The Rulers World

Going Forward

Derrick has been growing steadily sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, when he gets bored he begins to cry to seek attention, or when he soils himself and need to be cleaned.

When his mother Miranda, was busy the servants would take care of him, and often tells him stories about the Dark territory.

The Dark territory, was a small territory in the Eastern border in the empire of ”Falzia ”, located in the continent of Accantria ”

The lord of the Eastern territories was Archduke Falca, he rules the whole eastern borders but each part has its own territory.

The Dark territory is located at the most extreme part of the eastern territory, were most monsters roam about a large dark forest which seems to have no end separating it from another continent.

The Dark territory is often left alone, and mostly only sees visitors, if there were monsters rampage or adventurers wanting monsters cores, although there have been major monsters stampede in every few centuries, its relatively peaceful.

The people here are majorly hunters and farmers, they live a peaceful life due to the good leadership and governance of the Baron, even thou the Baron title, as a noble is the very last in the totem of heirarchy, they were still nobles that have their own lands and people they care for.

The rule of Baron Dark was a very favourable one, they usually get refugees yearly due to that, most of the part of the land of the Dark territory has been cultivated and the land was booming well .

The nobles hierarchy goes from the top to the bottom like this, the King, the Archdukes, the Dukes, the Marqueness, the Earls, the Viscounts and finally the Barons.

There are currently 5 Archdukes in all of Falzia, they are located in every part of the kingdom of Falzia, one is located in the Eastern border, Southern border, Northern border, Western border and the Central border.

Young Derrick, was just listening with child curiosity but he was delighted about the information, ”oh!!! no disturbance from the royalty, like every damn pre-historical fiction stories have read, but there was still the issue of hierarchy, but it seems the Dark territory is left alone due to its location, easy free life here I come ”

”Nobody is gonna take my easy, stress free life away from me this time around mua hahaha ”.

The maids looking after him, were amused by the sight of a 3months old baby, whose eyes were glowing and was giggling to himself, after they told their narration, which sounded like a story.

They were a bit confused, was what they said funny to the child, he is a good boy and doesn cry often due to the busy schedule of his parents, the maids were always with him but his mother comes for him every time when she is free.

As time pass by Derrick grew older and he was now a year old, and found out there were warriors and mages in this world.

After all the many fantasy novels he has read, this wasn really surprising for him.

Derrick was interested in magic but he didn know where to start from, he has started walking but hasn been able to speak.

As the years continue to pass by, Derrick was now three years old, and could now speak properly, and as such he was fascinated with magic, it seem his father the Baron was a strong warrior and, Miranda Dark was a strong water mage.

Derrick learnt that he has a strong talent in becoming a mage, due to his mothers evaluation of him.

”This must be from my mothers side, he took the features of his father, red hair, brown eyes, chiselled face, but a bit petite body, unlike his father, he looks really handsome like one of those idols in popular dramas but took the talent of his mother in being a mage.

”I want to be a mage create water, create air, shoot flames and just relax ”.

Well our male lead is kinda stupid I should say, the worse way to live a peaceful life is gaining power and now he just wants to shoot flames from his hands.

Due to the fact that her son was interested in being a mage, Mrs Dark gave him all the magic books, that was meant for beginners, the ones she had with her to Derrick, and both the Baron and his wife even wanted to hire one of the best tutors in the Dark territory to tutor him, but Derrick refused saying it was only a hobby, and that he wasn interested in being a powerful mage.

The first book he received was the introduction of mages, how they can perceive mana and how they can control the flow of mana, to do the things that mages do like the magic they manifest.

There are ten stages in being a mage, the first stage was apprentice mage, the second stage was senior apprentice, the third stage is intermediate mage, fourth stage senior mage, the fifth stage is elder mage, the sixth stage is grand mage, the seventh stage is the blood mage, the eight, nine and ten stages were myths, Mrs Dark was an elder water mage, one of the most powerful mages in the Eastern territory.

Derrick was confused how can he perceive mana, how does one perceive mana, you control your breathing and feel the fluctuation of the mana and give life to the imagination of your attributes..

”This is terrible who gives an explanation like this feel which fluctuation, fluctuation your head, well lets try and breathe ”

Fifteen seconds later.

”I am tired I am not cut out for work, my room is large, I live in a mansion although is in the medieval ages, it still looks really good, I have a strong father and a strong mother, the soldiers are also strong, what could go wrong ”.

Although Derrick only started studying magic for fun he gave up fifteen seconds later..

Due to the love his parents have for him, he was left to do anything he wanted, giving him the illusion that nothing could go wrong, although it might be he was too young for his parents to start worrying about his future, or they just wanted him to be happy nobody knew, but our young master who is three years old only eats and sleeps.

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