“What is the meaning of this? Yuo was supposed to have zero magic power!“ Gagan Reinhardt, the father who had banished Yuo, shouted loudly.


The reason for this was the bizarre report the Skill Temple sent recently about Yuo’s skill.


Below is an excerpt of the said report:


[Name] Yuo Reinhardt 

Adopted daughter of Duke Gagan Reinhardt.
No blood relation.

[Skill Name] Heater (Scorching Heat)

This skill allows the user to warm any target through touch.
Its weaker form is limited to just boiling water.
However, its strongest form has a power output similar to the Scorching Witch of legend, who scorched everything to the ground in the distant past.
This may be extremely dangerous.


Although unlikely, if the skill manifests in its strongest form, the danger level is classified as SSS+++.
Requires national supervision.


Gagan’s eyes darted towards the danger level written on the report, Danger SSS+++.


“What are they talking about…?!”




“National supervision required?!”


“W-What the hell is this?!”


Gagan’s hands kept trembling as he read the report.
His head also started spinning.


National Supervision class is a class that is exclusive only to individuals who have enough power to influence the nation as a whole such as sword saints and saints. 


No matter how you look at it, it’s unreasonable for that useless girl to have that much power.


Moreover, the danger level of SSS isn’t merely a disaster class ranking on paper but a ranking given to disasters themselves.
Plus, in the report, there’s a +++ attached to it too. 


Dragons, who live at the frontier and can easily destroy castles, are only given a ranking of B to A.
Even the Demon King of the North, whom nations had to ally together to defeat, and ancient dragons at the farthest reaches of the world, who are now considered legendary, only have a danger level of SS.


To begin with, the term “danger level” is not used to evaluate human skills.
Rather, it’s used to assess monsters, dragons, and demons.
Entities of this rank are considered a potential threat to mankind, or even to the world as a whole.


“It was reported just a few days, and it's…?”


At the end of the report, it said that Yuo’s treatment should be reported to the royal family.
Reading that, Gagan immediately knew what had to be done.
He had to call Yuo back to the royal capital and deal with all loose ends appropriately.


Having a National Supervision class member in the family is surely gonna boost the Reinhardt household’s prestige.


Although it could be dangerous, if the Yuo can control it effectively, her skill can become extremely useful.


What if Yuo had a far more powerful offensive power than he does? What if Yuo manages to gain more national support and trust than him? Gagan asked himself, stunned by the thought.


More than family background and nobility, the Reese Kingdom greatly values competence.
In the worst case, there’s a possibility that Yuo could threaten Gagan’s position as the family head.


Gagan shuddered at the idea.


Shit, if only I didn’t adopt her…


Gagan recalled the time he took Yuo from his father.
Yuo wasn’t his daughter, to begin with.
She was an orphan brought back from the frontier by her father, a commoner.
He was forced to raise her as his own daughter for 15 years.


What would happen if the queen found out that I banished her?


Gagan asked himself.


His conscience regarding Yuo’s banishment was clear though.
Worst case scenario, he’ll live in exile in some remote area for the rest of his life.
It’s even possible that Yuo could choose to exile him in the [Forbiden Land] if she comes to power.

(T/N: He’s basically just dramatically overthinking in this and the proceeding paragraph)


Gagan recalled the remote area.
When they visited the [Forbiden Land] for an expedition, the land was desolate, barren of any greenery.
With no way to replenish his supplies, he could only take short breaks to get out of there quickly.
It was truly hell on earth.


To think that I, at the peak of my glory, could be banished to that hellhole.


“This can’t be real! How can I hand the household over to someone with zero magic power?!“


Gagan was resolute in not calling Yuo back to the capital.
In other words, he decided to disregard the report and imperative from the temple.


Little did he know that this decision would be detrimental to the future of the Reinhardt household.




Hello! I’ve decided to stick to posting three chapters weekly, ranging from Thursday to Sunday.
Hopefully I could remain consistent hehe~

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