The Rulers World

Going Forward 2

”Where am I? How did I get here? ” Derrick was running for his life, he was in a forest were there were thick trees all around, the air was quite eriee, the surroundings looks scary due to the shadows cast around by the trees, the sun has already set and towering monsters all over, he was being chased by what seems to be an orc.

”What! damn it this short legs aren taking me anywhere, thats an orc right, it was 2 times the size of an adult human, with thick bodies that could smash bricks to pieces, how the hell did I end up in the Dark forest, move this little things, damn why does all these always happens to me, I was on my bed a moment ago, now am waking up in a forest! am I gonna die the second time, that can be I haven lived my life here to the fullest I want to enjoy it as much as possible ”

Derrick ran but couldn outrun orcs, a kid trying to run away from a monster four times his size was pure laughable.

The orc was laughing and sneering not even bothering to give a serious chase

”am gonna die, am gonna die, am **ing gonna die, I should have at least learnt how to shoot flames from my hands, that would be cool, oh my mother am I gonna lose my family again please for the first time I don want to die ”.

After saying so Derrick woke up, he looked around and saw that he was still in his room in the Darks mansion, Derrick unknowingly started tearing up, ”for me to protect this peace of mine I must get stronger, I felt helpless in that dream, I can believe a situation like that might not happen looking at the world, that has monsters,mages, warriors, I need to learn magic in other for me to protect this peace and live a stress free life ”.

Derrick got up and continue the breathing exercise, in other to know how to control magic, it wasn that he couldn before but wasn motivated into learning it now, he had a reason to.

After about five minutes Derrick started feeling a warm sensation, with his imagination the fluctuation got stronger then it stopped then the feeling changed to cold, then it changed to a light breeze, it changed to light which made a little glow, then to gravity which made his body feel heavy, it finally changed into a shocking fluctuation before it stopped.

”Hmm whats all these, it wasn written in the book mom gave me, it seems that I have more than one attribute.

This might be curse, I only did a little breathing, and am feeling mana fluctuation of different attributes, I don want any male lead halo, I better not get caught, my parents might do something that won be needed at all,

I better learn just the water attributes styles, what am I even saying thats only option left for me, the water attribute is the only magic book available ”

Mana pool, this determines the amount of mana one can use during a time, there is no sure way to calculate your mana pool except during a fight, the average mage has a mana pool that can last up to an hour, while the best mage could last up to sixteen hours depending on the spells used in a fight.

We have different level of spells, which has different stages of mages can use, if u use a spell above your stage it might drain all your mana in a single moment, but spells used according to your stage would last you in battle, every mage is advised not to empty his/her mana pool, as it would lead to being bedridden.

”hmm so this is the introduction of magic, the mage classes, okay lets open the part about spells ”.

Derrick was so concentrated that he failed to notice that his mother Miranda was at the door smiling at him, she was a bit worried that Derrick wanted to do nothing and just wanted to laze around all day, but she doesn feel any need to reprimand him if that was his choice but she still felt happy, when she saw that her son has started to take learning magic seriously because in the Dark territory he should be safe but outside the territory or the Dark castle walls, he is no longer safe and can only look after himself.

She wanted to have a heart to heart talk with her son before, and just see reasons with him but if he doesn want to do anything to change, she would support him but there was no need to do that anymore, because her son is looking upright now and that is a good news.

She and Baron Dark have been busy with the monsters that were leaking out of the dark forest, and she hasn had much time staying with her baby, the forest has been a little more active this few years although they were thoroughly dealt with.

There were mainly orcs and goblins so they were easily dealt with but if stronger monsters start coming we would need to send for assistance from the Archduke, or the duke of the Eastern territory, Miranda was a bit scared of whats to come because the forest is a zone you cannot enter apart from the outer territory of the forest, and if you are even stronger you can at least reach the middle part of the forest before being killed off, groups usually die one by one so the forest is usually off limits to the people except the nobles.

Meanwhile in the dark forest, there was at least a thousand orcs ten thousand goblins and one orc lord, probing the human territory and buying their time on the best time to strike!!!!

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