A Slave’s Rights




Whether in the Canaria Kingdom, the Ad-Astera Empire, or most other countries out there, they are the lowest class in existence.


The only place that had abolished slavery was the southern holy kingdom.


But even in the holy kingdom, it was hard to completely abolish slavery due to its deep roots in the history and society of the main continent.
The owning and selling of slaves were still being tolerated. 

It’s just that even though they are called slaves, the reality for those slaves would vary case by case.

Such a joke exists.



I’ve heard of a story like this-


A certain son of a well-off family had hired a slave as a grave keeper.

One day, he wanted to drink so he ordered his slave to buy him some alcohol.

And the slave responded like this, “My job is to be a grave keeper, not to buy alcohol”

So, the son of the well-off family went to buy the alcohol unwillingly by himself. 


It goes to show that even for slaves, they still have some rights that even the slave owners can’t violate.


Here’s another case that I’m a bit more familiar with.


A young girl knocked on a slave merchant’s door to repay her family’s debt.

At that time, the young girl chose to sell herself.
Frankly speaking, she could choose whether or not to put her chastity for sale.

If she decides to not sell it, she could refuse sexual service to whomever buys her.

It’s just that she would naturally be sold for much less because of that.


Even for slave merchants, the difference between getting a sale or not could depend on if the slave allowed night service, so they might not even buy the slave in the first place unless the slave had some things they excelled at.

Once a person becomes a slave, the merchant is obligated to take care of them until they are bought.

It would be nothing but a waste of money for a merchant to keep slaves that won’t sell for a long time.


Speaking of the beastkin slave that I bought called Ciel Alous, she agreed to sell everything when she sold herself to a slave merchant.

She wouldn’t be allowed to say no if I requested night service from her.
Of course, that part was reflected in her purchase price.


Other than that, as an ocelot(wild cat) beastkin, Ciel’s vision is as good as if her eyes were enchanted by magic and she has a good sense of smell as well.
She can move on trees as quick as monkeys and she can swim as fast as fishes in the water.


And yet, she is an honest and serious person.
While her body is plain, she obeys my commands.
She is a wild beauty who is overflowing with a refreshing charm.

It made me think that it couldn’t be helped that I spent thirty gold coins on her since she was a girl with such charm.



…Honestly, I had no complaints about the quality of the slave.

I wanted to buy a slave this time not for “eating”, but to set a trap for a certain elf.

Therefore, as long as the slave merchant gave me someone who filled the requirements I wanted, it wouldn’t matter who he gave me.

It will be a bit rough for the slave at first, but I’ll release her after this is all over.


Ciel was introduced to me just when I was having those thoughts in my mind.

The moment I saw her face, I felt my heart thump.

As a result of that, I am now in the same room as Ciel.



Ciel was currently laying on my lap as she made various erotic sounds like “…Umm….ahhh… ehhh?!” 

It wasn’t because I was doing anything erotic to her.
I was only playing with her cat ears that were puffing out.

I recalled the nostalgic memories of doing something like this when I was a kid to a cat that lived near the dojo.

Well, I was no doubt crying after the cat scratched me at that time though.

It was only natural that I was disliked when I suddenly touched its ears out of nowhere.

But in this case, I’m allowed to do whatever I want to the young slave girl, hehehe.




「What is it?」


「Um, how long…are you going to do this for….?」


「For the time being, until the sun rises, I guess.
I’ll be doing this every day from now on」


「……Did I do something that offended you? If so, I apologize」


「No, you didn’t do anything like that at all.
If anything, I’d like to thank you for being so kind.
It’s just…」


「It-it’s just…?」


「I’m a pervert that gets excited when I see a girl’s worn-out face」




「It’s even better if they are worn out by my own hands.
Just give up and think of it like you got bought by a shitty owner」



With that said, I lightly touched Ciel’s waist.


She was suddenly attacked by another type of stimulus, and her body twitched as her remarkably lovely voice echoed in the room.


Realizing that herself, Ciel’s face went real red.


As I ran my left hand through her soft, chestnut colored hair, I played with her ears again with my right hand.


That night, I made sure that her voice would keep echoing in the room until dawn.


Then after that, I sent her to gather herbs in the Titis forest without a moment to sleep.
When she came back to the inn, I gave her a lap pillow again and played with her ears and sometimes even her tail.


The next day, the day after that, and the day after that as well, I continued to do that to her.


Anyone would have a lack of sleep with a lifestyle like that.
If one doesn’t get enough sleep, their physical strength and body condition would easily break down.


Dark circles appeared under Ciel’s eyes, and her cheeks were somewhat sunken. 

With her like that, I took her out to the forest on that day as well.
The adventurers, the inn owner, and his daughter all asked me to let her rest a little, but I just ignored them with a sneer.


Then, after we went out the city’s gate and headed in the direction of the forest, four people stood in front of us. 


It was the four from 『Falcon Sword』.

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