The Rulers World

Going Outside 2

Derrick met his father Baron Dark about wanting to see how the territory was like and venturing outside the mansion.

Baron Dark wasn against it infact he welcomed it, knowing fully well that his son as been cooped up in the mansion for several years, he hasn even step foot outside the mansion, even when there were visitors he was still in his room never coming out, he didn have friends his age, neither does he have any one he talks to that much apart from his personal maid.

Both Baron Dark and his wife wanted to look for a fiancee for their son, but changed their mind due to the character of the boy and could only wait for him to open up and decide to venture out.

Although this was not the best time due to the activities of the monsters and an Earl and his family that would be visiting, I wouldn say visiting but on an expenditure to the dark forest, they were in search of a particular monster core, the ferry wolves, they can be used to sustain unstable mana flow of water and ice attributes, I don know whose mana went berserk and gotten unstable within the Earls family, but we must prepare to welcome them.

So this is a bad time to leave the mansion but Baron Dark doesn want to let Derrick change his mind so he agreed to it but with about 10 of the best guards of the mansion.

The leader of the guards was called Phill, he was as bulky as Baron Dark, he looks like the oldest guard here, he looks stern but he is the most powerful guard under the Baron family only second to the Baron himself, and was the most oldest and loyal one he served the old Baron before he continued his services for the current Baron, even Derrick knows him well and often calls him uncle Phill.

Father there is no need to bother uncle Phill for this matter am just heading to town and 10 guards feels too much

”Young master, I don mind accompanying you, this would be your first time outside the Darks mansion and it would be an honor for me to accompany you ”

”Alright if you say so uncle Phill, we would head out when everyone is ready, but father uncle Phill and one more guard would be enough ”

”Alright son, an extra guard with Phill ”

After a while Derrick and the guards left the mansion, Derrick stepped out of the mansion for the first time since he was born, he was a bit excited, Phill was leading the group due to the fact he was the eldest and strongest there and the young master doesn know anything outside the mansion

The scenery was all greeny and the air was pure for a territory that was called the Dark territory it was a beautiful sight to behold

The stoney path was a bit rough to pass but it wasn that hard and Phill was boasting how developed the dark kingdom was to other territories, in about 15minutes they got to the village, the atmosphere was lively, Derrick knew his father was a good ruler but never saw for himself, the buildings were made strong, the people were buzzing and merry chatting amongst themselves and anyone didn know who the young master was, but he brought attention to everywhere he went, due to how handsome he was and some of the villagers knew who uncle Phill was but they were all speculating who the young master was, but they were all pheasants and non of them had the guts to approach a noble or some one speculated to be a noble.

Derrick approached them thou but his clothes were practically screaming nobility and with the kind of face he got, the pheasants were scared to approach him or even look at him.

Uncle Phill grim face made things worse due to his vigilance, Derrick excitement died down, he now remembered how this world worked the nobles were above and the pheasant were below although he was trying to befriend them non of them had the guts to even speak to him.

I have to sneak out of the mansion and dress normally for me to speak with these people, but lets just enjoy the scenery for now, he went to the market place and saw lot of foods sold in stalls, his eyes were sparkling for a boy who was instilled with noble etiquette since he was born, he never really ate more but till he was full and could only excuse himself

He went from stall to stall picking things to eat, not even knowing what they were but just knowing they were food.

After stuffing his face some were to his liking some he threw away, as he was walking he got to a porch store it looks really well made he entered.

The lady saluted with a bow, it seems she was taught how to serve with etiquette, ”how may we help you young master? ” she said with a polite smile, she was dressed in a suit, with a short skirt, her brown hair was tied backward in a bun, she looked okay compared to the rest of the villagers, she stood out from them

”What do you sell here? ”

”We sell all kind of things, we sell magic weapons, core stones, magic scrolls, spell books, ecetera ”

”Could I ask what kind of spell books do you have? ”

”We mostly have basic spell books and intermediate ”

Just basic and intermediate well that could do for now, mom only gave me those too

”How much were they and which attributes ”

”We have the fire attribute, light attribute, air attribute, water attribute, earth attribute and dark attribute, the basic ones cost 500 gold coins and the intermediate cost 1500 gold coins ”

You must be kidding me, they are **ing expensive I couldn afford them, I was given 50 gold and have only spent one gold coin since I came into town, I thought I was really rich

”Thats really good, but unfortunately I will come for it another time, I don have much on me to get it ”

”What a country bumpkin, swagging into the store as if he could afford anything here ”

A boy that was of the same height with Derrick said so sneering, his clothes were practically screaming money, he wore jewelries all over, he was a bit chubby, with his short dark hair, his dark eyes

Who the hell is this? Derrick thought.

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