The chubby little boy swaggered into the shop like he owns the place literally

The female attendant bowed to him, saying young master welcome to the stellar shop, how can we help you today, it seems this chubby brat was a regular at this shop, what a peculiar name, the stellar shop it seems she doesn want to reprimand him for the statement he made earlier and was even shamelessly fawning over him, well it seems money rules the world, in every world.

But if both of them knew I was a noble they would be playing a different tone, ahh lets just forget it

Uncle Phill was getting angry and casually stroked his sword

Derrick was sweating bullets, this is not why am here

”Uncle Phill forget it, is true I didn bring enough money with me to buy anything here, lets just leave ”

”Running away, I think thats good, don act rich when you are not, my father is the biggest merchant in the Dark territory so am swimming in money, I could lend some to you, that is if you get on your four limbs and bark like a dog ”

Who is this idiot a word from my father and this idiot could kiss his fathers wealth in the Dark territory good bye

”Whatever lets just go uncle Phill, the other guard with uncle Phill ”

The chubby idiot was still speaking even when there were leaving, the other guard couldn take anymore when they left and asked

”Young master, we could have beaten that kid into a pump if we wanted to, why did you decide not to ”

”Thats troublesome, I didn want that and he doesn know me, my birthdays have been held private, and I can trouble my father the first time am out of the mansion it wouldn look good now would it ”

Hmm but a little punch on that face wouldn sound so bad

Well after walking a while the sun was setting they all decided to go back

The mansion was a bit rowdy don know why, Derrick casually asked one of the maids what was happening, she only said guest that were supposed to be here today didn arrive and they didn get a letter that they wouldn be coming again

That seems odd I wonder where father is

I went to the study only to stop at the door, I heard voices father and mother arguing about searching for the guest

I knocked to stopped the argument, I heard my father a bit raspy voice, enter

”Father, mother I am back from my outing ”

”How was it dear, did you have fun, did you get hurt, did anybody give you a hard time ”

”Slow down mother, it was fine, I had fun, nobody gave me a hard time, but the villagers seems to be scared of me ”

”That should be the case, you are a noble dear and you can be associating yourself with the pheasant ”

”But why mother? ”

”Thats enough boy the pheasant are people we should protect and rule over, we are not meant to associate with them, it would only get them in trouble and stain our noble name ”

”I understand father, I would like to take my leave ”

”Son, don look so glum, don worry I will take you to the next nobles gathering so that you can have friends your age without any restriction ”

”Alright mother, thank you ”

”You may leave now ”

”Yes father ”

With that Derrick took his leave from his fathers study but felt a little rebellious for once in his new life!!

He went back to his room, changed to the pheasant clothes he bought this morning and covered his red signature hair.

He left his room and was trying to sneak out of the mansion, when he got to the gates he was caught

”How dare you block my path, don you know who you are talking to ”

A regular guard at the door was slightly taken aback knowing his young master is usually meek and easy to relate with, this was a new side of him

”I am sorry young master, but you ain permitted to leave the mansion without the surveillance of a guard ”

”So you want to block my path, let see you try ”

Derrick ran through the gate but there was nothing the guard could do, he couldn actually use force to stop the young master of the house, he only sent word to the Baron that the young master has left the mansion

Our little young master ran it was getting late and the sky was getting a bit dark, our young master couldn remember the path to the village anymore due to the sky getting dark and was heading to the wrong direction, the direction of the dark forest..

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