It was finally the last stage.




It took ten years to get here.


The tower was too high and humans were too weak.


The number of hunters who gave up their lives to get here exceeded seven thousands.


[The is going crazy with the strong smell of blood!]


[The ] pats you online.]


[The sends you enticing support!]


All of the guild members died and the only one left was the last survivor and the last S-class hunter, Kim Young.
She was the only one.


‘If I fall behind here, it would be a useless death.
I have to break this again.’


I can’t go through that again! I can’t go back! It’s already the 58th time I’ve returned!


‘Please go home, Lee Young.


She had memorized the pattern now.
She had memorized the attack pattern so much that it came out in her dreams. 


Lastly, Lee Young organized the attack pattern on the floor.


[The expresses regret, saying that you are finally returning to the original world.]


“I should go home, too, Sister.”


[The is crying.]


“We’ve seen each other for 70 years, haven’t we seen each other enough? Stop looking at me.
Why are you crying?”


 [The criticizes you for saying such a thing.]


 “No, we’re old now.
Let’s go home after the possession.


My dog is waiting for me.
My Maltese, Cerberus, must be waiting for me anxiously.”


It must be. 


In fact, Kim Young, an S-class hunter, was possessed by a novel called ‘S-class Hunter Gets Stronger as She Regresses’.


At first, she didn’t believe it herself.
I’m… I’m an S-class Hunter?


On the day she took the civil service exam in Korea, studied for 4 years and 7 months, and finally passed the exam and went out to eat,


Lee Young was dead.


Because of a drunk driving car.


 And she was possessing it.
A novel she had read during her four years and seven months of college entrance exam.


‘At first, it was fun to be an S-class Hunter and be the munchkin main character.’


Even the unbreakable dungeon could break if Lee Young touched it.


It was because Lee Young’s ability was ‘regression’.
Therefore, she was able to become a munchkin with the knowledge she had learned directly while regressing in the novel.


Not only that, she also stole all the Constellations from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, and signed a contract herself. 


“Then so what? I can’t beat the final boss!’


“Status window.”


Name: Kim Young


Belonging to: Korean Guild [Herang]


Fame: ∞


Title: , , , , …(See more)




Power: Unmeasurable


Agility: Unmeasurable


Strength: Unmeasurable


Wisdom: Unmeasurable


Luck: -999


[Contracted Constellation]



Current Available Skills: LV.999, LV.999, LV.999, LV.999, LV.
999, … (more)




Current Available Skills: LV.999, LV.999, <—- Summon> LV.999, … (more)



Current Available Skills: LV.999, LV.999, LV.999, “The Gates of Gehenna” LV.999, < Belial’s Whispers> LV.999, LV.999, … (more)


[This is the status window on page 78.
Do you want to see more?]


Even with these cheat stats, Lee Young never beat the final boss.


Because the black screen and final boss of this novel, the , was too strong.


There were no weaknesses and attack patterns, so there was no way to attack.


‘Because the writer doesn’t even write the ending, I don’t know how to clear it.’


That bully writer! If you’re going to make the story that fun, at least finish it!


“Don’t see more.
Next, quest window.”


[Quest Window]



Clear the last floor of the tower.


Clear condition: The demise of the


Clear reward: End of the possession.
Return to the original world


“End of the quest window.”


It was the last quest.


If she finished this quest, she could go home and live a peaceful life again.


There was no need to fight a monster with 100 tentacles and a disaster with 10,000 eyes.


She could live a life where all she needed to do was fall asleep while kissing the back of her dog.


[The points out that the dog will not be aware that it is waiting because you will return to your original time when the possession is over.]


“Yes, I’m the one waiting.
I’m dying to see my dog.”


[The tempts you into dreaming the dog over a hundred times more.]


“Stop seducing me!”


[The suggests that he can be a dog.]


“Are you crazy? Really.
Aren’t you too old for this, Grandfather?”


[The strongly complains that he’s not a grandfather because his body is half-romantic.]


“What are you saying? I’m already over 500 years old, by the way.
Grandpa is over 5,000 years old.”


[The strongly agrees]


[The giggles and laughs]


[The turns around, telling you to clear it quickly.]


“Okay, let’s just clear it.
It’s our 58th time trying this stage.


I can’t put it off any longer.
My eternal rest.”


[The nods bitterly.]


[The pouts his lips.]


[The sheds tears again.]


“Gate open.”


[The Tower’s Last Stage, Boss, the

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