「Politely decline it for me」


  The guild master of Horus’s adventurers’ guild, the adventurers’ guild of the royal capital wants to see me――After I was told that by Miroslav, I answered her like so without much hesitation. 


  Miroslav blinked her eyes after she heard my response.


  「……Are you sure?」


  「It’s fine」


  The plans I have in motion right now have “Starting shit with the guild peacefully” as the primary objective.


  If I join in on the infighting that’s going within the guild, it wouldn’t be “peaceful” at all anymore.
That’s why I chose to sit back and watch.


  …Well, I’m going to at least watch Elgart (Ishka’s guild master) and Lidelle (the receptionist) suffer from afar and laugh at them like they deserve it though! That shouldn’t be out of the range of being “peaceful”, I think.


  Of course, I did not choose to sit back and watch just because I’m insisting on being peaceful.
If I make a bad move right now, there’s a risk that my best plan would be leaked to the guild.
I wanted to avoid that.


  As for what plan that is, it’s “The way to peacefully start shit with the guild (Climax)”.


  It’s about making 『Falcon Sword』 apologize to me officially for making me a decoy in the battle against the King of Flies.


  Since Larz, the leader of the party, is currently away from Ishka, the one who will apologize to me instead will be the perpetrator, Miroslav.


  If Miroslav tells the public that she joined『Blood Spraying Sword』 to take responsibility for that incident――the unnaturalness of her actions will also be wiped away.   


  The perpetrator apologizes, and the victim forgives.
It will truly be a peaceful resolution.


  ――Now then.


  Once the truth goes public, how Ishka’s adventurers’ guild and its employees behaved in the matter will also naturally come to light.


  The people who twisted the truth to protect those adventurers’ reputations will completely lose face.


  However, that will be none of my business.


  I am just reconciling with 『Falcon Sword』.
Whether the guild loses face, whether they get shamed, or get denounced by other cities’ guild masters as a result, it won’t have anything to do with me.


  Oh, Elgart and Lidelle, engrave the “obligation to work for Ishka’” in your hearts the best you can, and then I want you guys to take actions that are suitable for that cause.


  As for the Miroslav who brought this up, she probably thought that I could use the royal capital’s guild master, Sergey, to deal a finishing blow to the Ishka branch.


  However, I will end up standing out too much if I step that far in.


  Just peacefully.
Peacefully all the way to the end.
But those involved will still get my message――If I think about it like that, this is just fine.


  There is also another reason that led me to my decision.
And that is about none other than Demon Island. 


  I should have some time before the news of Jijinbou’s death reaches the Mitsurugi family and people start getting dispatched here, but I can’t be messing around because of that.


  I should avoid getting involved with the guild any more than this and wasting time on them.


  「Because of that, we will just keep an eye on the guild for a while」


  「Understood, Master」


  Miroslav replied to me respectfully.


  By the way, this “master” she’s using to refer to me does not have the same meaning as the “master” that Lunamaria uses, this “master” means the leader of our clan. 


  I feel uneasy just from her treating me respectfully, but I had never dreamed that there would be a day where she would call me something like “master” in public.
She wasn’t that obedient even when she was locked up in the King of Flies’ nest. 


  To be honest, I’m very restless.
My butt itches.


  I’m restless to the point where I end up suspecting her with no reason like “Don’t tell me she’s peacefully starting shit with her leader in her own way, right?”


  I don’t know if she knows what I’m thinking inside, but she continued talking in a relaxed voice.


  「There is one more thing I’d like to report」


  「Mm? What is it?」


  「My father would like to meet you once, master.
I would be happy if you could consider it」


  「The Sauzar company’s chairman? Is it to thank me for saving you?」


  「That’s what he said, but he probably wants to network with you.
You became acquainted with Earl Elbe because of the incident this time.
And at the capital, you developed a good relationship with the duke too.
I think he caught wind of that」


  「He sure has sharp ears.
Do you want me to meet with him?」


  「I will leave it to your will」  


  The magician who hates guys and hates her father replied in a calm tone.


  「Father has probably set his eyes on you since you saved me in place of 『Falcon Sword』, master.
If you do meet him, it will make it easier to get him to help you in the future.
However, the price for that is you will also be used by him for making connections with nobles, so if you don’t want that, I think you should turn him down」 


  「You’re saying you don’t care either way?」


I will only obey your decision, master」


  After she said that, Miroslav looked up and glanced at me.


