e’s feeling might be a few times or a several dozen times that.


  According to Lunamaria who I did this experiment with, if there’s too much pleasure then the pleasure becomes pain.


  Claudia pressed her hands on my chest.
She was probably instinctively trying to push me away first because of the unexpected shock she received.


  Those purple color eyes filled with confusion and panic were wide open as she stared at me.


  ――However, I intentionally ignored her wish.


If I stop while we’re in the middle of this, my level might still drop.
Then when we start over again, not only will I drop another level, something else could go wrong.


  For that reason, I held her waist with my right hand and locked her jaw with my left as I forcefully kept going. 


  I continued the kiss as I forcefully held down her twitching body that was in my arms.


  I’m not sure how much time has passed.

  Maybe because she had already given up, or maybe it’s because she no longer had any strength to resist, Claudia had gone limp in my arms and just let me do what I want.


  While I was in the middle of doing what I’m doing, Claudia had that “reaction”.


  It was something that Lunamaria had also felt.
It looks like Claudia felt it too as her half-closed eyelids that were devoid of strength sprung open.


  ――Now then, normally, that should mean that we’re done, but I still had an unsettling feeling for some reason.
Can gaining one level completely cleanse her curse? I wondered to myself.


  That’s why I continued to inject more of my soul into her and waited for her to get that reaction for the second time.


  And after confirming that she got that, I finally took my lips off her.


That wasn’t so bad」


  「That wasn’t so bad?! As if!」


  When I muttered out in an accomplished mood, the young girl before me yelled out in an angry voice.


  「I-I did say that you could kiss me, but! But still! You could like hold back a little more or be a bit more gentle or something!」


  The blushing Claudia spoke angrily as she covered her mouth with her right hand.


  The way she was staring at me as she tried to catch her breath shows that what I did this time seems to have really put her in a bad mood.


  Well, of course it would.
While thinking that, I asked her to confirm her situation with me,


  「You’re right to be angry.
I will apologize to you deeply, but before that, I’d like you to confirm it for me」


「What do you need me to con――Ah, right, whether or not my level went up.
Jeez, thanks to someone here, my mind is a complete mess」


  As Claudia glared at me, she made her level display for herself.


  Then right after that, the duke’s daughter let out a wow.


  「Wow…My-my level really went up…Moreover, it went up twice?!」


  「Good! So, how do you feel? It looks like you’re at least feeling well enough to get angry」


  「W-wha, w-wait a second…Honestly, there’s too much going on right now…U-um, first, my arms and legs feel fine, and the strange numbness I’ve had the whole time is gone now」


  「Mmhm mmhm.
And besides those things?」


  「Oh, and my head too, for some reason I feel refreshed.
And ――」




  「Ah, no, nevermind…」


  Claudia was hesitant about saying something, but when she waved her hands at me as if she’s telling me to not worry about it, I heard a sound going into my ear.


  How do I describe it, it’s a sound that I could only describe it as a loud rumbling.


  I feel bad for Claudia who was looking down at the ground in shame, but I was finally able to feel relieved after I heard that sound.


  Having an appetite means that her body wants energy to recover.
It’s better proof than anything else that shows that she had escaped from the worst.


  Her soul is also filling her vessel up to the brim.
I won’t know how the curse is going to affect her without keeping track of her progress from now on, but at the very least, nothing should happen to her anytime soon.


  I am truly relieved with that fact.


  And then, I collapsed at the same time.


  The pending side effect of the soul granting had hit me all at once.


  Even though I experienced it with Lunamaria, I did the same “soul granting” again with hardly any time in between.
On top of that, I gave Claudia two levels worth of soul, so this result was only natural.


  Claudia was calling my name in a panic, but I no longer have any strength to answer her.


  As if I was falling straight down a cliff, my consciousness was swallowed by darkness in the blink of an eye.

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