Chapter 21: Even if you say something like “It’s not working, it’s appealing lol”, it’s really not working

“Fufufu! Kazu! I have a new boyfriend!”


What book would I recommend to President Suzuka?

 Being a returnee, she was probably not familiar with Japanese literature.
If that is the case, I would recommend Natsume or Akutagawa.
Personally, I’d like to recommend Dazai, but I think she’s a bit of a selective person.

“C’mon, Kazu! Jealous? Jealousy roast, burning fire? Come on, come on!”

 I looked around the bookshelf, staring at the spines of the books lined up in a row.

“Have you read Akutagawa, President?”


“Ryunosuke Akutagawa.
Rashomon, Yabu no Naka…”

The president shook her head in a panic.
It seemed that she was distracted by something else.
So even this guy has that kind of thing.

Kazu, you ignored me.
What? The appeal did not work?”

 Let’s hear a third party’s opinion.

“What would you recommend, Amane? Japanese literature.”


 Amane rolled her eyes in surprise.
She seemed to be in a daze as well.

“U-uhm, let’s see, Running Meros, maybe?”

“Dazai, huh? I guess that’s the one I’m thinking of.”

 Then, I would recommend “Ningen Shikkaku” …… No, wait, …….

“Hey, Kazu! That’s enough!”

 I was grabbed by the shirt from behind.

 When I turned around, there was a blonde-haired, sparkling piggy standing there, sniffling and snorting.

“What the hell? You’re still here?”

“Of course I’m here! I’ve been yelling at you for a while now!”

 I had no idea.

 I had always been like that, but there was no end to it if I had to listen to this pig’s delusions every time she spoke to me.
I had naturally learned how to ignore her screeching voice.

“So, what do you want?”

“I told you! I have a boyfriend!”

“Well, congratulations.
Don’t invite me to the ceremony.”

 Well, Dazai Dazai.
I wondered where it was on the bookshelf.

 As I was about to go looking for it, she grabbed me by the shirt again.

“I haven’t finished talking to you yet! You should listen to me properly, because you’re really curious about it!”

drumming! and the piggy stomped on the floor in a futile and rhythmic manner.

I decided to listen to her, lest she step through the floor.

“Finally, you are being honest, I see.”

Piggy pulled out the boy she had brought with her.

 He was wearing a middle school uniform.
He was white, slender, and his short chestnut-colored hair was shiny, and at a glance he looked like a girl.
His face was well-defined and clear, and girls would not be able to leave him alone.
The type of person who would be popular as a mascot.

“My name is Isami Shirasagi, a third-year student at the junior high school.”

Isami greeted me with a timid smile.
His white color made his red cheeks stand out even more.

 Amane raised her voice.

“Shirasagi-kun, uhm, that special student in the drama club?!”

“Do you know him?”

“Of course.
They gave him free tuition and dormitory fees, and he came all the way from a faraway prefecture to transfer here.”

 As expected of a voice actor, she knows a lot about the theater field.

“I’ve heard that too.
I also heard that this is the first time that the theater department has ever had a special student.
They are really a big newcomer.”

 The school’s expectations seem to be high, judging from the fact that President Suzuka has also heard about it.
So he is a gem of a talent.

“That’s right! That promising talent is my boyfriend.”

Piggy turned up her nose more and more.

“Yesterday after school, my boyfriend asked me out! I’m sorry for confusing the innocent youth☆ ! Well, I can only say that because of my charm.
Right, Isamine?”

…… well, …….”

 He has a vague smile on his face.
Somehow he looks troubled.

 But still, …….

 It’s strange, somehow.

 The way he looks at me is strange.

It’s like he’s passionate or enthusiastic.

Perhaps it’s that.
Maybe he’s wary of me because I’m a former childhood friend of Piggy’s.

 Maybe he thinks of me as a romantic enemy.

“Isami-kun, right?”


“I’ve already cut her off.
I’m a stranger with nothing to do with her anymore.
I want you to be happy without any worries.”

Nodding his head, he fidgeted again.
Well, you certainly look cute like this.
Even I, who don’t have any intention to be that way, would feel weird about it.

 On the other hand, the pig, who is not cute at all

Well, Kazu you overreacted… I hope you get attacked and eaten by a sit-saurus in Jurassic Park! Shashashashasha!”

And so on, making meaningless statements.

“But don’t worry.
I’m a voice actor, and I’ll keep our relationship a secret.
But I’m in love with Isamine, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my burning love secret. Ah~ Kazu, you’d better do something about it before then~, okay?”

 Piggy looks up at me at a gouging angle.
“okay~?” I was told.
What do you want me to do?

“Well, I’m going home for today! I’ll be back!”

 No need to come back.

“Let’s go, Isamin!”


He stumbled after her.

After Piggy left the room first, he suddenly turned around and approached me.

“U-uhm, Kazu-senpai.
Don’t you remember me?”

“What do you mean?”

“I, I, I ……”

 He started to say something, but kept his mouth shut.
Behind the door, a pig called out, “What are you waiting for?”

 He slumped his shoulders.

“I’ll go …… then, if you’ll excuse me.

 He bowed, and this time he was gone.

“What are those two doing here?”

 Amane stared at the closed door with a blank stare.

The president tilted her head

“He was acting strange.
Do you know him?”

“No, I don’t know him.”

Once I meet such a beautiful boy, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

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