Siblings VS 『Blood Spraying Sword』(⅓)


  At that moment, a scream-like warning from the spirits hit Lunamaria’s ear.


  It was practically a miracle that she was able to respond to it immediately.


  She thrusted the adamantite dagger that she carries for her protection at the white shadow that was approaching like a gust of wind.


  Right when that dagger was going to cut up the white shadow, Lunamaria felt an unbelievable pressure on her hand.
It was a strong impact that almost sent her body flying.


  Then, *plink*……the dagger was twirling in the air with that clear sound.


  She had lost her weapon in an instant, but she had identified what that shadow was with the short time she bought.


  What the blue eyes of the elf spotted was the figure of a young man who has grayish-white colored hair and blood-red colored eyes.


  In his hand was a katana, the same eastern-style sword that her master Sora uses.
That weapon was what had flung Lunamaria’s dagger away.


  And that young man with red eyes was glaring at Lunamaria.
That alone was making her feel a pressure that dried up her throat.


  Lunamaria spoke to the two people who were behind her with a hoarse voice,


  「Both of you, run away!」


  She determined that she wasn’t the one her opponent was aiming for.
If she was, she probably wouldn’t have been able to break up that first strike.


  In that case, he could only be after Ciel or Suzume.
Guessing from his movements, Lunamaria thought that Suzume is probably the one he was after.


  Suzume was just standing there with her eyes wide open, not understanding what was going on.
It was Ciel who grabbed her by her hands and tried to quickly run back inside the residence.


  Both the ears and tail of the young beastkin girl were standing up as if there were wires inside.
With how obvious it was that something had made her extremely nervous, even Ciel had surely realized in this short amount of time that the attacker would not be easy to deal with.


    「『Earth spirit Gnome, my friend.
Bind this man’s feet』」


  Lunamaria used spirit magic after she became barehanded from losing her dagger.


  Then, tentacle-like plant roots broke through the stone pavement of the alley and entangled the white-haired youth’s legs.


  ――Different from the elemental magic that Miroslav uses, spirit magic does not have set incantations and effects.
It’s just a process of the caster making a request to the spirits and the spirits following through.


  Since that means the caster is able to change the effects of a spell depending on the situation, spirit magic is much more versatile than regular magic.


  However, there are demerits as well, naturally.


  Spirits are whimsical beings, so the more detailed you set the effect of a spell, the lower the chance of success will be.
Sometimes the request of the caster will also be ignored depending on how capable they are.
In the worst scenario, displeasing a spirit would even make the spirit attack the caster.


  In other words, the effects of spirit magic are unstable.
That’s why there aren’t many adventurers who are spirit users since adventurers need reliability.


  Regarding that point, Lunamaria is highly compatible with spirits since she’s an elf, so her success rate with spirit magic is much higher than other spirit users.
The earth spirit had answered her call at this time as well and bound her opponent’s legs.




  「You clever little……!」


  Words of agitation leaked out from the white-haired attacker’s mouth.
Right after that, Lunamaria felt her opponent’s mana swell up as if it was going to explode.


  It wasn’t a metaphor.
The attacker――Klimt released a shockwave to his surroundings after increasing his kei.
Being directly hit by it, Lunamaria felt a strong impact on her entire body as if she was hit by a giant hammer.
Her slender body was sent in the air like a tree leaf before she realized it.




  The reason she was able to fix her posture in the air immediately and not fall headfirst is probably that she has an elf’s unique nimbleness.


  However, frustration filled her face after she stood back up.


  The earth spirit that had bound the attacker’s legs was already nowhere to be seen.
But it was only natural.
The torrent of od(life force) that surrounded the enemy’s body was equivalent to scorching heat.
There was no way that a low-grade spirit would be able to bind a fiery entity like him.


  If only it was an upper-grade spirit, she thought.
But to call for an upper spirit, she would need to gather an appropriate amount of mana.
If she does that without having a vanguard covering her, she would just be asking to be cut down.


  ――In the first place, there was no guarantee that an upper-grade spirit would be able to stop him either…


  Lunamaria groaned in her mind.


