That night, Gu Sui’er embraced her family’s Little Ah Chen as she coaxed him to sleep.


However, after he fell asleep, she didn’t feel sleepy.
As a result, she sat up and asked Nanny An about the management of the yard.


In the past, it was just Xiao Heng, an unmarried man with some ‘concubines’.
There were not many things to do, so even if no one was in charge, it didn’t matter too much.
But, it was different now.
Many things needed to be reviewed with her and Little Ah Chen’s addition to the yard.
The maids needed to be supervised strictly.


Nanny An reported them all the things meticulously, especially while referring to GuiZhi: “Very capable.
In fact, she really helped me a lot.”


Gu Sui’er was also very satisfied with GuiZhi: “En, she is different from us.
She has learnt to write and read books, so she must have some experience.”


Gu Sui’er said this with sincerity, but in Nanny An’s eyes, she was feeling disheartened.


“Young Mistress, you are just too naive.
You should know that GuiZhi is different from you and me.
She is a young girl, so she will inevitably have some thoughts about the third Master.
Fortunately, she has some self-knowledge that the third Master would absolutely not be impressed by her ordinary appearance.
Otherwise, you would have to be on guard!”


Gu Sui’er didn’t feel GuiZhi would be that kind of a person.
After all, she was born into a family with a literary reputation; she was still a noble and virtuous person at heart.
Regardless, she followed along with Nanny An: “Nanny An is right.”


After she finished talking about GuiZhi, Nanny An suddenly lowered her voice: “And there’s Bao Ya and Jin Fu, those two little coquettes too.
Huh, I think they’re going to create some kind of upheaval again.”


Gu Sui’er was stunned.
She had not thought of Bao Ya and Jin Fu for a long time; those two people had seemed to have quietened down these days.


Noticing her expression and knowing that she wasn’t aware of what happened tonight, Nanny An  lowered her voice and said, “Young Mistress, third Master ordered Hu Tie to drag Bao Ya out tonight.”




“You heard it right! Drag her out!” Nanny An was quite delighted at Bao Ya’s misfortune: “She wanted to seduce our family’s third Master.
As a result, the third Master didn’t even take a look at that trash and had her thrown out!”


“……” Gu Sui’er blinked, actually feeling a little sympathy for Bao Ya: “Throw… throw her where ah?”


Nanny An shook her head: “How can I know that! But Young Mistress, you are in a good shape now.
Things cannot remain the same as before.
From tomorrow, you and the third Master cannot sleep in separate rooms.
Or else, I don’t know how many little vixens will try to entice him!”


Gu Sui’er pursed her lips in thought before nodding.


Ever since she gave birth to Little Ah Chen, she and Xiao Heng had slept separately.
Although she gradually got used to Xiao Heng coming over at night to play with Ah Chen, she had a feeling that he didn’t seem to look good when he left the room.


“Then I’ll mention this to the third Master tomorrow.”


“That’s good!” Nanny An suddenly laughed: “It will be even better if our family’s Little Young Master gets a younger brother or sister later!”


According to Nanny An’s idea, she should give birth to more children.


After all, Gu Sui’er was also a concubine.
The greater number of children she has, the stronger her position would be.




The next day, Gu Sui’er took care of Little Xiao Chen first.
She breastfed him and patted his back for a while before getting prepared to have breakfast.


During breakfast, Gu Sui’er glanced at Xiao Heng cautiously, wondering how to bring up the subject.


After all, she was a woman.
Opening her mouth about wanting to share the same room with a man, she had to set aside her shame.


Last night, she had also asked Nanny An about it.
The latter suggested her to seduce him.


Seduce… She felt it was a bit too much for her.


Presently, her heart was full of Little Ah Chen.
She was not in the mood of fooling around with Xiao Heng.


Just as she was thinking about it, Gu Sui’er heard the man beside her speak: “Let’s go out with Ah Chen today.”


Gu Sui’er wondered, “Go out? Where are we going?”


Since she gave birth, she has only gone outside the residence once.
That time, she had to enter the Palace to meet the Emperor.
After all, the weather was very cold in the twelfth lunar month, so they didn’t feel comfortable about taking an infant outside.


Xiao Heng raised his eyes and looked at her: “To visit a grave.
We’ll be bringing Ah Chen along.”


This time, Gu Sui’er was so surprised that her little mouth opened slightly.


Xiao Heng did not explain any further.


Seeing this, Gu Sui’er also stopped asking.


She wouldn’t ask what he didn’t want to say.


After the meal, Gu Sui’er summoned GuiZhi and Nanny An to help her pack things.
Little Ah Chen was also tightly wrapped in a little cotton-padded jacket and cloak.


A grave would inevitably be in a desolate area on the outskirts of the city.
If Little Ah Chen wasn’t wrapped properly, she was afraid he would be frozen by the cold and strong winds.


After packing the things quickly, Nanny An followed, carrying Little Ah Chen.
GuiZhi supported Gu Sui’er as she climbed into the carriage before the group left the residence.


Gu Sui’er had stepped out of the residence in the past.
For instance, she went to the GuiYuan and the Imperial Palace, but at that time, she was very timid.
She always felt that everything around her was fresh and unfamiliar.
But just because she couldn’t feel relieved, she couldn’t enjoy the surroundings even though she observed it all.


Now that she had gradually set aside her worries, she understood that she should savor this life.
She knew how her life was going to be, so she was much calmer than before.


Sitting in the carriage, she looked outside the window, watching the stream of people in YanJing City, the bustling street market, and the age-old city wall.
Slowly she realized that she was destined to live here in the future.


After the carriage and the horses left YanJing City for a while, they went north for about a dozen or more li1L

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