”Oh my God, am bleeding, am bleeding, someone stop the bleeding, am gonna die, am **ing gonna die ”

Derrick stupidly started screaming because of a graze, and completely forgot who he wanted to impress a few seconds ago

” ”Are you for real, you are screaming because of a graze, who is this fool? ” ”

Derrick looked dumbfounded at the rambling of the girl, who he wanted to impress just a moment ago

”You are the fool, your whole family is a fool, this is your mess and am just getting involved in this ”

Derrick knew he was over reacting but he couldn help but feel that way

At this moment the orc attacked again

Water Barrier a barrier made of water stopped the momentum of the axe but couldn completely stop the axe

Water Clone a clone was formed in place of Derrick and was literally cut in two, even the earth was split into two

Derrick appeared behind the orc and continued his spells

Air Barrage hundreds of baseball looking air was formed with a swoosh sound, they flew at a very high speed towards the orc, each air ball was as strong as a baseball that was thrown at a very high speed

Countless air balls were hitting the orc giving it no space to move and make a counter

”This is for my **ing shoulder, u over grown toad ”

The orc was struggling and was being injured all over, but it was also regenerating

Derrick was in a state of shock this orc could regenerate, is this due to the mana?, well I don know much about monsters

Meanwhile the girl was watching everything with her mouth agape, she was wondering if this moron is really a moron or was just an actor behaving like a moron

She has been fighting the orc and knew how hard it was to even get a direct hit at the orc but now a kid her age is winning the fight

She felt giddy and began screaming behind Derrick

” ”Beat that **ing bastard, yes hit him, kill him ” ”

Derrick was just looking at the girl loss for words, does this girl think I have unlimited mana, although I don think I have even used my mana cause I don feel anything, but this spell can kill the orc, I think she can see the orc regenerating and the spell weakening

Derrick eyes squinted he felt mana pulsation coming towards them, and they are all monsters mana, due to how dark their mana feels

”We have to get out of here ”

Derrick said without waiting for an answer grabbed the girl and put her on his shoulder like he was carrying a lump of sack

Air Leap air sorrounded Derricks feat and he felt lighter, he ran without looking back and they were gone from there in almost 4 seconds, during this time the air barrage spell finally stopped and the orc squinted at the two retreating silhouette, but decided not to give chase

Air Leap was a spell Derrick created incase he was in a pinch and could only run away in such a situation

The girl on Derrick shoulder was a bit confused and felt like the night has been a rollercoaster

This idiot can double cast, that was something elder mages upwards could only do

Is he an elder mage, no thats not possible if he was the orc would have been dead

And we wouldn be running, but his spells are already astounding and he can use two attributes, he is an idiot but a talented one

”Idiot, where are we going? and could you carry me a little bit in a comfortable position am not a bag of salt and am injured ”

The girl was asking Derrick

”Your injuries are not light but not also serious, and you are heavy am already dying carrying you like this, do you want me to drop dead if I change the position? ”

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