”What am I even doing, what made me want to come out side, it seems I was bored and needed friends but why would I do something on an impulse this unlike me, the surrounding feels scary, where the hell have I wandered to ”

Derrick was on high alert as he was walking through a flat plane with trees all around and the air was chilling, and he looked grim.

A rebellious phase has gotten him into trouble now he was lost, not knowing if he was going deeper or leaving the forest.

Due to the thickness of the trees he finally noticed he was in a forest not anywhere close to the village, he made a little light ball with his magic, well in a forest where there is light there is bound to be visitors, the light was little but it was a beacon to monsters, Derrick felt the air change and he heard sounds of footsteps that sounded like beast running towards his direction, he immediately stopped the spell and ran towards the opposite direction, he was going in circles but he didn care as long as he didn get to meet monsters

But that was a pipe dream in the dark forest, he was at the outer part of the forest so monsters weren much out there but he encountered a reptile type of monster

The reptile looked like a huge snake with limbs, it was walking on the ground like a lizard, it was green and its head was really ugly, it keeps bringing out its tongue and taking it back like an actual snake

Derrick wanted to escape but the escape route was in front of the monster and behind him was monsters.

Derrick unconsciously created a skill mana detection due to the pressure he was in now, he could vaguely feel up to hundreds of mana pulsation and that was for monster with mana.

For the first time in his life, he was in danger due to his stubbornness and being rebellious

I am screwed, the spells I know are for escaping and fighting in a pinch, I guess am in a pinch right now

”It seems you won be waiting for me you ugly green lizard ”

With that the reptile spat an acid towards Derrick, huh so slow Derrick thought how is this monster so slow

Water arrow, the arrow formed through water hit one of the limbs of the monster, but it only grazed it, his is bad okay lets try something else

Air barrage, there was a stream of air balls that were formed about a hundred of them, due to his talent with the air attribute, he has learned more powerful spells with the air attribute than the water attribute

The air barrage was in a form of a baseball and there were about a hundred and were rapidly shooting towards the reptile like monster

The barrage was so much the monster lost one of its limbs and its tail with the continuous barrage of air.

Derrick was on a roll, he was thinking about how to make the spell grow stronger and wasn even thinking about the monster anymore

Before Derrick knew it, he was getting distracted in a fight but Derrick was on alert the monster slashed at Derrick, water clone, the body turned into water and Derrick showed up on the other side of the monster and ran.

”This stupid monster am not ready to fight you, when there are many monsters on my tail, I think have lost most of them ”

Derrick was moving at a very quiet pace in order for him not to attract any other monster in the vicinity

Derrick was going through the forest and the trees were reducing, due to mana detection he learned that most monsters are at the other side of the forest

After a while Derrick heard noises a fight, he didn know who was fighting but there were two mana pulsation through detection, one mana was unstable, while the other was a bit dark.

Derrick peeked his head from one of the trees to look at what was happening

There he saw an orc and a girl his age, who was injured on her head and leg

The orc was smiling menacing, like it had already caught its prey

Derrick was looking around if there was more than one orc or there were goblins around, because from what he heard most monsters like orcs and goblins hardly move alone and he is not about to risk getting killed.

Most goblins and orcs don have mana, so this one was a bit different

”Why am I feeling mana from an orc, could it shoot fire, or does it use other spells, if I keep on thinking that girl might lose her life ”

”Hey are you still alive ”

Derrick asked why coming out from the tree he hid before

”Who are you? ”

The girl asked

”Get out of here and leave me if you don want to die too ”

I have to act cool in front of this girl, lets see what should I say

”Have no fear young maiden, I Derrick Dark will save you ”

That was kinda awkward, what am I even saying

During their dialogue, the orc had already picked its battle axe and swung right at Derrick

Water clone

Derrick escaped but the axe grazed him on the shoulder which began to bled he was injured..

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