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I, Yuo Reinhardt, grew up as a child of a ducal family in the Reese Kingdom; a kingdom where magic determined everything.
Later, I learned that my family and I were not blood-related.
In other words, I was adopted.


My father, the head of the household, favored those with magical talent and disregarded those without any.
This was evident in the way he treated his children.
Those with magical talents were doted upon and those without any were treated coldly and banished to the frontier.




Can’t even be used for a political marriage.


These were some of the things that I was told ever since I was a child.


In an aristocratic society where magic determined one’s social status, I was an outcast.


When was 16, it was determined that I possessed the skill [Heater].
This set my family off, causing their disappointment to reach its peak.
I still remember exactly what happened that day.


◇ ◇


In the Reese Kingdom, the nobles and most influential people gather at the temple.
The ceremony is held to identify what skills the kingdom’s youth possessed.


“Yuo-sama’s skill is called [Heater].
She has the ability to warm a target up as much as she wants! Her class is classified as [Scorching Heat]!“ The young priestess happily announced my skill.


The entire temple went silent, the atmosphere turning heavy.
It seems that nobody knew the skill [Heater].
No one has ever heard of a skill that can warm a target up nor have they heard of the class mentioned.


What did the priestess say [Heater]’s class was? Burning Heat…? Scorching Heat?


Though I was unfamiliar with the skill, I had an idea of how it worked.
For as long as I can remember, my hands have always been warm.
When I touch ice, not only does my hand remain warm, it even causes the ice to melt.
My hands aren’t sweaty but I’ve noticed that they’ve always been able to stay warm.
This led to my brother making fun of me by calling me ‘kettle girl,’ a nickname I wasn’t fond of.
Perhaps this phenomenon was a manifestation of my skill?


“What kind of skill is that? Perhaps she’s a healer? She can use healing magic, right?” my family asked, still trying to cling to the hope that I can use magic.


But the priestess replied, “No, she is not a healer!” 


Oh, so I’m not a healer.


My last strand of hope was cut instantly.


While I was disappointed, the priestess continued to speak.


“You can cause anything you touch to heat up as much as you want.
Your skill also includes heat detection and heat resistance.
With your skill, you can even withstand flames and blizzards! It’s an ability an ancient dragon would have!” the priestess, perhaps unable to read the atmosphere, starts blabbering on about this absurd skill.


No young maiden would be pleased to hear herself being compared to an ancient dragon!


“Ei! Isn’t her skill just like that of a furnace?! What kind of adult cannot even use magic?!” (Duke Reinhardt) 


“Father is right! What good is an ability to keep things warm?” (Brother 1)


“You are a disgrace to the Reinhardt household!” (Brother 2)


“HAHAHAHAHA! That skill that suits you, kettle girl.” (Brother 3)


My father was furious and my three brothers were scorning me.
My relatives, who learned that I couldn’t use magic, also had sneers on their faces.


Although my three brothers have the worst personalities, all of them excel in magic.
In fact, my eldest brother possesses the skill [Magic Swordsman], a rare and sought-after skill.
The three of them are considered key defenders of the Reese Kingdom.


I kept quiet, unable to think of a retort against my family’s insults.


They were mocking me because I had an unknown skill and was unable to use magic power.


“That’s not true! Yuo-neesama isn’t a disgrace!“ out of nowhere, a girl voiced out.


“Mi-Mirac?!” her name is Mirac Roux[1], a classmate of mine at the Academy of Magic.
For some reason, she calls me neesama even though we aren’t related.


My friends are here! This is so embarrassing!


“Nee-sama is a great person!” she said, and immediately left the temple.
The abruptness of the commotion made.


It is quite awkward.


“Gosh, what’s with that strange girl? Duke, you will have a hard time finding a husband for your daughter who has no magic power.
If I can suggest, I’m quite interested in having her as my wife.” the stalemate was broken once again by a man who couldn’t read the air.


One of his relatives, an old count, thought what he said was funny and laughed.