  She understood from just the small exchange they had just now.
The power disparity between them was at a hopeless level.
This is not an enemy she can handle.


  She’s like a frog that’s frozen from being stared at by a snake right now, it wouldn’t be strange for her legs to give in to fear.


  The reason she didn’t have to show such a disgraceful sight is probably all thanks to her master, Sora, she thought in the depths of her heart.


  It was the time she faced Sora in the guild after he came back alive from the King of Flies’ nest.
Compared to the time she faced a dragon up close, the pressure that the attacker in front of her was emitting felt rather…light.
That’s what’s giving Lunamaria a little fighting spirit. 


  And so, Klimt opened his mouth after seeing Lunamaria still standing.


  「Hmph, let me commend you for not falling down on the spot just now」


  Klimt looked at the elf who was breathing heavily in frustration.


  「In consideration of your courage, I’ll give you just one piece of advice.
Get out of my sight right now.
It’s the kijin I’m after」


  「……You seem to have something against kijins, but is that a reason for you to kill a young child?」


  「Foolish question.
That question itself is proof that the humans of the main continent had started to take peace for granted.
Well, whatever.
If you aren’t going to take my advice, just die here」


  With that, Klimt raised his sword over his head.
The blade reflected the sunlight and glittered intensely.


  Lunamaria crouched slightly.
Seeing Klimt’s blunt attitude, she understood that there was no point in saying anything more to him.


  Then right when the two were about to resume the battle, at that moment,


  「――W-wait! Please wait a second!」


  Lidelle’s upset voice interrupted the two.


  The receptionist with braided hair was stunned by Klimt’s sudden acts of violence, but she snapped out of it while Lunamaria was fighting back.


  After she passed the reins of the horses that were going wild after they got touched by Klimt’s aura to Parfait, she quickly got down from the driver’s seat and yelled out loudly to stop Klimt.
It was also a complaint towards Gozu and Claira who were watching Klimt in silence. 


  「Private duels inside the city are forbidden! Put away your weapon immediately!」


  「――That is not going to happen」


  She was hit with an immediate reply.


  What made Lidelle’s expression go cold was the fact that the reply came from Gozu who was behind her instead. 


  Since she had an idea about the trio’s personality so far, she thought Gozu and Claira were going to stop him.


  However, hearing what Gozu said next, she finally sees how amateur her observation skills were.


  「Slaying demons and sealing their gods is an iron rule to us.
We cannot obey laws that tell us to put our weapons away before a kijin」


  「Sir Gozu! That person is under the protection of Sora and the union! That is something Ishka’s government acknowledges as well.
If you attack her here you will be committing a crime!」


  「Then it can’t be helped.
Compared to what can happen if a kijin is left alone, being a criminal would be a cheap price to pay」


  Looking at Gozu who spoke with an unmovable will, it was clear as day that it was going to be difficult to convince him.
Rather, if Lidelle keeps on trying to stop him, he might cut her down too.
Gozu is unleashing that much of a fighting aura right now.


  Lidelle does not know that that is a torrent of od called kei.
Despite that, she understands its might.
Being exposed to a pressure that feels like she’s facing a cyclops has made this guild receptionist who is no stranger to violence pull back.


  Parfait, who was bathed in Gozu’s fighting aura from a spot even closer than Lidelle had even gone pale as her shoulders trembled.


  In desperation, Lidelle looked at Claira for help as her last hope.


  Then, she finally realized that she wasn’t there.


  ――But there was no need to wonder where she had gone.


  With her face getting even paler, Lidelle looked at the wall fence of Sora’s residence.
Then, as if it was waiting for her, a scream that sounded like Ciel’s came from that direction.


  Claira who had dashed over the wall fence had attacked Ciel and Suzume who were trying to run inside the house.
She was sure that Ciel had gotten injured from shielding Suzume.


  If you possess the power to easily handle a stampede like Claira, cutting down a novice adventurer like Ciel would be simple, let alone someone like Suzume.


  As she thought that she was going to hear their death cries the next moment, Lidelle closed her eyes tightly.




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