asure of being able to control the prisoners.”

 Amaon’s face paled.

“No way.
Are you saying this school will become like that?”

“I wonder”

 I don’t want to think that it would be that radical, indeed.

“But I think the situation is very similar.
The special students play the role of guards.
The other students play the role of the prisoners.
The badges distributed this time are meant to clarify the roles, don’t you think?”

 Amane shivered.

“I can’t believe it …….
Is that experiment true?”

“Actually, it’s a bit of a lie.”

 Amaon-chan said, “Eh?” and raised her voice.

“In later years, it was discovered that the doctor in charge of the experiment, ‘playing the role of prison warden,’ had instructed the group of guards to act as ‘brutal guards.
I mean, it couldn’t have been that bad without some arbitrary pressure from the outside.”

“I see.”

Amane-chan patted her chest in relief.

“But you know.
In other words, if a high-ranking person told them to do something like that, that’s what the “guards” would do.”

“A high-ranking person?”

For example, the school president.

Amane’s face turned pale again.

“I heard this from one of my seniors at my new office.
He said that after playing a role for a long time, the character begins to live inside you.
For example, if a character likes Dorayaki, he will often eat it in his daily life.
Tastes change as you play the role,”

“That may be true.”

 It really happens as you become the character.

 For example, the classic romantic comedy “fake couple”.
In this case, too, the more you act the part, the more you really like the person you are pretending to be.
This is a subject that can be found in any number of novels and manga.
It is such a common story.

“But still, Kazu-kun knows a lot of things.”

“I like reading.
I’ve read most of the books here.”

“Eh!? All of these?!”

 This basement storeroom is full of bookshelves.
I have no idea how many books there are.

“I’ve been killing time here every day since I entered the school.
It’s called being a loner’s outcast.”

 Then, Amane-chan’s face turned sad.

“Please don’t say it like that.
I really think you’re an amazing person.”

“Otaku would be a better fit.
You’re over-praising me.”

“No, I’m not.
It was you who saved me from the darkness.

Amane-chan leaned in close to me.
The sweet scent wafted from her hair and tickled my nose.

“It’s not good, Amane-chan.”

It’s Ama-nyan-chan.

 She stares at me with wet eyes.
She would no longer listen to me after this.
She’s usually so reserved and demure, but when we’re alone, she’s really aggressive.

There is no way around it.

 I lightly, just lightly, peck her lips.

 With that, she shakes as if struck by lightning.

 Her eyes were round and staring at me.

“Now I can work hard in my afternoon classes.”

“That’s great.”

 When I patted her head, she mewed.
She really is like a cat.

“After school, do you want to go home together for the first time in a while?”


 She smiled happily.

“Then, I’ll meet you at our usual place at 4:30 pm”

“Four-thirty? That’s a little late.”

“After school, someone from the baseball team asked me if I could have a little time.
What is it?”

 She said innocently.
Well, I guess a confession is in order.
Since that event, her popularity has skyrocketed.
Something similar has happened often before.

 But after school.

 After school, even after the appointed time, Ama-nyan did not show up.

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