” ”You are saying am heavy, a beautiful maiden like me heavy, I would forgive you for everything else but not this, if you don apologize you are going to lose your head ” ”

Derrick had no idea what this little brat was spouting

Instead of this girl to thank me, she is threatening me, should I throw her back to were I found her?

Derrick thought, he looked at the girl and shook his head, it was just a thought and not something he would actually do

”I am sorry, I am a kid like you thats why I said you were heavy, I have been fighting and I didn know I would be carrying baggage along with me ”

I just want to get rid of these girl, am tired of her rambling, is almost morning and I could soon get back home

” ”Did you just call me baggage? ” ”

” ”You should be counting yourself lucky that you are the first boy to ever touch me, I am the rose of the Earl family ” ”

”What do you mean by the rose of the earl family, do you think I could even see your features clearly due to the dark environment, we can stop here, we are a long way from the orc, how are your injuries? ”

Derrick said dropping the girl on the floor, he was exhausted some one who barely exercise, was running a marathon, when the adrenaline of death had stopped, he felt all the ache in his body

His body has started hurting all over, and he want nothing more than to go to bed and sleep off, but he knew he wasn out of danger yet

” ”My injuries are not serious, but I hope they won leave a scar due to the amount of time it was left untreated ” ”

Derrick thought of something, he was speculating if he should help or not, he has already done enough for some one he doesn really know

Light Heal light covered the fingers of Derrick and he placed it on the injuries of the girl, he started with the forehead

The injuries were extremely slow in closing, as if it was a snail crawling, but after some time all the injuries were closed off

But this spell couldn be used on emergency injuries due to the fact that it was extremely slow

” ”How many attributes do you have? ” ”

The first thing that came out from this girls mouth wasn a thank you but a question

Derrick ignored the girl and sighed

I should have known this brat can express gratitude and she is feeling like everything she is receiving is her right, where was that selfless girl?, who told me to leave when I came to save her, am exhausted

Meanwhile the girls mind was on a rollercoaster

Who is this boy, only the talented of the talented could have 3 and 4 attributes, and those who can already use them at his age were close to non, the only exception is the growth of the attribute from water to ice, from fire to lava, but there are few with more attributes

” ”Hey you haven answered my question ” ”

she said pouting

”Why should I answer your question? am I obligated to answer you? ”

”Look around you, the trees have already reduced considerably, I think we are already out of the forest and when the day gets bright, we will go our separate ways ”

Derrick said while lying on a grass on the floor without looking at her, his back facing her

” ”What do you mean go our separate ways, you would have to take me to your home, I don know anyone here ” ”

she said in a very displeased tone

Does this girl have a screw lose somewhere, we don even know each others names, and you want to follow me home, I guess she is crazy

Derrick thought and finally replied her

”Do you even know me? what do you mean I should take you home, weren you thought not to follow strangers ”

Derrick berated the girl, and felt a little pleased doing so, this girl has been nothing but trouble since they meant, and now she wants to follow him home, he wouldn agree to something like that

” ”You already saved me, so you aren a bad person, whats the worse you could do to me, if you left me back there, then I would have been in hell by now ” ”

she said, while feeling glum

”Oh you can praise me more, you should be kind to your savior and say a word of thanks ”

Derrick was in a good mood after the praise, while the girl was looking at him like a moron, due to the dark atmosphere, their facial expressions and their faces weren clear, even the colour of their hair, they could only see the silhouette of each other, the shape and nothing more

” ”I am sorry and thank you ” ” the girl said choking on her tears, Derrick was touched and assured her that he would protect her and take her home

This guy would be fooled on the outside world, what a moron but he is a likeable moron, I hope everyone is fine and not looking for me, I got lost due to impatient of my unstable mana, I left the carriage and went to the dark forest almost losing my life, if it weren for this idiot, I would already be dead or worse

The girl thought before she joined him on the grass floor, both of them faced the opposite side of each other..

Both of them rested but who in their right mind would fall asleep at the entrance of the dark forest

Derrick was on high alert all night waiting for morning to come, so that he could go back home, he feared the state his parents were in right now and couldn wait to go back home and now he is bringing back another person

I hope Father and Mother wouldn mind a visitor accompanying me!!!

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