e management of the Ackerson territory forces the workers to work under harsh conditions.
And when the Ackersons tried to forcefully suppress it, tragedy ensued.

Because of the massacre, the amount of magic ore in the country will drastically decrease, the price will skyrocket as a matter of course, and the common people will suffer.
But there’s still time— it shouldn’t be too late.


“S-shall we go visit there? During the summer break.”

“…What?” “…What?”

“Well, umm… I’m very interested in magic ore.
I wonder if we could somehow make an excuse to go there and see it together.”


When I saw Mika and Tillois both surprised, it made me realize that… I’ve said a ridiculous thing myself.

Whether it’s with Machina or Tillois, I wonder why I suddenly invite them to all sorts of places like someone who’s looking forward to the summer break… a feeling of embarrassment welled up in me.

But, —the lives of the people can’t be replaced.

Clenching my fists tightly, I waited for Tillois’ response.


“Well… With all due respect, Your Highness, that is a little…”


As Tillois was about to give the response that I had expected, —that’s when it happened.

Suddenly, a woman wearing a straw hat appeared with footsteps that sounded appropriate.

She held a shovel in her right hand and an empty basket in her left hand.
Then, she fully opened the sunroom window and walked past us as we were drinking tea, as if she hadn’t noticed us at all.


Tillois was frozen still as if he had turned to ice.
I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I approached her and tried to talk to her, thinking that a commoner woman shouldn’t be allowed to join the tea party anyway.

But— the unidentifiable woman squatting in front of me, wearing a straw hat over the cloth on her head, turned around and opened her mouth when she saw my face.


“…E-evil prince.”


“Nagi, stand back.”


She must have been about to do some gardening.
I think she’s a servant, but she has a beautiful face.

Mika stood in front of me with an incredibly scary look on his face, his usual fresh smile has disappeared somewhere.

Even though the opponent was a woman, he drew the sword at his waist and his jade eyes glinted sharply.


“You know that this person is His Highness Nagi, and you say such an insult?”

“Gasp… I-it was a lie! It was just a lie! I’m very sorry!”

“You’re Vivienne Ackerson, the Duchess.
What do you mean by this?”


The face of the woman was white as a sheet, the color drained from her face, as if she had been startled by Mika’s sword or realized her mistake.

But then again, what in the world did she say? Didn’t this woman just say “evil prince” earlier?

It was certainly the name I would be called five years later, but I didn’t remember doing anything evil yet.

Rather than that, I can understand a gloomy impression of myself like the recluse prince or slug prince.
But evil? It made me confused.
And then, Mika’s words that I heard made me feel even more surprised.

What did he say…?


(Duchess Vivienne Ackerson?! Then this woman is Brother Vincent’s… fiancée?)


She has crimson eyes and long, wavy platinum blonde hair.
If she didn’t have a smile on her face, there was no doubt that she was a stern type of beauty.

But, —what in the world does this mean?

For some reason, something seems wrong with Miss Vivienne.

I could tell that she was sweating heavily because of the sword Mika pointed at her.
However, she kept staring at my face, not at Mika’s sword.

With the “evil prince” remark earlier and this strange behavior, I felt like there was something wrong.

I commanded Mika’s hand.


“Mika, that’s enough.
It seems like she has some circumstances.
Miss Vivienne, I’m sorry that I frightened you.”


Normally, Mika, who is of lower status than her, wouldn’t have pointed his sword at the duchess.
He must have decided that the person he was supposed to protect was under a threat.

But, I also don’t want to make a scene right off the bat in the heart of the second prince faction.

I reached out my hand to Miss Vivienne.


She suddenly grabbed my arm, I was surprised at the strength she put into it.



Please listen to me.”


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