“…What’s that funny smell? Lara, can you smell it too?” (Yuo)


After Hannah left, I noticed a strange smell wafting around.
It smelled like rotten eggs.
It seems to be coming from the area where the Giant Earthfish exploded.


“Why is there a puddle forming…?“ (Yuo)


The Earthfish explosion caused a hole to form on the cliffside where it was attempting to escape.
The hole was spewing out water and creating a puddle.
There were three types of water being spewed out: clear water, murky yellowish water, and cloudy white water.
Together, all three formed a puddle.


Maybe there’s more.


“Master, this puddle isn’t ordinary! The water is murky and smelly.
It might be dangerous so please stay away from it.” Lara said as she cautiously approached the forming pool of cloudy water, covering her nose with a handkerchief.


Disgusted by the smell of the water, Lara screamed, “This smells like hell!”


But my intuition tells me it’s not so bad.
Hell is too exaggerated of a description.


“Hmmm… the water is strange, isn’t it? Oh, it’s a little warm,” I dipped my finger into the cloudy water and noticed its consistency was quite thick.


It doesn’t feel harmful.


“It’s quite deep.
Rather than calling it a puddle, pond or swamp might be more appropriate.
I wonder where the water comes from.“ Lara said as she poked a stick into the puddle to measure its depth.
It appeared to be about 50 centimeters deep, which is quite deep.


“I wonder what this is…” (Yuo)


We continued to examine the water for a while.
Surrounding the pool were large rocks.
Seeing that caused a strong sense of déjà vu.


Yes, I’ve seen this somewhere before!

Where have I seen it again? Not in a past life, next life, or anything uncertain like that but somewhere just recently… It’s at the tip of my tongue, I swear!


“That’s where I saw it! The ancient documents!“ (Yuo)


The scene in front of me looked exactly like the one I saw in the mansion’s archives! The large rocks! The milky white water! Yes, it’s exactly like the scene in that book!


It looked just like the pool of milky white water the woman in the magic painting was soaking in.
However, the puddle water’s temperature was lukewarm.  Entering it naked would require more courage.
I don’t think it would be as satisfying as the one depicted in the painting.


“This… I’m gonna have to warm it up, huh.” (Yuo)


I decided to use my [Heater Skill] to warm the puddle a bit more.
But rather than just focusing on the thought of wantonly heating the water up, I concentrated on warming it up to a comfortable temperature and maintaining that heat even at its source.
A moment later, steam began to rise from the water’s surface.


Yes, that’s it.


I start to take off my shoes, itching to get into the water.


“Don’t tell me you are gonna imitate that book and get into this pool! It’s so strange and cloudy! It might be toxic and deadly!” (Lara)


It seems she was able to read my thoughts. 


Well, she’s right.
I absolutely have to get into that water! 


I’ve always been known only for my recklessness.
Ever since I was a child my motto has been, ‘jump before you look.’


Okay, fine.
I’ll stick only my feet for now.


Without heeding Lara’s advice, I lifted my skirt up and slowly put my feet in the water.
The bottom of the puddle seemed to be made of stone, and it was rough as if sand had accumulated in it.


Hmmm, it feels as if it was built to hold water…


“Noooooo!“ I couldn’t help but scream out in shock.


As soon as I put my feet into the water, tremendous energy spread throughout my entire lower body! It wasn’t just warmth! The healing energy also started to rush to my upper body.


I’ve never experienced anything like this!


“Master?!” Lara looked concerned but I remind her that it was okay.


Wow, oh my God, this feels so good! If I could, I would soak my whole body in.

… Oh no, I have no other choice but to enter at this point! (feigning helplessness)


“Eiyahhh!” (Yuo)


“Master, are you sure?! What if it’s actually toxic?” (Lara)


I looked around to make sure no one was around before taking my clothes off.
After pinning my hair up, I jumped into the hot water with a splash.



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