Chapter 18: Childhood friend vs.
student president

At the lunchtime cafeteria, where the pig and Amane-chan were glaring at each other, I heard a deafening yell from behind me.

“Oi, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

I turned around to see Red-Nose, the Judo Club’s special student of the day, grabbing the bespectacled student by the chest and lifting him up.
The bespectacled student’s face was contorted in pain and he was flapping his legs in the air.
He was a silver batch.

“What are you sitting there like an egotistical jerk? Eh? You’re a silver batch!”

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t notice.”

“Don’t give me that excuse!  I was looking for a seat and walked right in front of you.
You ignored me on purpose, you b*****d!”

Red-nose’s anger was unrelenting.
He used his monstrous strength to tighten the neck of Glasses-kun more and more.
His complexion had gone from red to blue.

 None of the students around him stopped.

 The gold batch is grinning and the silver batch is watching the scene with trepidation.

 I said to the pig.

“Oi, Student Council Officers.”

No hugs ♥ But will this do?”

 And then the pig holds my hand.
What is this? A handshake?

“Huh, don’t you have to stop it? It’s a fight.”

 The pig sniffs with one booger.

“Well, violence is not good.
But, well, what can I do? Silver didn’t respect gold.
It’s like the guy on the train who won’t give up his seat to an old person.”

“He doesn’t look very old, that one.”

 Red Nose is a huge man who is about to reach one hundred and ninety centimeters.
He is a member of the judo club, and I would rather tell him to stand up and strengthen his legs and hips.

“It’s an analogy, an analogy.
You’re always making fun of me.
What is it? Is it your favorite, “Reversal of affection” again?”

“There’s nothing but hate, inside and out.”

“Mou! Why can’t you say, “Yes, Rua, I love you.” Could it be coward! Or perhaps shyness! You love me so much it’s hilarious hahaha”


This fellow is no good.
I have to do something quickly.

 At that moment, a dignified voice rang out.

“Stop it!”

 The eyes of the students are attracted to the silver-haired beauty that appears from the crowd.

 Our student council president, Suzuka Kocho.

 Her white porcelain cheeks reveal her anger.

She strode up to him and stood in front of Red nose.

“Let him go, Kimura-kun.”


“Didn’t you hear me tell you to let him go?”

Red nose reluctantly released Glasses-kun.

After handing him a handkerchief, the chairman glared at Red Nose, who coughed.
She looked up at him, who was two heads taller than she was, and shot him a sharp look.

“Apologize to him.”

“Ha? Why should I?”

“You were the one who was unreasonable to him.
Apologize to him.”


Red Nose looked back at the president curiously.

 To his horror, he did not seem to feel that what he had done was unreasonable.
“I am a special student with a gold badge, so I deserve to be given a seat, don’t I?”.
That’s how he feels.

In other words, from his subjective point of view, it is th president who is being unreasonable.

 If it had not been a girl, he would have appealed to her strength.

However, in terms of dignity and stature, the president has the advantage.

“Now? What’s the matter? Is your big mouth just for decoration?”


Reluctantly, Red Nose was about to bow his head when Piggy, buhee buhee, interrupted them.

“No need to apologize, Red Nose.”

“Ru-Rua-chan! …… hehehe.”

Red nose smiled a flirtatious smile.
I mean, your nickname is “Red Nose” after all.
Aggai or something like that would fit in.
[TL: The Aggai is one of the “MS (Mobile Suit)”, a general-purpose humanoid weapon in Mobile Suit Gundam.]

“You don’t have to apologize.
It’s glasses’ fault for not giving up his seat!”

Pig, who is so confident about her pork buns, makes even the President feel disgusted.
Pig VS Butterfly.
Great match card.

I mean

 The pig is staring at the chairman with a fierce glare.

 It’s hostile.

 I’ve been thinking about this since the student meeting, but are these two feuding or something?

“D-Don’t be ridiculous.
Why should he give up his seat?”

“Of course he has to, President Kocho.”

 The pig made a weird cat-pawing voice.
How can it be a pig and yet a cat?

“The school is a very good place to learn and grow.
It would be better for the school if he could have a leisurely lunch during his lunch break.”

“If that’s the case, why not eat in the classroom instead of coming to a crowded cafeteria?”

“Eh, that’s terrible.
Right, Red Nose?”

 Red nose nodded vigorously.

“I didn’t bring my lunch today!”

 Of course, this was just selfishness.
It was just a matter of saying, “Don’t be an idiot”.
In a normal school, that would be the case.

However, the current Teikai Academy is the place where this logic is accepted.

 The faces of the students watching over them speak for themselves.

 The gold batch is siding with the pig and nodding “yes, yes, yes,” while the silver batch is just looking awkwardly or apathetically downcast.
Even Glasses-kun, the man involved, turns away from the president who helped him.

 Gold is superior, silver is inferior.

 This label gives gold confidence and takes it away from silver.

“Ha, It’s not worth talking about.”

President Kocho shook her head as if she was alone in defiance of the unreasonable rules.

 However, the atmosphere that has changed with the appearance of the pig is irresistible.
All the students are well aware that Rua Takayashiki is the don of this school.
This is true even if the other party is the student body president.

 The red nose, which had been shunned earlier, now looks down at the chairman from above.
He is grinning and admiring the ample bre*sts that are rising up her blouse with a disgusted look.
He is an animal in both intelligence and decency.

Amane-chan, who had been watching the situation closely, whispered in my ear.

“Kazu, let’s escape while we still can.
There might be repercussions.”

 She was right.
After all, we were Badgeless.
We were considered lower than the silver badge.
We were at the bottom of the school caste, and we never knew what kind of unreasonableness might strike us.”


“I owe the president a debt of gratitude for helping me out in the empty classroom.”

I have to return the favor, I guess.

“Amane, go home first.”

“Eh? Eh? K-Kazu-kun?”

I tapped her on the shoulder and incidentally removed the mackerel bone that was still attached to her bangs.

 I walked into the sparks of battle.

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