Another Soul Eaten


When I got back to the streets of Ishka, seven days had passed since the attack of the king of flies.

Since it took me four days to get out of the forest, I thought that I was going to be back on the fifth or sixth day after the attack, but apparently, I spent more time than I thought inside the king of flies’ nest after I was caught.

…Well, it can’t be helped since it was impossible for me to keep track of time when I was being eaten by the maggots.


Anyhow, I’m back in the city so I’ll head to the guild right away— or not.

Unkempt hair, tattered clothes, body covered by sweat.
If I went there like this I think I’d just get kicked out.

Personally, I want to at least relax for a night before I go against those guys.
And to be honest, I have accumulated all kinds of urges.


There are public baths made for ordinary people to use for a low price in Ishka.
After I cleaned my body in there around some manual labor workers, I bought myself some new clothes and headed into the red-light district.


I strolled through the night streets at a quick pace.

Of course, since I was broke for the past few years, I have not stepped into the red light district.
The last time I was here was five years ago.

It was with Larz and some senior adventurers.
Both of our hearts were pounding at the time… although Larz was nervous because he was at a loss of what to do when he saw the group of girls.


Anyways, this’ll be the first time in a long while.

There are no problems with money now because I have the remaining belongings of the dead adventurers I found inside of the king of flies’ nest.

The dead do not need money, so let me make use of it since I’m still kicking.

In exchange, I will bring your identification tags back to the guild properly so please rest in peace.

Also, I think the equipment that was left in that nest would sell for quite a bit, so I’ll go back to get it later at the right time.


…I’ll explain just to make sure.
This is common practice between adventurers, so I’m not some kind of big shithead for doing this.


It’s stated in the guild’s rules that you must bring the identification tag and as many belongings of the deceased as you can back to the guild, but since they know that there could be unspoken agreements made between adventurers, they won’t really look into it.


When the receptionists ask you if you found other things that the dead adventurers left behind other than their identification tags, you just tell them no and that would be the end of it.


There are also cases of people confessing that they threw out the identification tags of the deceased and just plundered their items after intense questioning.
Whether it’s from the guild or not, it’s important to confirm if the missing adventurers are dead or alive for the sake of their remaining families.


But of course, there are people out there who would bring back all the remaining things that the deceased left behind like how it’s stated in the guild rules too.
I can’t blame them if they criticize me, but since I am already expelled from the guild, I have no obligation to follow their rules in the first place.

I’m bringing back all the deceased’s identification tags despite that fact, so they should praise me for my actions instead!


And so, now that I’m done with my self-justification, I have arrived at the brothel.

Since I’m loaded now, I entered the same shop I came with my senpais in the past with no hesitation and chose the girl I wanted without talking to her.
Then, I was led to my room.


I pushed over the girl with excitement and sucked on her lips.


…Then, “that” happened.


*Ba-dump*, my heart beat loudly.
I felt an impulse similar to sexual impulse run through my body.

The girl I was hugging with all I had was making short squeals as she looked at me like she was blaming me. 

She looked to be around my age, but she was definitely a high-class prostitute judging by her price for one night.

She probably saw through me with one look and knew that I wasn’t used to this kind of place already.

“You might have suddenly got rich, but you aren’t good at making out at all”…When she looked at me with those eyes of contempt, the impulse I felt in my head earlier got twice as strong.


As I forcefully embraced this girl who had a disgusted look on her, I put my lips on hers and started “eating” her.

The precious soul that was inside of her.


At that moment, the prostitute’s body that I held in my arms twitched greatly.

I had no idea what she was feeling.
However, it was definitely something that she’s never felt before and she was clearly trying to get away from me in her confusion.

But I ignored what she was doing.
Or rather, I wasn’t even looking at her in the first place.

I was getting drunk on an amazing pleasure.

It was the same feeling of pleasure I felt back at the king of flies’ nest when I first cut down the maggots.
That feeling continued as I sucked on her lips.


And that wasn’t all.
The Inside of my mouth was filled with a melting sweetness.


It’s not like the saying “a girl’s lips taste sweet”, but they literally tasted really sweet.
It tasted like the sweet alcohol that we produced back on the island but a few times more condensed.
Although I wasn’t really into alcohol, right now, it felt like heaven.


I drank and drank endlessly to my heart’s content.

I have no idea how long I kept going for.


The girl’s face was red with a blanked-out expression and her entire body was convulsing.

Yet I continued under the impulse and kept on going…


When I realized it, my level had risen to 『6』

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