Chapter 13: I’m going to make it clear to my childhood friend who misunderstands the word “tsundere”.

 A cool voice spoke in the quiet infirmary.


 Suzuka Kocho narrowed her slit eyes.
She looked at me as if she was trying to judge me.
What is it? How could the student body president, who is at the top of the class, possibly know what I look like?

“Is what I want to say …….
It’s my fault too that I was carelessly changing my clothes.
Let’s forget about it.”

“I’m sorry.”

 I apologized in two ways.
First was that I had peeked at her changing clothes.
The other was that I would probably never forget the contrast between black and white.

“So, what’s wrong? If you’re looking for the health teacher, she’s not here.”

“I’m feeling a little sick.
I thought I’d take the rest of the day off.”

“That would be a bad idea.”

The president extended her white hand.
I felt a cold touch on my forehead.
I almost screamed.

“I wonder if you have a little bit of fever.”


 If I have a fever, it’s for a different reason.

“I’ll go get the teacher.
You should be resting in bed.”

 She tossed her long silver hair and started to walk away.
The steps are brisk and rhythmic.
Just by looking at her, I could feel her competence.

President Kocho is well known for her excellence.
Since entering the school, she has never once relinquished her position at the top of the class.
As student body president, she is also a very capable person.
Her achievement in eliminating the morning school gate instruction that was in place until last year has been passed down to our grade.

A walking example of a brilliant and talented person.


Why didn’t the student president, who is so capable, announce about the badge? Why is that pig on the stage and she in the infirmary?

“Is the president in favor of the badge system?”

 When I asked her a straightforward question, the silver-haired talented woman frowned just a little.

“You heard about it at the school assembly, didn’t you?”

Isn’t this something the president usually announces?”

 The president looked me in the eye.

“You’re Kazu Suzuki, right?”

“How did you know me?”

“I heard that you are a childhood friend of Rua Takayashiki.”

 Oh, I see.
So she recognizes me as an addition to that pig.

“The badge was Rua’s suggestion.
I approved it in the name of the student council president, the teachers accepted it, and it is now being implemented.”

Her tone was clerical.

“The question I asked was whether the president was in favor or against it.”

Her eyes, which were as clear as a beautiful lake, faded slightly.

“You are a sharp …… no, you are a scary man.”

“Me? No way.”

 It’s overestimation.
I can’t believe the president is “scared” of me.

“Of course I agree.
It’s the student council’s decision.”

 Leaving behind a grumpy voice, the president left.

 A fresh citrus scent tickled my nose.
It was the lingering scent of her silver hair.


 The student council is apparently not a monolithic body.


Could it be that pig’s dogmatic decision about that badge?

 After a full hour of rest in the infirmary, I returned to class.

 Second period had just ended.
The room was filled with noisy chatter.
No one noticed my return.


“Kazu! I’ve been waiting for you!”

Piggy approached me, her blonde hair fluttering.
She was quick.
Like, “Shubba-ba-ba-ba!” I could tell by her smug smile that she wasn’t worried about my health.

On the chest of her blazer, the gold badge was already shining.

By the way, her chest is flat.
It’s gaping.
After seeing the chairman’s, the gap is huge.
They are about as different as the difference between Mount Everest and the Mariana Trench.
Really, they are two very contrasting people.
Silver hair and blond hair.
Mountains and valleys.

“The badge I presented at the student assembly, I already handed it out.”

“Oh, I see.”

 I saw the badges on the chests of other students as well.
Gold and silver.
The classroom was color-coded in two colors: gold and silver.

 Surprisingly, they all look somewhat proud.

I can understand why they are proud of the gold one, but the silver one seems to make them feel the same way.

Are they feeling that it is not so bad if they interpret it as the second, silver medal? I mean, it’s actually the bottom of the list.

“You know, I’m sorry.”

 Pig’s lips lifted up with a grin.

“There was a small mistake, and the number of silver badges is not enough.
I don’t have one for Kazu!”


“By the way, this “mistake” seems to be happening all over the place, and even two sets are missing one! What a mess!”

Needless to say, I don’t need to tell you who is in the second group.

Amane Minase, “Ama-nyan’s” class.

“They have placed an additional order with a vendor, but they don’t know when it will be ready.
Until then, you’ll have to live without a batch!”

“…..I see.”

 I glared at the pig.

“This is how you’re going to get back at me for that event, isn’t it?”

“Eh~? What do you mean? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Before I knew it, the pig was surrounded by a group of her followers.
They were all smiling and looking at me, the ” badge-less” one, with disdain.

Accompanied by her minions, the pig’s laughter grew louder and louder.

“Hey, I have a proposal for you, Kazu.
Why don’t you try apologizing to me?”

“Apologize? For what?”

“For cheating on me.
Betraying childhood ties and taking sides with such a bangs loser.”

 Who are you to talk about the bond of childhood friendship?

It’s not a bond, it’s a leash.

“Hey, apologize to me.
You might get a badge if you do.
Gold or silver, whichever you like.
–Hey, Kazu.”

The pig shook my hand, making sweet noises.
The cronies around her looked surprised.
Asano, a member of the baseball team, had her nostrils flared.
That’s the only shocking thing I’ve ever seen.

“Enough already, let’s make up.”


“How can you survive in this school if you go against me? You know best, don’t you, Kazu? Hey Kazu.
Let’s go back to the old days…”

 The most popular person in the school.
Idol voice actor of the moment.
The granddaughter of the school’s director.
Daughter of a wealthy man.
A beautiful blonde girl.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a girl like that if she held her hand and made sweet noises? In fact, that is exactly what is happening to the cronies.
They are all staring at me with drooling faces.
“I envy you,” “I want to be her childhood friend,” and so on.
That’s what’s written on their faces.

 That’s why.

I dare to say, NO!

“Don’t touch me.”


I shook off her hand, or rather, the pig’s foot.

 The pig’s face turned pale.

“I’m not going to change my mind once I’ve made my decision.”


“You know me better than anyone.
Former childhood friend of mine”

Her face, which had gone pale, now turned bright red.

“Kazu you idiot! You idiot! You poophead! I don’t care how much you regret it later!”

Spitting out the line like some ancient tsundere, the pig walked away.
Sounds like a tsundere to me, in this case.


All students at the academy were badges into three castes: gold, silver, and badge-less

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