Siblings VS 『Blood Spraying Sword』(3/3)


  It was a white flame.


  The white flame that was generated from Miroslav’s body swelled up in an instant and engulfed Claira.


  After the impact, the shield of kei that protected Claira melted down with a crackling sound.


  When phantom blade style users raise their kei, the kei that overflows from the inside of their body serves as a barrier that protects them.


  Since it’s a barrier that high-level soul equipment users subconsciously put on, that barrier is not as tough as one would think.


  Nevertheless, if the enemy is a magician from outside the island, it can repel magic at the level of the 5th realm.


  So to have that shield completely melted down, it would mean that the white flame Miroslav created would be magic on the level of the 6th realm or higher.




  As Claira’s skin got burned by a high temperature after a flash hit her eyes, she immediately leaped backward.


  However, the burning did not get any less intense.
That’s because she couldn’t escape the area of effect of the white flame by leaping back one step. 


  After she realized that, she retreated a few more steps before she was finally able to escape the magic’s influence when the number of steps counted to 5.


  「……Are you out of your mind?」


  Claira’s appearance was pretty messed up as she said that to Miroslav.


  There were black spots in her snow-white colored hair and her skin that got burnt was painfully swollen.


  Her clothes that were enchanted with defensive magic were smoldering as the burnt smell drifted in the air.
It was clear that Miroslav’s magic had broken through Claira’s defense.


  However, it was also clear that the damage dealt was insignificant――


  「To make your mana explode like that on purpose…How is that any different from suiciding?」


  What Miroslav did was she used a technique that releases the mana that’s stored in her body.
That in itself isn’t anything rare.
It’s similar to what Klimt did to get rid of Lunamaria’s earth spirit just a little while ago.


  However, Klimt had properly adjusted his power.
He made sure he wouldn’t injure himself or make him have any trouble fighting after.
He had only let out the least possible amount of mana( his kei) to free himself from the earth spirit’s binds.


  Meanwhile, Miroslav did not care about adjusting her power at all.
She did not care about getting injured from the backlash.
She didn’t care if she would no longer be able to fight after.
She even used magic stones to deliberately make her mana go out of control.


  Instead of 『Discharge』, it was more like she used 『Mana overload』 ―― That’s why Claira called Miroslav’s action suicidal.


  「……That’s because…I thought…you were an opponent…who…I have to do this against…」


  The appearance of Miroslav as she spoke in a choppy manner was so bad that it can’t be compared to Claira’s at all.


  Her clothes were burnt off beyond recognition, and the burn marks on her skin surpassed the red color and turned white.
Her condition was severe.


  Since her red hair was also burnt black, not a trace of the red-haired magician from before she used the spell was left.


  It was a reckless last resort that combined her mana and her magic stones; a trump card that disregards even her own life.


  ――Even when she went that far, she was only able to give Claira light burns.


  It’s true that she was able to buy some time, but that wouldn’t be enough for Ciel and Suzume to escape.
The enemy will take her head soon and then go after the two who went into the mansion.


  Despite the fact her master entrusted her to watch the house, she ended up in this miserable state.


  She hasn’t even accomplished the mission of improving the antidote yet.


  「……I’m sorry, master……」


  She apologized to her master who isn’t here right now for the fact that she was going to die without atoning for her sins or showing him her devotion.


  When Claira was about to say something as she stood in front of Miroslav-


  「――Big sis!」


  Klimt came running into the premises of the residence with a panicked voice.
He probably got a bad feeling when he sensed a mana explosion that didn’t come from his sister.


  Then, Klimt saw the scene of the place and understood what happened in an instant.


  「You! You hurt my sister!!」


  Klimt was enraged as he glared at Miroslav who was all beat up.
Then he turned that anger directly into action.


  「Shinsou reiki――」


  Even if he just leaves Miroslav as it is, she would definitely die ―― He knows that.


  His sister’s burns will heal in a few days even if nothing is done――He knows that.




