The Secret of the Fire Magic


Even though the basilisk was engulfed in flames, it still continued to go on a big rampage for a while after that.


As tough as the basilisk was, it was still within my expectations.
That was the reason why I used the spell 『Flame Princess』to restrain its movements. 



No matter how much the basilisk struggles, it will not be able to escape from the six arms of flame.


From the very start, 『Flame Princess』 is a high level spell that can be used to both restrain and attack.
If it’s strengthened by my kei (which is my life force as mana), it won’t be able to escape so easily.




I used this spell before against the scylla back when I was doing the “preserved” quests, but this time it was a much more powerful version.
If one understands how to make use of kei, the tactics they could use to fight will further increase.
I couldn’t contain my joy and laughed out loud.


…It goes without saying, but high level fire magic wasn’t something I could use originally.



Although my kei (mana) had drastically increased after I learned how to bring out my soul equipment, just that alone would not make me better at using magic.


There are many other necessary elements when it comes to handling magic.
Just how could someone like me, who has none of those necessary elements, use such advanced fire magic? 


The answer is Miroslav.


Everything that red haired magician had researched and learned, all the secrets that she had; she had spat them out for me and they have all become mine.




Well, even though I say they have all become mine, I couldn’t really use anything other than her fire magic.


It’s just that regarding fire magic, I’m now able to use her 『Flame Princess』, her strongest attack.


It’s hard to imagine that I was talented in fire magic this whole time.


If I think about it, it should be the effect of eating her soul.
Could it be since I had devoured her soul so much, her soul shattered and it resulted in me absorbing her skills that were linked to her fire magic? I’ve been wondering about that here and there.



Rather than thinking I had awakened some sleeping talent in me, that would be much more believable.


However, there was no concrete proof.


As of now, the female souls that I have eaten other than Miroslav were only Lunamaria…and that prostitute at the brothel once…Since I don’t feel like I have gotten any of Lunamaria’s skills so far, I could not be sure of my theory.


If I have been eating Lunamaria’s soul without a care like I did with Miroslav, the result might be different…but she’s a valuable soul provider to me.



Not only has she been obedient to me since she became my slave, it would also be a shame to not make use of her keen insight that let her notice the dragon within me.
I don’t feel like overdoing it with her. 


As that thought crossed my mind, my body suddenly trembled.


I was hit by a familiar feeling.
It was the same feeling I felt when the king of flies’ massive soul flowed to me after its defeat.
The basilisk must have died in the fire.


It was great news, but unfortunately, my level did not rise.


The last time my level went up was when I defeated the gryphon.
It hasn’t been too long since then, but I was still surprised that defeating a king-class monster did not raise my level.


Even though I leveled up so easily when I was at the king of flies’ nest…


Suddenly, at that moment, I thought I saw the young girl’s body shake violently.
She then collapsed on the spot.


I caught her body right before she hit the ground.




When I looked at her, she seemed to be unconscious with a pale face.
Her adrenaline rush must have subsided. 


I thought of having her rest in a house nearby for the time being, but when I looked at the burning sea of blight as I picked her up in my arms again, I changed my mind.




The smoke that was emitted by the flames was dark purple instead of black.
It was obvious that it was poisonous and contained stuff that would be harmful to our bodies.


We might get hit by that smoke depending on how the wind blows.


Moreover, being this close to the fire, it’s quite possible that the flying sparks will light this village up in flames.


It would be dangerous to stay here.




…Was it too rash of me to use fire? No, if the blight continued to spread, it would for sure swallow the village and the entire forest.



A burned down forest would be better than a forest that continued to decay.
However, a girl who lost her birth home might have a different opinion there.


「I guess we’ll get out of here for now.
There’s a possibility that we would be attacked by something other than the basilisk」


I can’t forget that we could still be in danger.


While being aware of my surroundings, I carried the young girl away from the kijin village.




After that, I headed to the king of flies’ nest.



I noticed when I left the village that the Jiraiaooks tree- that giant tree with poison curing fruits, was not far from the village.


Once I found that tree, it was easy to find my way to the king of flies’ nest. 


And the supplies I left in the nest when I confined Miroslav there were still there.
It’s nice to be well prepared!




…Yeah…I’m going to use them very differently than what they were intended for though.
To be honest, I had considered bringing Iria or the guild’s receptionist here.


Well, it’s fine in the end since that means we could live here.
Let’s just leave it at that.


When I was using this place before, it was troublesome to go up and down the cliff every single time, so I attached some spiral stairs along the walls.


I call them stairs, but they are just long tree branches that I stacked up against the wall.
No one would really think that those are stairs.



However, for someone like me who can use kei, they were perfect as stairs.
I casually went down the cave with the young girl on my back. 


Then, I arrived safely at the bottom.




I was worried that some weird monster might have started living here, but luckily, that didn’t happen and I was able to put the young girl to bed.



The bed was used by Miroslav before so it has some strange stains on it…but it’s probably better than the bed I used.


Now that I finally have a break, I stuffed myself with one of the fruits that I picked up from the Jiraioaks on our way here.


I thought that there was a chance that the basilisk’s poison might be inside of my body.


Speaking of poison, I’m worried about the young girl who had direct contact with the basilisk, but there’s no way I can stuff this fist-sized berry down the sleeping girl’s throat.
That would be beyond disgusting…it would almost be like a hostile act against her.



When I tried to listen to her breathing carefully, she sounded just fine.
Perhaps kijins are abnormally more resistant to things like poison.


Even if she has to eat one, it can wait until she wakes up.


However, in case the situation suddenly changes, I will lie down next to the young girl as well.


The basilisk was defeated.
The young girl was saved.
I am safe and sound as well.


The result looks like a happy ending but…what will happen to her after this?


She will probably have a hard time living in that village again.
I’ve noticed that there weren’t any kijins other than her.




I can offer her this nest, but the area around here is all burnt down or decayed…She wouldn’t be able to find food.


She also won’t be the only one who’ll be starving.
The demonic beasts around will also be hungry for prey.


She won’t be able to survive like that.


「Well, let’s think about it when she wakes up」


I muttered and yawned lightly.


It seemed like a long time had passed, but my initial task was to use the wyvern to bring the people in the 『Scythe of the Grim Reaper』to this forest.


Even though I still have some energy left, my body still felt heavy as I expected.


I don’t mind taking a small nap here.


With that, I closed my eyes.

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