s on it which no one could notice unless they focus . She felt her hand shaking as she was about to take the sixth stone in her hand . She feared it would be her last day in the academy and that she could never return to Zeldia again .

She saw Daisy from the corner of her eyes , looking more stressed than her . She didn know if Daisy was worried about herself or about Scarlett .

As the sixth stone was placed on her hand , something unexpected happened . Something everyone had anticipated . The stone didn shine and neither was she zapped by the stone . As soon as this happened , two soldiers came out of the shadows and escorted her out .

It took her some time to process what just happened . She wasn selected by any of the stones and now she was banished from Zeldia , a place no one has ever returned from . Her nightmares were coming true and she couldn do anything about it . All she could do was accept the reality and leave the academy .

She was escorted directly to the gate of the academy . All her belongings were soon brought to the gate and she was seen out by the campus guard . Now , she was walking around in dark , not knowing where to go .

” How I wish I had never been to the academy . ” Scarlett was very upset with everything going around her . While she was busy cursing the academy in her mind , she hadn noticed someone following her . Just as she sat down under a tree for rest , she heard someones footsteps .

Cautiously she got up and started to walk again , but as she was walking she realized she must learn to face her fears . She turned around and tried spotting who was following her . ” You do know that there are many dry leaves here and I can hear you following me . Just come out of the shadows and show yourself . ”

Scarlett was stunned , never in this lifetime did she expect this to happen . It was the woman from her nightmare , breathing and very much alive . What does this mean for Scarlett ? What did her dream mean ? Is everything somehow connected ?

While all these questions were scattered in her mind , there was answer to none of them. Everything ended with a question mark and didn go any further .

” Ive seen you in my dreams before . ” Scarlett couldn help but mention her dream to the woman . The woman didn seem surprised and instead gave her a faint smile .

” Aren you the least bit surprised what happened in my dream and why I dreamt about you ? Someone that Ive never met ! ” Scarlett waited for an answer , but looks like the woman wasn willing to answer anything yet.

After few minutes of silence , the woman took a few steps towards her and Scarlett didn budge either . The woman placed her hands on Scarletts shoulder . ” Ive waited a long time for you . ”

What does this mean ? I told her about my dream and this is what she answers ! What does she want from me ? A huge wave of questions hit Scarlett . She raised an eyebrow at the woman , ” So , are you willing to tell me something about yourself ? ”

” You just need to know that you are where you belong . Now , follow me ” It seemed more like a command or order than a request . Scarlett didn want to follow the woman , but did she have any other option ?

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