  Her eyes that were once painted in disgust are now dyed by the complete opposite emotions.


  I felt a chilling seductiveness from her and swallowed my saliva.


  The Miroslav in the past had moderately wavy red hair that reached down to her chest area.
That hair was once cut by me while she was abducted by me――Or technically, when I was freeing her, but now her hair is back to shoulder length again.


  She’s someone who I’m used to seeing, but an appearance that I’m unfamiliar with.


  After I felt suffocated for reasons I do not know, I aggressively put my arms around her and pulled her to me to shake off that feeling.


  ――She did not resist me.




  After Miroslav joined my clan, she started to live in my home.


  I asked her to do that since it would be a pain in the ass to go out to meet her every time I want to eat her soul. 


  It seems that she had the intention to do that as well, so the move-in went smoothly.


  Due to that, there is a bit of a change in the clan.


  The thing I worried the most about was the relationship between Miroslav and Lunamaria.


  …Well, it’s pretty presumptuous for me to worry.
After all, I’m the one who came between them.


  Even though she was just following my orders, Miroslav took part in making Lunamaria a slave.
And Lunamaria seems to have realized that too.


  There’s going to be tension between them no matter what, I thought.


  However, contrary to my expectations, there weren’t any quarrels between them at all.
Maybe they feel some connection to each other as people who are in a similar situation.


  Well, although things between them weren’t the same compared to when they were in『Falcon Sword』as expected, I never felt any thorns in those two’s conversations. 


  Next was about Miroslav’s relationship with Ciel, but I can probably just say that it’s pretty good.


  Miroslav respects Ciel as a senior in the clan and Ciel respects Miroslav as a senior adventurer, so there weren’t any problems between them at all. 


  What I was shocked the most about was the relationship between Miroslav and Suzume.


  Although it was a shock in a good sense.


  Suzume seems to have begun studying magic under Miroslav the magician.


  I’ve said this before, but the horns of the kijin race are extremely rare items, as they harbor abundant mana inside.


  That fact shows that their horns are their mana-producing body part.
The kijin race possesses powerful mana, and moreover, it seems that a two-horned female kijin has more mana than a one-horned kijin male.
It’s what Miroslav told me. 


  In other words,  Suzume had the potential to be an excellent magic user from birth.


  The reason why I didn’t pay attention to that part about Suzume all this time was that I had never intended to make her fight.


  Also, I had to have her get used to living in a human city first.


  When I first heard she was studying magic under Miroslav, I was surprised.
Moreover, I was even more surprised after I heard that Suzume was the one who asked Miroslav to teach her.


  When I timidly went to learn more about the situation from Suzume who was running under Miroslav’s teaching of “stamina is necessary even for a magician”, she smiled at me with sweat on her forehead.


  「Because I…want to be useful to you too, like Ciel and Luna 」


  She told me that she felt sorry for only being taken care of.


  The sight of her having her dark blue hair tied back in a single ponytail to not get in the way of her exercise is very dignified; I can’t feel any negative vibes that someone who is doing something unwillingly would have. 


  In other words, this girl in front of me is doing it for me from the bottom of her heart.


  I instinctively covered my mouth with my hand and turned my back to her.


  ……Kuuuh! What a nice girl.
Oh, the me who decided to help her in the past, you didn’t make a mistake!


  When tears of gratitude started to secretly flow out, Suzume’s troubled voice hit my ear.


  「……Um, Sora…?」


  「A-ah?! W-what is it?!」


  「Um, was that all you wanted to know?」


  If that’s the case, I would like to start running again, Suzume added apologetically.


  I nodded quickly in response.


  「Yeah, that was all! Sorry for interrupting you!」


  「No, it wasn’t anything like that.
If there’s anything you need, please call me anytime you want」


  After she said that, she bowed and then began running again.


  If Suzume wants to run on the streets of Ishka then I would secretly guard her, but since she’s just going around the premises of our home, it doesn’t seem like there’ll be a need for that.


  I thought about running with her together――but yeah, that’ll definitely make her feel self-conscious.
It’s probably the right choice for me to quickly get out of here. 


  I returned inside the house, then after thinking for a while, I went to the bathing area in a hurry.


  Let’s prepare the bath for her so that she can use it right after she finishes training.

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