The man was Count Rogue, one of the most powerful men in the country.
He’s a fat, middle-aged man who’s considerably older than me. 


I don’t want to be taken in by someone like him.


“No need, count.
I have already decided how to deal with my daughter.
From this point onward, this girl has already been disowned by the Reinhardt household.
She will be dispatched as the feudal lord of the frontier territory Yapan.
Although we use the term dispatch, it’s effective as a permanent banishment.” my father looks at me sternly as declared something outrageous.



Banishment to the frontier with no chance of return.


When I came to realize it, it had already been decided that I would be relegated as the feudal lord of a frontier village with less than 100 inhabitants.


I guess they’re just getting rid of the girl with zero magic power.


Despite my lack of magic power, I excelled at martial arts and studied hard in politics.
However, for my father who believed that magic power determined everything, such things were of no value at all.


As I watched my fate being decided against my will, I let out a big sigh, “Aaaaah!”


◇ ◇


“Yuo-ojousama, I will accompany you!”


Something unexpected had happened.
Lara, my personal maid, insisted on going with me.
She’s an excellent maid who can handle all household chores.
She’s also beautiful and has a great sense of style.
Although she’s only been working for our household for a year, we already trust her greatly.
Recently, she was even assigned to assist the head maid who was in poor health.
It would be unwise to refuse such a talented person’s offer.


I refused at once, saying no.


“I appreciate it very much that you wish to accompany me but it won’t be good for you to do so, Lara.
I’m sorry.” (Yuo)


“What are you talking about? Where ojousama is, that’s where I should be! How could you miss this once-in-a-lifetime to break free from your family?” (Lara)


“What do you mean by once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? No matter how you look at it, I’m done for now that I’ve been disowned!” (Yuo)


“It’s! Oh! Kay! Anyway, I’ve already made up my mind.
I’m going to follow you to the ends of the earth.
The truth is, even the other butlers and maids want to follow you too!” Lara shouted vigorously.


She was so determined that I had no choice but to take her with me.
She is usually a cool beauty, but she sometimes gets high-strung and pushy.


“I mean, I was disowned, so I’m not an ojousama anymore.” (Yuo)


“That’s true! Then, from now on I will call you master (goshujinsama)!” (Lara)


“I wasn’t implying that you use another titl–” (Yuo)


“Master!” (Lara)


“Just this once.” (Yuo)


“Yes, ma'am!“ (Lara)


I sighed lightly.
I’m not sure how much more I can argue with someone as enthusiastic as Lara.


After a long deliberation, I allowed Lara to accompany me to the frontier.



On the day of my banishment, I bid my family farewell.
Some of the butlers and maids were teary-eyed.
On the other hand, my father and brothers remained unaffected and nonchalant.


“Listen, you have nothing to do with the Reinhardt household anymore.
You can set up a country and live there permanently for all I care! Yapan is a land that no one cares about anyway!” With these words, my father declared my permanent banishment.
He then gave me a measly amount for travel expenses.


“That’s great.
It’s a remote land no one wants to live!” (Brother 1)


“Lead those country bumpkins to defend themselves until the day they die!” (Brother 2)

“HAHAHAHAHA! Farewell, loser!“ (Brother 3)


Even for our final goodbye, my brothers still chose to curse and make fun of me. 


With their voices behind us, Lara and I left the city together, gnashing our teeth. 


“I’m never gonna forget this moment!” (Yuo)


I don’t care if it’s a remote village or a metropolis, I’m going to build the richest city in the world and create an independent nation or whatever!


My resentment against my father and brothers grew stronger in my heart at that moment.



[1] I think her name is just the word ‘miracle’ since when transliterated it’s Miraku・Ru so I just added a french twist to it.

So she has no magic power but is able to use a skill? It’s a bit confusing but I think it’s safe to assume that her skill is a physiological ability rather than a magical one.
In short, the skill is physical, not magical.
I’ll edit this clarification later if the nature of Yuo’s skill is ever revealed in the later chapters hehe~

Again, if there are errors in the translation, please feel free to comment.
I’m learning as I go.

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