to stand out.
I was brainwashed by her for a long time.
I’m fed up with it.”

 Gozen tapped his fingers on the desk.

“There has to be some reward for that.
If you become Rua’s groom, you will inherit my immense power and wealth – all of the Teikai Group.”


“You have been Rua’s favorite since you were a child.
My granddaughter, who never opens her heart to strangers, would not leave you.
That is why I have considered you as one of the candidates to become my son-in-law, and I have given you various imperial teachings.”

“I understand that.”

 I have been trained in ancient martial arts and military arts that are not appropriate for a child.

 Well, it was quite fun to learn them.
I think I was allowed to experience things that normal children can’t, free of charge.


“I was happy to be more normal.
I want to make normal friends, have normal girlfriends, and live a normal high school life.
A normal life where power harassment and moral harassment don’t exist.”

“Normal, you?”

 Gozen laughed deep in his throat.

“You, with your extraordinary intelligence and military prowess, are normal? That’s impossible.
I heard that you also crushed the badge system.”

It was in my way.”

“That was a social experiment.
If the results were good, I was planning to implement it in the entire Teikai Group.”

 So that was the plan after all.

“I’m going to enjoy a normal high school life.
I’d appreciate it if you don’t interfere.”

Are you seriously going to part ways with Rua? Here at Teikai Academy.”

“As long as I’m paying tuition, I have the right to be a normal student.”

“I told you I would give it to you for free, but your mother wouldn’t listen to me.”

 Our family’s life is not affluent, and yet my mother refused this offer.
She firmly refused, saying, “I can’t accept such a favor just because he is your granddaughter’s friend”.

 I am proud of her.

“All right.

 Gozen nodded, glaring at me.

” I’ll keep an eye on things for a while, but I don’t know what Rua will do.”

“I’ll be counting on you.”

 That’s enough for today.

“I have one thing to say.
Because of Rua, the performance of the drama club is about to be interrupted.
This action is detrimental to the school.
As the director, I would like you to fulfill your responsibility.”

I will take care of that.”

This almost accomplished the purpose of the meeting.

“What are you going to do now?”

“I told you.
I will insulate myself from Rua and lead a normal high school life.
First, I want to enjoy the summer vacation that lies ahead of me.”

 Gozen laughed.
It was a somewhat ghostly smile.

“Even if you think you’re normal, people around you won’t leave you alone.
Especially the female girly-girls.”

“I don’t care about the people around me.
I’m just going to live my life the way I want to.
That’s why…”


 This much can be forgiven.

“If you touch any of the girls, I’ll crush you.
Old man.”

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