or me to change my ways.)

 I made up my mind.

 I talked to my mother, who was getting ready to go to work, and asked her for money to go to a hair salon.
My mother goes to work on weekdays and works part-time at a nearby supermarket on weekends.
She is a single-mother family, so we have no money.
I felt uncomfortable asking my mother for money, but I wanted to do something about my shaggy hair.

 Mom laughed and offered me the money.

“Go out there and get yourself a good woman”

“When you get a girlfriend, introduce her to your mother, too!”

 I thanked her and hurried to a nearby hair salon.
I told the unfriendly nose-piercing hairdresser, ” Ah, please give me a bright and crisp haircut!” I was a little scared, but she was good at what she did and gave me a neat and tidy look.

 Then I ran home and rummaged through my closet.
I decided on a navy jacket, a plain white T-shirt, and denim shorts.
The jacket was only a winter one, and it was hot on this late May day, but I could live with it.

 I put on my watch, a memento of my father’s, and went to the karaoke box.

 Nervously, I opened the door to my assigned room and was greeted with a huge smile.

 Yuuya Asano, Ayaka Ayuse, a dozen of the school’s hottest guys, and Rua pointed at me standing at the door and laughed.

“Uwa, you really are here, hahaha”

“I can’t believe it, lol, you even cut your hair, lol.”

“W-W-W-wearing a jacketttttttttttttt!”

“Wait hahaha, just a second hahahaha, you smell like a hairdresser, ahahahaha.
I can’t hahahaha”

“Pupupupupupupu, everyone stop laughing, hahaha, so you dressed up? hahaha.
Stop laughing, pupupupu”

 I understood everything.

 Ah–I see.

 So this was an “event” like this.

 That’s why I was invited.

I stared coldly at all the beautiful men and women sitting on the spacious sofa.
I was not angry.
I just thought, “They must be busy”.
I even felt pity for them when I saw their “real” faces, which I had assumed were full of love, study, and sports every day.
But when I thought of my mother, who paid for my hairdresser’s bill, I felt a little sad.

“—-Hey, what are you just standing there like that?”

 Rua said in a low voice.
Only the voice actor has a strong voice.

“Look, Kazu.
Rant and rave.
I’m betting 1,000 yen that you’ll cry and slobber.
Come on.”

She didn’t like that I was unresponsive.
Yuuya Asano teased me, “I’ll be out of here in no time for 1,000 yen!”

“I want you to tell me one thing.”

 I asked quietly.

“Did I do something to you? What did I do to offend you guys? Why did you have to do this to me?”

 The room fell silent.

Surprising questions from the lower class —-No, they are amused by the treason.
A look that says, “Why don’t you just shut up and let me hit you, b*tch?”

The look of disgust on my face, like I’m not in the mood for this.

“Why, you ask? Don’t ask me that stupid question.”

 Rua said, stroking her chin.

“The reason, of course, is that you’re my slave.”


 She threw words at me as I remained silent.

“Really, really.
Please try to entertain me by being embarrassed at best.
I hate that you and I have known each other since we were kids, lol.”


Line broke

 At that moment, I heard “something” snap.

One’s store of patience? No, wrong.

 This was the sound of a “connection” breaking off.

 I have known Rua for a long time.
I have a certain amount of affection for her.
I’ve been able to ignore some of the things she does and says.
We used to bathe together.
I’ve interpreted her unmannerly attitude as a sign of her ease with me.

 But now, it’s enough.


 I don’t want to go through all this, to be treated like this, to be friends with those beasts in human skin.

 Are you ready, Kazu Suzuki?

 Are you ready to spend three years of high school life alone?

Do you want to make friends with these people, even if they laugh at you and let you go through this?

 –NO! (Said in English)

Do you want a girlfriend, even if it means flirting with people you don’t like?


 Then, good.

 Let’s go.
The wilderness of loneliness.

“—Yeah, me too.”

 I said, determined.

Those were the words of parting.

 I was saying goodbye to my childhood friend of ten years.

 And with my past self, it was a word of farewell.

 The next morning.

When I arrived at school, I found a desk and a chair in the classroom hallway.
I wondered what it was, but it turned out to be my desk.
It had a polite note on it.

[There’s no seat for you.]

 It was clearly written in her handwriting.

I see.
So that is how it is”

I knew that by heart.

 I’ve known about it for a long time.

 I had pretended not to see it for a long time, thinking it might be my own prejudice, but now I clearly recognized the fact.

 The woman who was my childhood friend, the popular voice actor of the moment…

 Worst, Pig person I’ve ever met.

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