“Come, come! Everyone, come!” (Yuo)


I invited the villagers to the hot spring unveiling.
The purpose of the event is, of course, to cheer the villagers up.
According to my estimations, 70 to 80% of the villagers have some kind of health problem.
Given that fact, just a single fish attack like the one yesterday would’ve caused the village to crumble down. 


Public health is a pressing issue for feudal lords, you know.


We are currently by Noboribetsu Cave.
Lara and I set up a few huts for people to change in and fenced the area for privacy.


“Witch-sama, thank you very much for sharing the killerfish meat with us.
The villagers are feeling so much better thanks to you.
Even grandpa is full!” Hannah walked towards me, shook my hands, and earnestly said her thanks.

T/N: They truly call the great earthfish a killerfish in the raws so I guess that’s that too.


Her complexion is looking better.
Her smile is starting to truly look like that of a beautiful, innocent girl.

Well, it seems like the fish was really nutritious.


“Thank you very much!” the village chief bowed deeply. 


I’m glad you’re happy.


By the way, let’s get down to business.
It’s time to guide everyone to the hot springs.


Most of the villagers farm and hunt for a living so I’m guessing they’re gonna appreciate the hot springs’ healing properties.
Just imagining them taking a breather after a full day’s work is already making me happy.


“Hieeeee! What’s that smell? It’s the first time I’ve smelled something this pungent in the village.” (Sunrise)


… Things aren’t going according to plan.


My expectations were betrayed by the village chief’s outlandish voice.
But I guess it’s natural to react the way he did.
I forgot to warn them about the smell.


“Don’t worry, this smell is very restorative!“ we’re off to a rocky start but I tried to calm them down.


However, the villagers reacted…


“Hieee, what’s that smell?”


“It smells like hell!“


“Restorative? More like toxic, hieeeee!”


That was how things were going.
It was exactly the same as Lara’s reaction. 


It’s okay, you guys will understand once you experience it.


So we started to gradually let people try the hot springs. 


“Come on, everyone, this will heal your fatigue! Just dip your feet for starters! It feels like you’re melting!” (Yuo)


As a feudal lord, it would be best if my people trusted me.
But they didn’t move at all.
Instead, they whispered to each other, hesitating to enter the springs, 


“Melting? She said melting! Witch-sama is asking for a sacrifice!”




“Of course, if we don’t sacrifice someone the village would’ve been destroyed!”


“Witch-sama saved us, we have no choice but to obey!”


Their made-up narrative started to take a more sinister turn.
It seems Lara’s jokes have caused them to misunderstand greatly.
Even the fact that I gave away fish for free is now being framed as something malicious.


“Lara, what now? Rather than gratitude, they feel fear for me now.” naturally, I poked at the source of all gossip, Lara.


I realized they weren’t referring to me as ‘feudal lord’ or ‘young lady’.
They’re fully referring to me as ‘witch-sama’.


Now, which world would have a witch with zero magic power?


“Witch-sama saved my life and gave me food.
My life belongs to witch-sama.
I will sacrifice myself for everyone in the village!“


I was at a loss as to how to calm the villagers down.


Hannah stepped up with a glum face and emotionally said, “No need to sacrifice them, witch-sama.”


Yes, I don’t need a sacrifice.

But you’re misinterpreting this.


“Witch-sama, thank you for being so kind to us in the short span that I knew you.” Hannah smiled solemnly.


No, you’re not gonna melt to death, okay? You’re gonna feel like you’re melting because of satisfaction.


I tried to whisper the truth to her, but she was no longer listening.
She began to pray with a solemn expression on her face.


“Witch-sama, in exchange for my life, I beg you to protect this village.” (Hannah)


She said her ‘last words’ and walked towards the spring with her clothes still on.


Your resolve is noble but you really shouldn’t enter the hot springs with clothes on, Hannah.


“What a noble girl!”

“Hannah, I will never forget your sacrifice!”