  He didn’t care if he doesn’t have to do anything.
He didn’t care if that is an insignificant injury.


  He will kill the ones who hurt his sister with his own hands ――Whether they are humans, monsters, or demon gods.


  That is what Klimt swore to do.


  With the long crimson sword that appeared in his hand held high, Klimt yelled out with the intent to kill-


  「――Burn it all, Kurikara!」


  At that moment, a flame rose from the city of Ishka to the sky.




  「Klimt, stop!」


  Claira raised her voice to stop her brother who had manifested his soul equipment.


  However, her voice did not reach his ears since he was in a frenzy from seeing his sister hurt.


  Realizing that, Claira extended her right hand out.


  Klimt’s soul equipment is a sacred sword of fire.
With one motion, not only Miroslav, the beastkin and kijin who escaped into the residence will also burn to ashes.


  That’s not all.
Sora’s mansion, the homes that are lined up on the other side of the wall, and the people in those homes will also be incinerated, and in the end, even Ishka’s walls will probably be cut open.


  It might be for the killing of the kijin, but they can’t be leaving that much destruction behind.


  「Shinsou reiki――」


  Claira’s soul equipment manifested in her hand.


  Given that Klimt’s soul equipment is a long crimson sword, Claira’s was a long jade-colored sword.


  Clenching her clear emerald-colored sword, Claira was about to say the words to draw it.


  However, there was someone who moved faster than Claira.




  What grabbed Klimt’s wrist as he was about to swing down his soul equipment was Gozu’s massive hand.


  Klimt was glaring at his superior with rage after he got in his way.
If Gozu was a wimp, that glare alone would probably make Gozu faint.
However, Gozu took on his anger without batting an eye.


  「Release me, Shiba!」


  「Calm down」


  「I am calm!」


  「Look at your sister」




  Klimt looked at his sister in a panic after hearing Gozu’s words.
Then, he curled his lip as he saw the appearance of her sister who has her soul equipment in hand.


  Why did his sister bring out her soul equipment? He quickly realized the reason.


  「……I apologize, Shiba.
I’ve really calmed down now」




  Hearing Klimt’s docile response in a somewhat low voice, Gozu let go of his wrist.


  Getting some finger-shaped bruises on his wrist made him curse at Gozu in his mind.


  The reason he didn’t do that out loud was that he understood Gozu’s kindness in stopping him just now.


  Although it was to subjugate a kijin, if he were to slaughter citizens of other countries with his soul equipment just because his sister got hurt, both his lord’s Mitsurugi Family and the Berch Family that is his birth family would not stay quiet. 


  He will surely receive a heavy punishment after he returns to the island.  It’s highly likely that Claira will be punished as well for not stopping her younger brother from running wild.


  Since Gozu stepped up to stop him personally just now, he is basically saying he will overlook his reckless behavior if he stops here.


  Claira quickly came forward after she realized the same thing as his brother.
Then, she lowered her head before Gozu.


  「Shiba, I would like to express my gratitude」


  「There is no need for that.
More importantly, ready your soul equipment」


  「Yes sir, right away――What?」


  Claira let out a dumbfounded voice and blinked instinctively as she was about to put her soul equipment away.


  Right now, Gozu said to ready her soul equipment, not put it away.


  Klimt was probably thinking the same thing as he looked confused.


  Unsure if she heard his orders wrong, Claira double-checked with Gozu,


  「……Shiba, you said to ready our soul equipment?」




  Gozu was not looking at her when he responded.
He wasn’t looking at Klimt either.
That being said, he wasn’t looking at the magician who had collapsed either.


  The sturdy warrior was looking at the sky in the southern direction.


  And then.


  「――――It’s coming」


  He uttered such words.


  Then, as if it was triggered by those words, the roar of a winged beast split Ishka’s sky.


  After the Berch siblings heard that, they quickly turned to look at the sky in that direction.


  In the trio’s sight, the figure of a wyvern was approaching with fierce momentum.


  Its scales were in the color of a vibrant blue. 

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