It was a cold winter, February was just starting, valentine day was fast approaching and young couples were showering each other with love.

”They could all be smashed by meteor rocks for all I care. ” The grumpy middle aged man said while feeling depressed

”I am all alone sleeping in my little apartment ”

He was your normal average 32years old salary man you see everyday, working most of the time and after working hours while being under payed too

”I was tired I felt bitter, I had no family, just me my small apartment and my annoying coworkers and useless boss.

Well I slept off that day after working for several hours as I just got to my apartment, I fell on the bed and dozed off. ”

The man kept on complaining as if the world was against him.

After waking up I felt extremely weak, what is this? the middle aged man thought

Even if I am tired that doesn mean I couldn move or even open my eyes.

I started hearing voices, its a baby boy, ”congratulations Mrs Dark ”, a female voice said

What the ** was happening? he thought to himself.

Suddenly there was a paa paa sound, which sounded like someone hitting something

I felt pain on my butt woah someone is spanking me, I opened my mouth only to hear the cries of a baby ”uwaa ” ”uwaa ”.

Did I just become a baby? my body feels so small and weak I can even open my eyes.

” ”Did I just die in my sleep? ” ”

This was the house of the Baron family the Darks, they own a little piece of land, which was their own territory and a bit of money.

The family was in a joyous atmosphere because the madam of the family just gave birth to a baby boy!!

The household was lively, due to the celebration going on, the Sir and Madam have been wanting a child for quite sometime now, the madam has already gotten two miscarriages, which has left the household in a gloomy atmosphere and finally the birth of this child was like prayers answered to the whole household, especially the Darks.

The Baron and his wife were extremely happy on the joyous occasion, the child in question was in a little bed trying to stay awake, but the baby in him has already taken over and he fell asleep after being breast fed, the breast feeding was war for the little Dark, who was newly born and as such he couldn see clearly yet, but he could still see the outline of the breast being brought to his mouth, he protested a bit at the beginning, only to calm down when the breast was shoved into his mouth, after the feeding he became extremely tired and went back to bed.

The Barons wife Mrs Dark Miranda was a bit absent minded her beautiful dark hair was swaying, and her plump red lips were parting and closing she was in deep thought,

”What are you thinking about my dear wife ” said a man who was a little bulky, tall, with red hair, and blue eyes, his face was chiselled and he look handsome and domineering, this man was Baron Dark Stan, he was usually known as Mr Dark or Baron Dark.

”I am just thinking of the name we should give our little baby, he is so cute I haven thought of a name for him yet ” Mrs Dark answered while looking up to her husband.

”Don worry dear I have thought of one for him, he will be a great ruler so I will name him Derrick ” Baron Dark answered his wife.

”Derrick Dark, thats a nice name dear I love it my son would be named Derrick ” Mrs Dark replied with a giggle

And this is a story of a child who would become a ruler, Derrick Dark..

Derrick woke up a little early, not knowing he already has a name, not that he cares as of now he felt pressed, but the little babys body didn even held on and let everything out of his body he started crying when the servants and the mother came to check up on the baby, only to see he has soiled himself and so he was cleaned up.

Derrick eyes were now open and a little clearer, he could now see the woman who gave birth to him, the mother he now had, he was giggling to himself seeing her beautiful face, dark hair, brown eyes, plump red lips, she looked more beautiful than those idols he saw on TV.

He has already gotten used to breast feeding after the first day, he no longer felt reluctant about being breast fed!!

The main issue now is, he has been reincarnated thats what he now understood, but the problem is he was neither hit by a truck or summoned, so why was he here, he just slept after work or did he die from over working?.

And it looks like there is nothing like a system that would determine how I will live my life, this is good Derrick thought

In this life am gonna have an easy going life without working and live a very quiet peaceful enjoyable life my family looks loaded so I think I would be fine living an enjoyable peaceful life

Little did Derrick know life has a lot in store for him…

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