Experiment Begins


「You think you can get away after doing something like this?!」


The silence of the forest was broken by Miroslav’s echoing voice.

I responded with a smirk on my face.


I acted while being fully aware of that.
If you understand the situation you’re in right now you’d better be quiet.
We’re already near the depths of the Titis Forest」




Miroslav looked around in a panic.
As expected from a high-ranking adventurer, she seemed to have quickly understood that it wasn’t a lie.


Her face went pale.


「A-are you stupid?! What is a level one human like you doing here?! Suicide all you like but don’t drag me down with you!」


「If anything, shouldn’t you be wondering how a level one human like me was able to make it this far? Miss magician who was passed out until now」


「…A level one like you is carrying me…all by yourself? Wait.
How did you get past Ishka’s gate in the first place…?」


「I’ll slowly answer your questions afterward.
We’re almost there.
I’d like it if you just come along quietly like a grown up」


「–Don’t be ridiculous! Who the hell is going to come with you willingly?!」


With that, Miroslav quickly jumped up and distanced herself from me.


Then, she looked at me as if she was looking at a monster.


『Give my enemy the embrace of death–Flame princess!』


Without concentrating or chanting, Miroslav suddenly finished invoking her magic.


Flames started to seep out of her in the form of a female’s arm right away and it reached out to engulf my entire body.

My body was instantly covered in flames before I could even have a moment to resist.

And then, an explosion.


The sound of the loud explosion shook the surrounding trees violently, and then a cloud of hot steam covered the area.

Miroslav’s triumphant voice began to echo from the other side of the white steam that was blocking my field of vision.


「That was a true fire spell of the 5th realm, flame princess.
How is it? For a level one like you, seeing magic of the fifth realm must be like witnessing a god’s work, right? Oh, but that version was slightly weaker since I skipped the incantation.
You might have felt safe since you took away my staff, but that’s just your low-level naiveness.
My earrings, rings and bracelets are all made with magic stones.
I can use magic even without my staff」


I went into thought as I listened to her.


What should I do? I wonder if I should let her talk to herself for a bit longer.
Honestly, it’s kind of entertaining.

No, I can’t waste too much time here.
Let’s refrain from doing things like hiding in the fog until she’s convinced of her win before showing myself.


「Oh no, it’s not like there would be any problem even if you have your staff with you, you know? 」




「I would have brought it along if I could.
But I left it behind because it would be annoying to carry it along.
Seeing your power, it wouldn’t even do much if you had it with you」


When I finished talking, a gust of wind blew away the steam that was blocking our vision.


Miroslav opened her eyes wide as if she saw something unbelievable.


「What…how? How are you still standing?!」


「That’s probably because your magic is too weak.
Do you want to try using an incantation this time?」


「Damn you…『Quick Flame Arrows!』」


This time it’s flame arrows…Well, a sped-up version, huh?


Using her words, this would be a true fire spell of the second realm.
It’s ranked lower than the spell before, but it could still blow someone’s head off if it hits.

Regardless of her personality, she was an excellent magician after all.

While thinking about things like that, I opened my mouth wide.





I erased the flame arrows with a booming voice.

Miroslav was dumbfounded when she saw it.
This red-haired magician stared at me in surprise and took a few steps back in disbelief.


「No way…Y-you just dispersed my magic with a yell?!」


「Cancelling your magic with a yell? You’re talking as if I’m some kind of monster.
That was a kei blast」


「A k-kei blast…?」


「It’s magic of my homeland.
To put it in a magician’s words, it would be something like…I released the od inside of my body to cancel out your spell, I guess?」


「Stop your bullshit! There’s no way you can use life force to cancel out magic that was created with mana, let alone doing it to my magic as a level one human!」


「It’s fine if you don’t want to face the reality that’s in front of you.
It’s not like I need you to believe me」


With that said, I quickly closed the distance between us.

Her lack of reaction was probably due to her being in shock still.


After I put my right hand around her back and restrained her movements quickly, I grabbed her chin with my left hand–


「W-what are you doing—?!」


I brought my lips as close to hers as possible just like that.


After a smirk to the stiffened Miroslav, who had no idea about the situation she was in, I started to eat this magician’s soul.




The reason why I thought of imprisoning Miroslav was pretty much for an experiment.


It wasn’t because I wanted to see if I could train this cocky, saucy, cunning, wicked woman who has nothing good other than her face and body, into an obedient slave by imprisoning her.
No, I said that wasn’t it.

I wanted to perform an experiment because of the one thing I discovered when I ate that soul back at the brothel.

At that time, my level went up to six from devouring that prostitute’s soul.


That means technically, I could level up by embracing women even if I stopped fighting monsters from now on.


However, the prostitute who had her soul eaten by me ended up in a condition where she was gasping for air.

It was definitely the result of having her soul eaten past the allowable limit.
If more cases like that were to happen, the people around will start to grow suspicious.
If the truth came to light, I might become a target for subjugation.

Honestly, what I’m doing is like what vampires do.


To avoid that situation from happening, I have to learn more about this power.

Just what is the allowable limit? How much time does it take for the woman to recover after I eat her soul? Will they even recover in the first place? Can I control my soul-eating ability according to my will?

There were many other things I wanted to test.


However, there would certainly be tons of problems if I were to put all those questions into practice.

I can’t afford to visit a brothel every time I want to test something.
That incident from the other day in the red light district might have already been noted down by authorities.

Under these circumstances, it might be all over for me if a person I’m running tests on dies.

I had thought about doing the experiments with care for the subject, but then they might act violently or I might not be able to obtain accurate information if I went easy on them.


Therefore, the best person to use to solve all those problems would be Miroslav.

My heart wouldn’t hurt if I accidentally killed this person.
I could also perform the experiments without mercy.

Honestly, I wouldn’t go so far as to do this to Iria or Lunamaria.
I would only do this to Miroslav.


Meanwhile, I came back to my senses as Miroslav started flapping her arms and feet around like crazy to resist.

But this level of resistance was nothing but child’s play to me.

It might be dangerous if she could use her magic, but no matter how good a magician is, there’s no way they can use their spells going completely chantless.

Even if they knew how to skip their chants, they still have to call out the keywords of the spell like “Flame Princess” or “Flame Arrows”.
It was impossible for her to make a sound right now since our lips were joined.


The lips of the prostitute from before tasted like some rich and sweet alcohol.

But kissing with Miroslav has a tingling, hot, and spicy flavor.
How should I describe this? Hm… If I were to compare this to something, it’d be something like the taste of spicy ginger ale.

It was kind of similar to the prostitute’s taste but not quite.
Does the taste differ per person? Or does it depend on the emotions the person holds towards me?


I decided to immediately begin the experiments with those questions in my head.

When I wrapped my arms around her waist, Miroslav’s resistance intensified more than ever as the hot feeling in my mouth got so hot that it felt like I was going to get burned.


As I thought, the taste is affected by the person’s emotions.
Anger, shame, humiliation, and such.


I enjoyed the act of her resisting for the next little while…in other words, I continued my experiments.

She still tried to struggle occasionally, but her physical capability as a magician was nothing compared to my body which was covered in kei.

Quite some time had passed when I realized it.


Well, unlike the time at the brothel, it was half my intention to draw it out this time.

I looked at the face of the pinned-down Miroslav.

The red-haired magician looked exhausted while she glared at me with eyes full of anger, hate, and disgust.

 My heart trembled greatly as she looked at me with such a look

Attacked by the sudden boiling impulse, I wanted to get on top of her again, but we were still in the middle of the forest.


It would be a terrible sight if I was attacked by monsters when I’m getting busy with her.


After a deep breath, I brought myself back under control.

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