“Hannah, I wish I could have sparred with you…”


As Hannah descended into the water, the villagers were all sobbing in tears.
Only Lara and I had dumbfounded expressions on our faces



T/N: Sound of her coming out of the water.


“I’m alive! I’m alive!” a few seconds later, Hannah, who everyone else thought had died emerged from the hot spring.


In a high-pitched voice, she began squealing, ‘I’m alive! I’m alive!’ Well, duh.
I’m not surprised.
The water wasn’t even 50 centimeters deep so the real question is how she even managed to sink.


Despite my multiple clarifications, the villagers looked at Hannah as if she just came back to life.


“Hannah came back to life!”

“It’s Witch-sama’s miracle!”

“Hannah, I didn’t actually want to spar with you!”


I told you all but no one believed me!


“… Witch-sama, this water has a stench but it feels so good! It feels like my body and soul are melting in the water!” Hannah exclaimed from the center of the hot spring.

She started to tell the other villagers how good the spring water felt.


Hey, don’t disrespect the spring’s smell!


“She’s alive! And I hear it feels good!”


“Is that true? I really thought if anyone got into that pool they would melt and die.”


“Ugh, it still smells bad though.”


The villagers were still half-convinced and uttered words of bewilderment but one man silenced them with a single sentence, “All right, I’ll go in and see if it’s true.”


It was the village chief-ojiisan.
Due to his poor health, the villagers had to assist him.
He slowly stepped into the hot spring with a curious expression on his face, still wearing his clothes.


You’re really supposed to take your clothes off before entering the spring.


Well, getting naked in front of a crowd does feel weird so we’re gonna have to finalize hot spring etiquette.
We’d also have to make pictures to aid the instruction so even illiterate villagers could still understand.


“… I see, I see.“ (Village chief)


If it were me, I would have exclaimed how good it felt just stepping into the water but the village chief only mumbled his reaction.
I wonder if it’s just because of his patience.
As people always say, one becomes more tolerant of things with age.


“Hmm, this is… this is nice” in no time, the village chief was already swimming around, relaxingly floating on his back.


It’s complicated but surprisingly looks comfortable.
I’ll try that next time.


After enjoying the hot spring for a bit, the village chief got out of the water and said to himself, ”……What’s going on here?


“Hey, something’s different…”


“That’s the village chief, right?“


All the villagers were confused.
The village chief’s normally hunched posture was surprisingly straightened.
Before he entered the hot spring, he was barely able to walk without assistance.
But now, his posture is straight and has a firm stance.


“Grandpa, he can walk by himself!” Hannah, his granddaughter, exclaimed in surprise.


I don’t know if it’s the power of the hot springs, but the village chief’s legs seem to have healed a bit.


“It’s a miracle! The witch performed a miracle!”


“Was that strange smell the smell of a miracle?”


The villagers were astonished to see the village chief suddenly start walking.
They interpreted the smell of the hot spring in a strange way, I don’t understand it either.


“How did the village chief’s legs even get healed?”


“Thank you so much, witch-sama!” the village chief, soaking wet, got down on his knees and thanked me on the spot.


No, no, no, it’s not that big a deal.
It was really just a coincidence.

‘Hmm, now all of you finally understand how great master is.
Well then, please help us develop the hot springs starting tomorrow.
Developing the springs will benefit all the residents anyway.” (Lara)


“Understood! For witch-sama, please let me do it.” (Village chief)


“Let’s do it!” Lara forcefully wrapped the conversation up.


No, this isn’t right!

I’m not a witch!

I don’t even have any magic power!


I tried to raise my voice in protest but it was drowned out by cheers of, “Hooray, witch-sama!”


I’m glad the villagers know of the hot springs now, but Lara’s taking things to another level.


“I’ll do anything for master!” Lara says this with a smile.


I appreciate how earnest she is but it’s kinda…




The translations are subpar for this chapter.
It’s quite long and I’m very sleepy.
I’ll try to edit this at a later time.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and any corrections are greatly appreciated, just refer to the corrections panel on the navigation bar.


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