wook are so drunk that they can barely stand.
In the meantime, they know very well they will die if they try to attack me.

Jeon Pung says.

“I need to go to the bathroom for a moment.”

Looking at his expression, I ask.

“You're going to throw up?”

“To pee.”

“Seeing how you still have the will to go to the toilet, you're not drunk enough.
You sure don't know how to take the lead.
Miss Son, bring more alcohol before you go tell the men.”

Miss Son, who had returned to the hallway, appears again, nods intently with her mouth shut, and closes the door.

Perhaps because Jeon Pung and Han Go-wook are drunk, they think Miss Son, who never opened her mouth, is terrifying.
Maybe they are scared because they believe Miss Son's mouth might get ripped open one day.

The two are in a state of confusion.

Miss Son enters the room a while later with two more bottles of third-rate Dukuang liquor.
Putting down the alcohol, Miss Son frowns and communicates to the two with hand gestures.

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[Please, do not, vomit here.]

When Miss Son goes back out, I pour a drink and say.

“Come, let's drink.”

The two men hurriedly shut themselves up at this remark.
They are on the verge of passing out.

I also drink the same amount of alcohol as the two.

This time, I am forced to drink alone and say to them.

“Brother Jeon and brother Han.
Please put in good words for us in the Black Rabbit Union.”

The two keep nodding their heads even though it is unclear what they are asked to actually say good words about.

“I'll be sure to tell them.”

“It won't be a big deal.”

“It doesn't matter if you say anything bad.
It's alright for a Union Leader to ignore me.
But if things go wrong and we fight, I promise you this one thing.
If I catch you two again, I'll make you drink until you die.
I won't hit you nor order my men to assassinate you.
Keep in mind that the day I catch you, you'll have to drink way more than you have today until you die.
I know I should be mindful of the Black Rabbit Union Leader, but not you.
So let's make our differences clear first before we part.”

Jeon Pung and Han Go-wook nod enthusiastically.

I cheekily poke at the two with my fingers as I say.

“Now it looks like we're on the same boat.
So… last glass?”

“Oh, that's okay.”

Han Go-wook says pleadingly.

“I think we can stop drinking.
We had enough.
What should I call you from now on? Oh, I'll put it nicely to the superiors.
So please stop drinking, owner… please.”

I like the change in their attitudes and tone.

“All right.
I'll try to create a nice sect in Ilyang Prefecture.
I've already decided on a name.
We're also building a pretty good place for it.”

Of course, it's at the Zaha Inn.

“Until then, I don't want the Black Rabbit Union to ask us to pay dues.”

“Is that happening right away?”

I nod my head.

“The sect door is not even built, but paying dues already? What kind of bullshit is that? Let us grow quietly.
I'll tell the Black Rabbit Union when we meet.
This is great news.
So, another glass?”

“No, what you said is definitely a good idea.
We shouldn't collect payment when there isn't even a main door.
That's not the principle of Kangho.”

I nod with satisfaction.

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“Well said.
Let's live according to Kangho's principles.
All people should live by Kangho's principles.
Here's what I want you to say about the killing of the Cho brothers.”

“Do tell.”

“Lee Zaha of Ilyang Prefecture killed the three brothel owners because they didn't follow Kangho's principles.”

“I'll be sure to deliver the message word for word.”

I drink again while the two of them begin to sober up.
Now they are frowning every time I drink.
A severe headache must be flooding in.

I mutter like a drunk.

“That's how I've begun my journey of being a hero.
I think you're drunk, so go home now.
I'll have another drink as a mouth refresher.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“It was a very pleasant drinking party today.”

“I agree.”

As the two help each other stand, I say out the door.

“The guest is leaving.”

At this time, Miss Son appears, looks at me, and draws a hand gesture around her neck.

[Should we kill them?]

I shake my head.

“Why kill them? They're valuable guests, so treat them well.
Guide them politely to the entrance.”

Miss Son nods and holds out her hand as if she will guide the two.

I suddenly think Miss Son doesn't seem to be in her right mind.

Maybe those bothered a lot of young ladies in the pavilion in the past, but I chose to not ask.

Jeon Pung and Han Go-wook barely reach the Plum Blossom Brothel entrance with staggering steps.

Two people who are carefully going down the stairs stop at the same time.

A large number of young men from the Ilyang Prefecture, each wearing different clothing and carrying various weapons, are crowding the bottom of the stairs.

Some are squatting, laughing, and playing around, but when the two appear, all look at them with murderous eyes.

Cha Sung-tae walks out of the paved passageway and asks toward the Plum Blossom Pavilion entrance from the gap.

“Did he say to kill them?”

Jeon Pung and Han Go-wook look back, wondering who he was talking to.
Behind them, Miss Son stands scarily, looking like the ghost of an old maiden who forgot how to speak.

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